• Us Weekly Pre-Idol Adam (scans)   [1]   [2]

                  “I just want to thank everyone for embracing something different. I am not your average contestant and it took
                       a lot of courage for people to believe in me. And the courage from the fans fed my courage.”

  •  Hollywood Outbreak: Adam Lambert--Memory Lane (audio)

​               “My three guilty pleasures are ice cream, Brittney Spears, Gossip Girl.”

  • Adam wins the Young Hollywood Artist of the Year award at the 11th Annual Young Hollywood Awards held at the Eli and Edythe Broad Stage in Santa Monica, California.  
          --Hollywoodlife.com: Adam arrives on the red carpet
          --Hollywoodlife.com: American Idol's judge Kara DioGuardi presents Adam with his award 
              “There’s all these rumors going around, there’s paparazzi, there’s Queen rumors... all of them.”
          --Hollywoodlife.com: Adam receives a Hamilton watch backstage
          --Extra: Adam Lambert arrival – raw interview 
          --Adam recording a 20/20 promo while on red carpet (reporter tells him "be as flamboyant as you want") 
          --Kara waiting for Adam (he shows up at the end)
          --Entertainment Tonight: red carpet
          --Hollywire: 11th Annual Young Hollywood Awards (Adam at 4:29)
          --ABCnews.com: Backstage with Kara and Adam (20/20)
          --Young Hollywood Awards 1 (Raw Red Carpet Footage)   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

  • 19 Recordings announces in a news release that it has signed Adam to a recording contract and that he will release his debut album on RCA Records in the fall. 

  • Extra: Adam Lambert at the Young Hollywood Awards  

  • The Rolling Stone magazine issue featuring Adam (Issue 1081 - June 25, 2009) hits newsstands. Adam is featured on the cover lying on his back with a green snake curled up on his thigh. The issue contains a full-length article (The Liberation of Adam Lambert) where he reveals his homosexuality as well as intimate details of his personal life. On-line version includes a behind the scenes video.
​               "I don't think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I'm gay."

  • Celeb TV: Adam Lambert Confirms to Rolling Stone He's Gay 


  • Adam sends out his first tweet:
        --yes folks, this is FINAAAAAAALLY ADAM!!!

  • ABCNews: Lambert on Wild Rolling Stone Shoot

  • Television interview on ABC's 20/20 with Chris Connelly

  • 20/20 posts a clip of Neil Lambert (Adam's brother) talking about Adam's sexuality

  • ABC News Exclusive: Lambert -- I’ve Never Been In 

  • AfterElton.com posts a jigsaw puzzle of Adam’s Rolling Stone cover 

  • Adam tweets:
        --My album is gonna be siiiiiiiiick

  • Adam named one of People magazine’s Hottest Bachelors of 2009

  • Adam has a live Comcast text chat with his fans in the middle of tour rehearsals   
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  • Nancy O’Dell interviews Adam for Access Hollywood (NBC)   [Part 1]   [Part 2]
           [Note: see 6/18/09 for Part 3 and extended interviews]

  • Nancy O’Dell interviews Adam for Access Hollywood (NBC)  [Part 3]

  • Extended interviews (Access Hollywood) posted on web site
          --Adam Lambert Open and Honest 
          --Nancy Goes Shopping With Adam Lambert  


  • Hi Fi Recordings announces they are planning to release an album called “On With The Show” that includes songs co-written by Adam and recorded before he went on American Idol. However, this album was never released because Adam issued a statement that these songs were demos and not intended to be published. The two songs on the proposed track list that were not co-written by Adam (“Want” and “On With the Show”) were included as “bonus tracks” on the album called “Take One” that was eventualy released November 17, 2009.

  • Fox News (Chicago): Don’t Buy This Album

  • Adam tweets:
        --...can't wait for people to hear what my music really sounds like.
        --Happy Birthday to ALisan Porter! I'm seeing her and Tye Taylor perform tonight at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in
          Culver City at 8pm!!!!!

  • Adam tweets:
        --@dannygokey and I have not ever and do not have any drama. We are friends. Chill out w all the gossip kiddies!

  • Adam tweets:
        --more rumor mill control: I have never thought about getting permanent eye makeup tattoo'd on... OUCH! :) The
          tabloids are HILARIOUS

  • E! News Exclusive (in the studio with the producer RedOne) 

  • E! Online: Adam Lambert Gets Advice From Madonna 

  • Idol Extra: Adam’s Kind Words for Each Contestant 

  •  Adam tweets:
          --just a quick shout-out to fans: ya'll are the best! thank you for all ur positive energy and support no matter what.
            id be nuttin w/o you
          --more rumor mill control: i dont own even one dvd copy of twilight. i dont recite lines from the film. i liked the
            book better. 

  • Adam tweets:
        --On my way to songwriting session w the brilliant Sam Sparro!!

  • L.A. Times
        --Kris Allen Interviews Adam Lambert backstage at rehearsals for the Idols Live tour
        --Adam Lambert Interviews Kris Allen  

  • AmericanIdol.com: Idols Summer Tour - Adam Lambert Tour Rehearsal  

  • Adam tweets:
        --RIP MJ

  • Photoshoot with L.A. photographer Robert Sebree

  • Access Hollywood (Dish of Salt): American Idol Tour Rehearsal
          --Part I (Adam is in this part)
          --Part 2 (no Adam)
          --American Idols Answer Fan Questions 

  • FoxLA: American Idols Prepare for 50 City Tour

  • L.A. Times: American Idol Tour Press Day – Don’t Stop Believing 

  • A special on Michael Jackson by 20/20 includes an interview with Adam (Parts 1, 4 and 5 do not have Adam) 
          --Part 2 (Adam at 3:30, 5:30, and 9:30)
          --Part 3 (Adam right after Kris Allen at the start)

  • RadarOnline.com: Radar Talks to the Top 10 

  • E! News: Adam Lambert and Kris Allen talk abut Michael Jackson 

  • RadarOnline.com: Lambert Attributes Appeal to Eyeliner   [e-Article]   [Video]

  • Adam tweets:
        --adele and chaka kahn were incredible at hollywood bowl last night!

  • In honor of Michael Jackson (who died a few days earlier), American Idol re-airs the “Michael Jackson week” episode from earlier in the season. This is the episode where Adam performed "Black or White" and is the first time ever that Fox has re-aired an American Idol episode.
​        --Song only

  • Adam tweets:
        --just changed from "therealglambert" to my actual name tell ur friends :)
        --gettin ready for the idols live tour!

June 9, 2009: Issue 1081 of Rolling Stone with Adam Lambert on the cover goes on sale.
Photo credit: Rolling Stone
June 24, 2009: Kris Allen interviews Adam backstage at rehearsals for the Idols Live tour.   
Video credit: Los Angeles Times
Photo Credits: Extra, Rolling Stone, People, Robert Sebree, American Idol

"I don't think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I'm gay." 
                                                          --Adam Lambert, June 2009
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