September 15, 2009: Adam, Kris Allen, and crew have fun at the end of the last American Idol Live! show in Manchester, New Hampshire. 
Photo credit: Luv2Laugh
September 15, 2009: Last song, last show of the American Idol Live! concert tour.   
Video credit: Intimations

“Idols Live tour has officially ended. Thanks to my fellow idols and
 all the fans for making this summer such an adventure.” 
                                                                 --Adam Lambert, Twitter, September 16, 2009


  • Adam tweets: 
--“Check out "Glambition EP" by Cheeks! GREAT hard electropop!!!! Proud of ya Cheeks!”
--“Follow @JPacittiMusic We bonded major during Hollywood Week of Idol. This gorgeous woman's got such a voice!”
--“ Simian Mobile Disco's new album Temporary Pleasure is so sick...”


  • Adam tweets: 
--“#adamfarted? seriously?? lmao my fellow idols are like, 12. maybe 13.”
--“over 86K raised by !! thank you guys so much! keep it coming! fyi my
  album drops Nov 24th !”
--“Chicago! Thank you for all the noise! Nice and rowdy! Hell yeah!”

“I want to do stuff that’s visually interesting and kind of fresh and out of the box hopefully.”



  • Adam and Danny WKOW-TV Interview (edited for Adam's part only)

  • Adam has to rest his throat and doesn't come out after the show, but he holds a Twitter party instead. Adam tweets:
--“ congrats @Dannygokey! Signed to RCA/19! Yeehaw!”
--“ Wow. We've raised over 95K for thanks to all who have participated!! Let's get to $ 100,000!”
--“ Not coming out tonight.. gonna rest my throat :) Madison: you guys were amazin! Had me wailin! But I WILL do a
 Twitter party!!!!”
--“ RT @dizzy_eyes: @adamlambert BRITNEY SPEARS. FAVORITE SONG OF HERS? Slave for You”
--“ RT @laurenholleyy: @ADAMLAMBERT WHO'S BETTER MUSE OR BOWIE? Mmm no comparing. Apples and Oranges.
 Lov them both...”
--“ RT @LaurenKay1994: @adamlambert adam, will you buying tokio hotel's new album?? (which comes out october 6th!!)
 hell yeah I will.”
--“ RT @AwesomeGal1967: @adamlambert what are you MOST looking forward to after the tour? the album! moving into
 my new place, seein friends!”
--“ RT @KissMySassFace: @adamlambert PLEASE TELL ME WHAT A COCONUT GHOST IS. Whaaaaat? You tell ME. Never heard
 of that.”
 Umm yes! Sweet Child O mine for sure”
--“ RT @hasan657: @adamlambert have you ever been to australia? Yes. Sydney was Very cool. The poeple there are
 frendly and so down to earth”
--“ RT @i_hEaRtSkiTtLEz: @adamlambert have you heard the new muse song called uprising? cause its AMAZING!!!! It's
--“ RT @AnnieWT: @adamlambert - how many tracks will be on your new album? Prob 12 ish. :)”
--“ RT @ItzDaSara: @adamlambert Are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob?! I'm also a big Twilight fan! I have to say,
 Jacob! He was so good to her”
--“ RT @ReturnofMars: @adamlambert Adam, have you seen the Automatic video? Yes it's fresh!”
--“ RT @Melissa4Adam: @adamlambert Brian May is raving about your song for 2012. What kind of sound is it? Classic rock
 ballad.Earthy and catchy”
--“ RT @fayeblanco: @adamlambert what do u think of collaborating with christina aguilera and lady gaga? I would loooove
 to. They're both badass”
--“ RT @stephfalco: @adamlambert What is your favourite Katy Perry song? I kissed a girl was in my head for months.”
--“ RT @AVRILHAAY: @adamlambert favourite michael jackson song? Thriller.”
--“ RT @Jerica_Png: @adamlambert IS THERE A POSSIBILITY FOR YOU TO DO A TOUR ON ASIA??? I'd looove to! If the album
 is successful, I prob will!”
--“ RT @_morgans: @adamlambert Do you think you will have a clothing line? That would be fun. One thing at a time
 though... :)”
--“ RT @adamlambert78: @adamlambert who is your favorite past american idol winner? Fantasia was so wild. She has the
 most flavor in my opinion”
--“ RT @julzftw: @adamlambert How much do you love Ferras?!? I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. He's so talented and hilarious
 too. @ohferras”
--“ RT @Cassadyranford: @adamlambert What's your favorite musical? Mine right now is Spring Awakening! Jesus Christ
 Superstar and Hair”
--“ RT @katydid1994: @adamlambert what do you think of Mika's new single, we are golden? It's really different- I like!!
 The video is infectious”
--“ RT @joshuastardust: @adamlambert old rumor about you eventually having a makeup line: true or BS? I just might.... :)
--“ RT @RamaDimas: @adamlambert do you like Beyoncè? If so, whats ur favorite song?I loove her! Halo is gorgeous.”
--“ RT @bleh05: @adamlambert What's your favorite food? I really like vegan food. It tastes really good.”
-- RT @iHeatherSliman: @adamlambert Funniest person on the bus?? Matt is hilarious.”
--“ RT @zacjones13: @adamlambert What's your favorite Beatles song? Lucy in the sky and come together”
--“ RT @SheaGlambert: @adamlambert Does the Kradam thing bother Katy and Drake? Naw. They've hung out before too!
 Kradam calls them KAKE.”
--“ RT @Renae_Hale: @adamlambert DO YOU LIKE MUSIC ON WHILE MAKING LOOOVE??? Yup :)” 
--“ RT @tkttjcccpgflu: @ADAMLAMBERT FAVORITE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE SONG? Rock your body is hot. I also love My Love is
 siiick too. Future sex too”
--“ RT @parfoomgirl: @adamlambert Favorite Madonna song? Frozen.”
--“ RT @cherylagogo: RT @youlackcolor @ADAMLAMBERT SO, DID YOU FART OR NOT? Nope. Haha I was actually sleeping in
 my bunk. They were punking me”
--“ RT @83kat: @adamlambert fav Prince song ? Luvvv u :) Kiss”
--“ RT @lovexgrace: @adamlambert FAVORITE GOLDFRAPP SONG? Utopia. Crystaline Green. Hairy Trees. Ooh La La. I love
 them all”
--“ RT @BOpeep__: @adamlambert hottest FEMALE celebrity? i have a girlcrush on megan fox lol. Evan Rachel Wood is
--“ RT @Crystalownsyou: @Adamlambert favorite nine inch nails song? Closer. Siick video too”
--“ RT @burningSunset: @adamlambert FAVORITE SONG BY PINK? :) love I Dont Believe You off recent album. Also She's
 Waiting for Love”
--“ RT @asouthernthing1: @adamlambert Burning Man: did you go just once or more? and would you go again? Went three
 years in a row. I loved it!!”
--“ RT @JennieSez: @adamlambert Do you like trip hop, like Portishead? Favorite song? More of a Massive Attack kinda
 guy :)”
--“ RT @Kradison4life: @adamlambert What's your favorite Paula Abdul song? Cold Hearted.”


