“Good manners down here in the south… I’m impressed by that.”

  • WRAL.com Greensboro: Idol Chitchat (Adam at 2:40)


  • MyFox DC Interview (Will Thomas): Idols Summer Tour Stops in DC 

  • L.A. Times: The Ultimate Interview (e-article)   Part 1   Part 2


  • Adam tweets:
         --IM BAAAAAACK!!! bubble tweet coming any minute!
         --My latest BubbleTweet --> http://bbltwt.com/dv4ht
         --My latest BubbleTweet --> http://bbltwt.com/n5r99
         --@ladygaga i looooooove your lavender hair ladyface

  • Nestor chats with Adam Lambert 


  • Adam tweets:
         --New York!!!!! GMA was fun this morning! What a treat to sing w David cook and kris allen!!!
         --I'm obsessed with these YSL's!!!! Sick right? http://twitpic.com/d1vqy
         --Atlantic city was great- I'm so sorry for passing on after show festivities but I have rest the voice, up since
             5am for Good Morning America

  • Adam performs on Good Morning America’s Summer Concert series
         --Starlight (solo)
             ~aired version
             ~fan video of performance
             ~fan video of soundcheck
         --Little Lies (with Kris Allen and David Cook)
             ~aired version
             ~fan video of soundcheck
              ~side view of soundcheck (fan video)
         --On-stage Interview: Catching Up With Idols
              ~aired version
             ~fan video of interview (includes David Cook's reaction to Adam's comment about bra throwing)
             ~fan video: on stage preparing for performance
             ~fan video: waiting while GMA host gets a birthday cake
             ~fan video: on stage getting ready for interview
         --ABC Interview After Performance

                    “She made me feel safe and loved. It’s hard when you’re facing intense criticism from some of the more harsh
                        judges on the show and you have millions of people behind the camera watching you, it’s nice to have a presence
                        in the room that will root for you and smile. And not only after the performances, but during the performance, she
                        stands up, she claps, she smiles at you — it’s like a safety net.”
                        [Response to question about Paula Abdul leaving American Idol]

  • American Idol News: Adam Lambert on the Idols Tour (e-article)



  • Adam tweets:  
         --At photoshoot w Kris and Allison getting glammed up!!! I love New York!!!!!
         --Thank you Newark! Sorry I didn't make it outside to sign autographs... Had lots of ny friends and family inside
            I never see. Plus rain! :(
         --Hey guys. I have gotten a few negative messages about not signing autographs. Sorry If anyone is dissapointed.
         --I feel bad but please understand that I try to give you guys 110% on stage. Your ticket is to see us perform!
            Entitlement is not sexy...
         --I Loooooooooove and am deeply grateful to my fans who made idol a dream come true. I feel that I express that
             love in my performance.Thank u
         --Thank you @rickey!! And thanks for your dedication to our show!!! :)
         --Thanks to those of you who "get it" You guys are so rad. The messages were really thoughtful. A few of you need
             to quit being so negative.

  • Adam's "Mad World" is featured in an ad for a new ABC show called "Flash Forward"

  • 102.3 Kiss FM--The Elvis Duran Morning Show (Newark) 

  • Adam goes to a photoshoot in New York for Elle Magazine with Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta. Adam’s interview for Elle (full)  

  • Adam thanks his fans from Brazil during a Meet and Greet  

  •  Adam tweets:
          --Wow!!! Thanks to all who voted for the Teen Choice Awards! I'm honored to win "Choice Male Reality/Variety
             TV Show Star" thank you soo much
          --Unfortunately I won't be able to pick up my award. I am in New York on tour with Idols Live. :(
          --Side note: Anyone else fascinated w Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel. Never seen a more gloriously androgynous
              beauty. He's like an alien :)

  • Adam wins TV Male "Choice TV Male Reality/Variety Star" on the Teen Choice Awards--Adam does not attend

  • The top 10 American Idols Season 8 finalists ring the NASDAQ stock market closing bell in New York

  • Rolling Stone: Interview About His Album and items being thrown on the Idol stage (“Don’t throw it at my face, ok?”)

