• Adam performs on American Idol’s Rock Music week (Top 4)
        --Adam sings Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love [live version]   [studio version] audio   
        --Adam and Allison Iraheta perform a duet of Foghat’s Slow Ride [live version] with comments   [studio version] audio 

  • American Idol results show—The Top 4 become the Top 3
       --The Top 4 sing School’s Out (Alice Cooper) and Adam is safe
       --Ford commercial is Move Along  
       --Making of Move Along  

  • MyFox LA: Backstage @ May 6th's American Idol

  • MyFox LA: All About the Boys on Idol 


  • Adam goes home to visit San Diego as one of the Top 3 of American Idol Season 8
          Fox 5 San Diego TV
         --Adam Lambert arrives at Fox 5
         --Interview outside (Adam talks about being back in San Diego) 
         --Adam Gets Surprised by his mother on FOX5  
         --Chrissy Russo Teaches Adam Lambert How to do the Weather
         --Fox 5 coverage of the day  

          Radio Stations
         --San Diego News Network: Adam Lambert Arrives at Clear Channel Radio Stations
         --Interview at Radio Station 93.3 FM (AJ's Playhouse) San Diego
         --Interview with Jeff and Jer (Star 94.1)  
         --Adam leaves San Diego radio station 

          AT&T Store
         --Adam gets text from Simon about singing One

          Mt Carmel High School
         --Adam enters the stadium 
          --Convertible Ride   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3
         --San Diego News Network: Adam's introduction 
               "Embrace each other's differences. It's cool to be different." 
         --San Diego News Network: Adam Sings Black or White 
         --San Diego News Network: Adam Sings Mad World (girl runs up on stage at the end)
         --Mayor proclaims it Adam Lambert Day in San Diego
         --North County Times: American Idol Contestant Adam Lambert Rocks Mt. Carmel High (includes songs)
         --NBC San Diego: I Feel The Love--It's Awesome

          Miramar Naval Base
         --Adam sings "The Star Spangled Banner" at MCAS Miramar 

  • NBC San Diego (Nicole Ward): Idol Talks About Climb to Fame   


  • On American Idol, each the Top 3 performs two songs (Judge's Choice and Singer's Choice).
       --Adam sings Simon's choice of U2's One   [Live Version]   [Studio Version] (audio) 
       --Adam sings his choice of Aerosmith's Cryin'   [Live Version]   [Studio Version] (audio)

  • American Idol results show—The Top 3 become the Top 2 [Note: To everyone's surprise, Katy Perry, one of the guest singers, shows up in a satin cape embroidered with Adam's name.]
       --No group song – instead they show the Top 3’s hometown visits (link includes results) 
       --Top 3’s Ford Commercial is Break My Stride 
       --Making of Break My Stride  

  • Americanidol.com posts three videos related to Adam
       --Adam Lambert Hometown Visit
       --Top 2 Adam Lambert 
       --Top 2 Behind the Scenes Finale Week

  • NBC: It’s Adam vs. Kris in ‘Idol’ finale



  • Fox 43: American Idol - Season 8 Recap

  • MyFox 5 (Atlanta): Idol Finale News

  • On American Idol, the Top 2 each perform three songs 
       --Favorite from season: Mad World (reprise)   [Live Version]   [Studio Version
       --Producer’s Choice: Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come    [Live Version]   [Studio Version]
       --Coronation Song: No Boundaries   [Live Version]   [Studio Version]

        Pre-show Press
       --Fox 13 Tampa Bay: Idol Finale Adam vs. Kris 
       --MyFox Atlanta: Idol Finale Could be Wackiest Ever

        Post-show Press
       --The Insider: Adam with Kris and Paula After Idol Final 2 Showdown  
       --Access Hollywood (Dish of Salt): Season Eight Idol Finale Backstage 
       --Post Show Radio Press Conference  
       --Associated Press: Last Idols Standing 
       --CNN.com: Adam & Kris 
       --MyFox LA: Idol Backstage--Paula, Kris and Adam   [Unedited Version]   [Televised Version]
        --J-14 Exclusive: Adam Lambert AI Finale Interview  
       --Hollywood Outbreak: Adam Lambert: Apples and Oranges (audio)

  •  American Idol results show -- the Finale
         Pre-show Press
         --E! News Now: Idol Finalists’ Final Thoughts 

         --Top 13 sing So What          
         --Adam sings Beth solo and then two songs with Kiss 
         --Carlos Santana sings Black Magic Woman with Matt Giraud then segues into Smooth and Top 13 join them 
         --Ford commercial I Will Remember You (includes clip of Adam and Kris receiving a new Ford Fusion)  
        --Making of I Will Remember You 
         --Top 13 guys sing Do Ya Think I’m Sexy and then Rod Stewart comes out and sings Maggie May 
        --Adam and Kris sing with Queen (We Are The Champions)

