• Adam is on the results show of American Idol for Group 3 of the Top 36 but only appears occasionally in the background 

  • The Top 13 attend a party (aka press opportunity) in their honor [Note: Some of these were aired or posted at a later date] 
       --FoxSource Interview: Top 13 Party
       --Access Hollywood (Dish of Salt): American Idol Season 8 Top 13 Party 
       --AmericanIdol.com: Hair Styles That Rock – Top 13 Party
       --MyFox LA (Jane Yamamoto): American Idol’s Lucky 13 (Adam at 1:25)
       --MyFox New York (Anne Craig): American Idol’s Lucky 13 (Adam at 1:54)
       --ET Online: Up Close With American Idol's Top 13 (Adam at :55)
       --MyFoxDC: Top 13 Set on American Idol [Note: group interview -- Adam is there for the whole time but doesn’t talk much]
         --MyFox 35 Orlando (Christine Van Blokland): Idol Finalists Share Secrets! (Matt impersonates Adam - Adam at 1:19)
       --MyFox New York: Lap of Luxury (Adam at 0:50)
       --Fox 25 Boston: Idol Red Carpet
       --Ellen DeGeneres Show: Exclusive Footage from the American Idol Red Carpet! (Adam at 0:43)

  • AmericanIdol.com: web videos
        --Behind The Scenes - Stage Names for the Top 36
                    “If I had to pick a stage name, I would pick Adam Bomb.”
       --Top 13: Adam Lambert (Adam talks about being on American Idol)
                    “Hopefully the fans at home will know that when I’m up on stage snarling and tossing my hair around
                         that I’m just having a good time and playing and that I’m not really like that.” 
       --Top 13: Behind the Scenes – Funniest Things
       --Top 13 Photoshoot
       --Top 13: Hair Styles That Rock - Inside the American Idol Photo Shoot
       --Top 13: Who is Your Hair Idol? 
       --Top 13: Earth Day Announcements  
       --Adam Lambert: Earth Day

  • Reality Chat - Idol Wrap (Justin Guarini):  Adam Lambert Interview


  • MyFox LA: American Idol's Top 13 to Compete on Tuesday (Adam at 0:30)

  • American Idol (Top 13): Adam performs "Black or White" for Michael Jackson week 
        [Note: This entire show was re-aired 6/29/09 as a tribute to Michael Jackson after he died – first time ever that Fox has re-aired an American Idol
​        --Live version 
        --Studio version

  • MyFox Philly: Idol Finalists To Sing Jacko's Songs (Adam at 0:24) 

  • MyFox New York: American Idol Top 13 Take the Stage (Adam at 1:00) 

  • American Idol (Results Show): The Top 13 become the Top 11
       --The Top 13 perform a Michael Jackson medley (includes Adam safe)
       --Ford commercial: We Will Rock You
       --Top 13: Touring the Idol Mansion

  • Charley Belcher (MyFox 13 Tampa Bay): Charley meets the Top 13 (Adam at 1:21) 

  • Top 11 Behind the Scenes: Advice

  • American Idol (Top 11): Adam performs Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire for Grand Old Opry week
​        --Live version  [With intro]  [Song Only]
        --Studio version (audio)

  • Fox WNYW New York: American Idol Hopefuls' Rituals (Adam at 1:07) 

  • Adam Lambert - Top 11 Confessional

  • American Idol (Results Show): The Top 11 become the Top 10
       --The Top 11 perform T-r-o-u-b-l-e (Travis Tritt) 
       --Ford commercial: Here It Goes Again

  • Fox WNYW New York: Fashion Help On American Idol


  • Top 10 Confessional

  • Michael Orland talks about Adam on Idol Wrap

  • Fox17 WXMI: American Idol Talks to Fox 17 in Motown

  • Local 4 Studios: Finalists Make Stop in Detroit

  • MyFox Tampa Bay: American Idol Top 10 - Why You

  • Detroit Free Press (Eric Seals): American Idols visit Motown Museum in Detroit 

  • Fan video: American idols at Hitsville USA-Motown 

  • American Idol (Top 10): Adam performs "The Tracks of My Tears" (The Miracles) for Motown week
​        --Live version  [With Intro/Comments]   [Song Only]
        --Studio version

  • Fox5 San Diego: On Set With American Idol Adam Lambert

  • American Idol (Results Show): The Top 10 become the Top 9
        --The Top 10 perform a medley of You Keep Me Hanging On (The Supremes) and two songs by Marvin Gaye
           and Tammi Terrell, You’re All I Need to Get By and Ain't No Mountain High Enough (includes Adam safe)
        --Ford commercial: Pocketful of Sunshine 


  • Kris Allen - Top 9 Confessional (talks about being a roommate with Adam)

  • American Idol (Top 9): Adam performs "Play That Funky Music" (Wild Cherry) for Popular iTunes Downloads week
​        --Live version
        --Studio version (audio)

March 17, 2009: Adam sings "Ring of Fire" on American Idol (Grand Old Opry week).
Photo credit: adam-lambert.org
“Hopefully the fans at home will know that when I’m up on stage snarling and tossing my hair around
 that I’m just having a good time and playing and that I’m not really like that.” 
                                                                                                      --Adam Lambert, "Top 13: Adam Lambert," americanidol.com, March 6, 2009
March 5, 2009: Adam Lambert is interviewed at the "Top 13 Party."   
Video credit: FoxSource
Photo Credits (in order): zap2it.com, expressnightout.com, adam-lambert.org, rickey.org, americanidol.com.
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