  • Ford releases its official video of Adam and Kris getting their cars


  • Adam tweets:
        --Hey guys, check out some exclusive video from the trip to NYC where I performed on GMA. http://www.adamofficial.com
          [Note: Adam is referring to “webisode 2” posted on Adam Official on 7/17/09 (follows him as he makes television and press appearances in NYC)]  

  • Newsday: Adam Lambert Outshines Kris Allen as American Idol

  • 106.1 BLI: Chloe interviews Adam 

  • 106.1 BLI: Astra interviews Adam  


  • Adam holds twitter party that night (his doctor had ordered him to rest his voice so he couldn’t go out and sign autographs). Adam tweets: 
         --Looking forward to tonight's show! Unfortunately, due to doctors orders I need to rest my voice AFTER the
         --So I may not be attending after show meet and greet or autograph sessions. Thank you all for understanding that
            I need to look after myself!
         --Oh and it's just for the next handful of shows so I can get some extra rest. Doctors orders. Love u guys.
         --In an attempt to make up for any dissapointment, let's have a Twitter party tonight!!! I will be answering questions
            and chatting w u guys!!
         --TwitterParty !!
         --@Glambert3618 : had my first kiss when I was 14. It was with an 18 yr old fierce black girl from Compton. Learned
            how really makeout!
         --@Snaps4Hollywood :favorite Queen song is Another One Bites the Dust or We Will Rock You. Oh and bohemian
            rhapsody is pretty sick too
         --@youlackcolor : id love to but it would be really disrespectful to kris who performs after me and the crew who'd have
            to clean up....
         --@rlmoonyk : I love them all. I love the Zeppelin tune, but also have a blast dancin to Fame
         --@charmingnotion : SuperMassiveBlackhole is Siiiiiiiick. Also am obsessed w the vocal breakdown in Knights of
            Cydonia. Gives me chills
         --@charmingnotion : also love Time is Running out
          --@AustinBUGirl : what? Uv makeup? News to me.
         --@slytherins : yes I do!!!! They are badass
         --@beautifulsoul29 : IGNORANCE
         --@insomniac19 : Drake :)
         --@fnkychnkymnky I made my own ringtone outta "New In Town" by Little Boots. Siiick new Uk electroPop artist
         --@CoralMermaid : Cool!!! Do u know your rising and moon signs? That's the fun stuff! I'm a Libra Rising and an Aries
         --@Egan1995 : gotta just deal with it. It sucks but I try not to take it personally. I try not to waste my energy on such b.s.
         --@shereeny : he has a beautiful voice. I think he is very talented.
         --@ShilohBeazel : The Amazing Adventures of Kavlier and Clay by M Chambon. Won a Pulitzer. Also Glamoramma by Ellis.
         --@sharoninny noooooo. Rumors are hilarious
         --@alphabets oooh good IDEA he IS fierce
         --@AnonymousGlam :Black. Classic, glamorous and flattering.
         --@LiaFreude wish I could fly!
         --@JSmith92 Starbucks!
         --@slytherinss baby is more universal. I don't discriminate. :)
         --@MeganSantiago Gaga is probably just f*ing w everyone. She understands how ridiculous the rumor mill and tabloids
            are. She's funny
         --@jmanzel JRM
         --@ffaaiitthh123 of course I would. I'm a huge fan and we are friends!
         --@oqueovi 1st single in October most likely... Album in Nov!!! I hope u guys love it.
         --@Glitter__Fairy we gave talked about it. I hope so... :) we both want to. It's a matter of "when"
         --Thank you guys soo much!! I'm goin to bed, but let's do this more!!! I had fun!! Goodnight! Muah!

  • Adam tweets:
         --I liked all your TWATs :)
         --@perezhilton. Thank you very much for bragging bout me that was sweet. I'll stoop: i'm more of Top. Not an
            offer though, I'm taken. :) ha


  • Adam tweets: “My friend Joshua just launched a website for his new line of jewelry he designed while living in India. www.seepuja.com check it!!”

  • Queen's guitarist Brian May declares on his site that he has been blown away by the new track that Adam has recorded for the upcoming movie 2012. 


