Hello and welcome to Adam Lambert History! This site is for the enjoyment of all Adam Lambert fans, whether you have just discovered him or have been following his career for years.

Here you will find a timeline of events in Adam's amazing career. I consider this site to be a "sign post" where you can find information and links to live performances, radio and tv interviews, internet videos, magazine articles, music videos, and other important milestones.

This site would not be possible without the Adam Lambert fan community and I want to thank all the amazing fans out there who post videos, scans and photos so that we can all enjoy them.

​I compile information from a variety of news and public fan sites from all over the internet (see "Sources/Links"). I do not claim to own any of this information and will provide a link to the original source whenever possible.

My original inspiration for this web site project was the Adam Lambert Reference Centre page, which I used as a start and then updated information from various fan blogs and press stories. For a list, please see the links below.

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Adam Lambert 24/7 News Blog 
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On the Meaning of Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert Reference Centre

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Song List contains an alphabetical list of all performances by Adam with a media link (where possible).

1982-2008: Links to Adam's work prior to 2009.

Monthly pages: There are pages for each year since Adam appeared on American Idol for the first time (2009) until the present. Each page contains an event timeline by month. Click on the appropriate month to see the daily details with media links to each event.

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A special Idol Tour page contains Adam's set list from each city with media links from the 2009 American Idol Live! Tour.


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