        Post-show Press
         --MyFoxPhilly: Watch The 'Idol' Winner Announced 
         --Press room reaction as winner is announced  
        --Hollywoodtv: Did Adam Lambert Get Robbed From American Idol (Adam getting ready for the Idol Extra exit interview) 
        --Idol Extra: Exit Interview (Parts 1 and 2)
              “It doesn’t matter who won. We’ve both arrived at this point.”
        --Hollywoodtv: After the Party at the Sky Bar in Hollywood   
        --AmericanIdol.com: Kris Allen & Adam Lambert – Season 8 Finale Post Show  
        --Access Hollywood: Backstage at the American Idol Season 8 Finale (Adam at 2:30)  
        --Press Conference (raw footage): Backstage at American Idol Finale  
              “It felt so good. I got to sing with Queen and with Kiss. I mean, first or second, it doesn’t matter to me.
              I got to sing with two great, heroic rock bands of mine.”

             “I knew it was going to be a close race. I think Kris is incredibly talented and he’s a good person. To me it was like,
              ok we know it’s going to be close, whatever happens happens, we’ve made it this far, we got to do a really cool
              finale, and we’re both going to get to do great things in the future.”

             “For me it’s not really about what happened tonight. It’s about tomorrow, it’s about next.”

             “I think that Kris won because he’s a great artist and I was happy to be a runner-up to that.”

        --Fox13Now (Salt Lake City) KSTU: Adam After Finale
        --Hollyscoop: Adam Lambert Idol Backstage Interview  
        --MyFox 11 News (Los Angeles): After Finale  
        --VH1: Adam interview Kris Hugs Adam 
        --Hollywood Outbreak: Adam Lambert: We Gave Each Other a Big Hug (audio)
         --CNN: Raw Footage from red carpet 

  • Fox40 (Sacramento) AI Season 8 - Post Finale Interview 
             “We got to the finals and that in itself is a victory. My goal wasn’t to get a title on this show. It was to showcase
             myself every week and stay on it as long as I could.”

  • KNWA: Adam Lambert Morning After

  • MyFox DC: American Idol Runner Up Adam Lambert 

  • Sign On San Diego: 'Idol finalist' Adam Lambert

  • Fox 29 News: I Had So Much Fun With Kiss, Adam Lambert Says 

  • ​Collaboration with J. Scott G. "Live The Life" (featuring Adam Lambert) Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out 


  • Adam and the other Idol contestants are interviewed on Larry King Live (by Ryan Seacrest who is filling in for Larry). Adam and Kris interview one night, rest of Top 12 the following Monday.
       --Kris’ interview (shows some clips of Adam) 
        --Adam’s interview   

  • Adam is photographed by Matthew Rolston at Smashbox Studios, Culver City, California, for the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine. 


  • Ellen Show: Adam and Kris get Shirts from Ellen (Adam at 0:30)  

  • Broadway.com: Adam attends performance of Hair in New York City 

  • Regis & Kelly Show
       --Mad World  

  • TVguide.com: After Idol – What’s Next for Adam Lambert 
        --Part 1 
        --Part 2   “I’m glad I’m causing ‘gasms.” 

  • CBS Early Show Interview and Mad World performance

  • Good Day New York: Interview and Mad World performance

  • The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet

       --Mad World performance   

  • SIRIUS Radio clips (The Morning Mash Up)
       --The Strength of Individuality 
       --Adam and Queen
       --Coming in Second

  • The Today Show
       --MSNBC pre-interview clip (Kris, Adam ready to rock the plaza) 
       --First interview
       --Mad World performance
       --Second Interview (with Kathie Lee and Hoda): Kris, Adam Reflect on Idol 
       --Toyota Concert Series (The Today Show): Adam and Kris answer some questions

  • 96.3 WDVD The Rope: Phone interview with Adam Lambert (audio)

  • E-article by Michelle Collins: The Adam Lambert Interview That Will Change Your Life 

  • VH1 Best Week Ever Preview (Adam briefly at 2:30)  

  • People.com: Adam Lambert Reveals his Favorite Eyeliner

  • Access Hollywood: Kara Outs Adam 

  • Best Week Ever: Candid Piece with Adam and Kris   Part 1   Part 2

  • Idolatry at ew.com: Michael Slezak interviews Adam 
       --Part 1: Bill O’Reilly is Totally Embarrassed
       --Part 2: Donnie Darko Lives
       --Part 3: Johnny Cash Was a Cool Guy
       --Part 4: The Rocker Would Like a Big Brother
       --Part 5: All in Good Fun

May 20, 2009: Adam Lambert reacts to news Kris Allen is the winner of American Idol.
Photo credit: American Idol 
May 20, 2009: Kris Allen hugs Adam Lambert at a press conference after the American Idol finale.   
Video credit: VH1
Photo Credits: americanidol.com adamofficial.com, JustJared
“We got to the finals and that in itself is a victory. My goal wasn’t to get a title on this show.
 It was to showcase myself every week and stay on it as long as I could.”
--Adam Lambert, May 21, 2009
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