  • Adam tweets:
         --@ashleygomila good day to ya!
         --Check out: Fonzerelli - Dreamin' (Of A Hot Summers Night) [Official Music Video] http://bit.ly/OxNQ8
         --@mrlabryfyp miss you baby
         --YouTube.com/user/adamlambert2009 is not me my friends...
         --No need to worry, I have not been hacked... Just promoting some fellow artists...
         --Please support my charity!!! Www.donorschoose.org/adamlambert Let's help some kids out!!!
         --My friend Cassidy just shot this great video... http://bit.ly/18FvaM


  •  Adam tweets:
          --RT @MarilynMitchel: @adamlambert do not shove the CASSIDY video to your under 16 followers -very disrespectful!!
             chill out-I shoved nothing
          --Hahaha. I'm completely enjoying this. It's hilarious. That's why I retweeted her ignorant twat. ;)
          --Onto to stuff that matters: in NYC to record song with MAX MARTIN!!! Soo excited. This album is getting so great!!

  • Adam spends the day in New York City with Max Martin recording a song for his new album


  • Adam tweets:
         --Glad you guys liked the new shoot! Bostona gonna rock tonight!!
         --RT @TuckerBarkley: http://bit.ly/49foq0 go bid!!! its for charity!!! Get some booties!!! Check out this great cause!
         --@ashleygomila how's your hair honey?


  • Adam tweets:
         --@thecatcameback Enjoyed your drawings! Quite the imagination!
         --@thedavidcook just joined Twitter! Add him! He rocks and is such a genuine guy!
         --Albany!!! You were an AMAAAAZING crowd! I had fun with you tonight!


  • Adam tweets:
        --Good morning Philly! Www.donorschoose.org/adamlambert Support this charity!

  • Adam tweets:
        --Www.donorschoose.org/adamlambert Keep the donations coming! Every little tax deductable bit counts!!


  • Adam tweets:
         --RT @ladygaga: They can't scare me, if I scare them first. X
         --Pittsburgh is gonna rock tonight! I LOVE MY FANS!! please ignore those in the press who seek attention by trying
             to put words in my mouth.”\
         --You smell... Like roses!!!! :)
         --@MrLaBryFYP good morning lover!”
         --Had a wild night onstage in Pittsburgh. GREAT crowd. Thank you guys.


  • Adam tweets:
        --Gearing up Cleavland!!!!

  • Fox6:  Adam Allison Anoop Michael and Scott - Cleveland backstage 


  • Adam tweets:
         --max martin
         --Max Martin and PINK are quite a combo... listening to "I Don't Believe You" song gives me chills.
         --@ali22san I miss you!!! back in three weeks!!!
         --thanks for all that have contributed to http://www.donorschoose.org/adamlambert !! We've raised $38,000 for public
            school arts programs!!!!


  • AmericanIdol.com: Idols Summer Tour - Kris, Adam and Allison On The Road   Part 1   Part 2

  • Adam tweets:
        --Wow! http://bit.ly/25qzMK Raised over $ 53,000!! Please join the competition to support public school
        arts programs!



  • Adam tweets:
         --Thank you Milwaukee. Fans were so sweet tonight. Thank you for the support! :)
         --check out new album by "Zoot Women" Sick production! nice vocals...
         --also new hottie girl Ke$ha's single TiK ToK is yummy!
         --St Louis: Another fantastic crowd!!! I was feelin the love!! :) Thnx


  • Adam tweets:
         --Kansas City!! We're ready to tear it up tonight!
         --Over $67,000 already raised!! Thank you all for making this charity a hit! http://www.donorschoose.org/adamlambert
         --Thank you all for the support. Love overcomes hate. Love has no color. Love has no orientation. All is love. :)

August 7, 2009: Adam on the Good Morning America show
Photo credit: JustJared
August 16, 2009: Adam singing Bowie medley and strutting with a turquoise feather boa in Hartford, Connecticut  
Video credit: SecretlyLovesClay

“Thank you all for the support. Love overcomes hate.
 Love has no color. Love has no orientation. All is love. :)" 
                                           --Adam Lambert, August 30, 2009
Photo Credits: 1-unknown 2-adam-lambert.org 4-lambritetti 5-Eva 7-(GMA) JustJared 7-(Tour) adam-lambert.org 8-KrisAllen4Real 9-JacquiB 11-idolforums 12-Glamstrukk 14-Margie 15-hlmac17 16-Pamela 18-vanxphotography 19-racheljw 20-unknown 22-idolforums 23-sandy 25-cheyenne 26-idolforums 28-Jill 29-ihaveitbadforadam 30-dibaby 
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