  • Adam tweets:
--“ Indianapolis! I was born here! Left 26 yrs ago. Good to be back. :)”
--“ Go see my girl Alisan Porter tonight in LA at Hotel Cafe. 10:30”
--“ Indianapolis was a great crowd! Oh and #signanoopdesai !!!”


  • with John Gonzalez: "Going Gonzo" (Grand Rapids Press)

  • with Lorilee Craker: Back to School Memories (Backstage interview at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI)

  • Adam tweets:
--“ RT @Courtnsnack: @AdamLambert. So does the coconut ghost thing make sense yet? Yes it does. Forgot it was a line
 in a piece of writing I did”
--“ It's poetry guys. It's abstract. It's purpose is for the reader to find their own message in it. :)”
--“ So please dear readers, why don't you tell ME what u think it means. :)”
--“ RT @ouaiscaps: @adamlambert RT @youlackcolor @ADAMLAMBERT AND THEY DIDN'T EVEN CREDIT
 YOU. Hahahah brilliant”
--“ RT @UlrikaE: @adamlambert - Coconut ghosts = The hallucinations you get after too many Pina Coladas? :P hahaha
 clever girl”
--“ Btw we reached 100K!! Http:// thank you all!!! ONTD_AI in the lead, Glamberts
 in second. Keep it comin!”
--“#signmattg. !!! @Immattgiraud is mad talented!!!!”

  • Adam tweets, “Happy Labor Day!!!! Take it easy everyone! :)”


  • Adam tweets:
--“ Good morning everyone!! Happy Tuesday!!!! :)”
--“#HappyBirthdayPink Big Fan!”
--“ RT @sam_sparro: Basement Jaxx new single featuring me, Sam Sparro - "feelings gone" OUT NOW! In the UK.
 Regardless of grammar. Go git it.”


  • Adam tweets:  “SOO excited for the new MUSE album coming out next week. !!!! Just previewed tracks on itunes and pre-ordered my copy~”


  • Adam tweets:
--“ Yuck. Everyones sick. Including me. :( singing's no fun when u feel crappy, but imma do my best tonight Bridgeport.”
--“ Thanks Bridgeport. Fun show tonight. Fever started after I got offstage. :( I guess I got over-heated. Haha. 2m is get
  better day.”
--“ RT @PaulaAbdul: I think Ellen will b a gr8 judge on Idol. She is wildly funny, talented and I wish her the best of luck!
 -Paula is classy!!!”



  • Adam Lambert Interview with KScam

  • Adam holds another twitter party. Adam tweets: 
--“@JPacittiMusic: Cream o wheat sounds so goood! Been forever since I've had that too.”
--“ Just woke up but I THINK I'm better. Fever is def gone. :) Portland, Maine is so pretty from my hotel window.”
--“ Loving the new Lady Gaga Paparazzi Remix EP. Ear Candy. Yummy”
--“ Over $ 125,000! only 8 days left in fangroup competition!! Keep it comin for these kids!!!”
--“ Twitter PARTY!!!!”
--“@Daina_91880 Do you ever regret being so candid in the RS interview? Any backlash? Nope. No regrets. no backlash
  that i was aware of.”
--“@falloutgrlxlx: are you feeling better? what about the other idols? Naw still sick. Fever's gone but throat feels raw. :(“
--“@danyglambertgal: whats your fave scented candle? Red Currant by Votivo. The sexiest smell!!!!”
--“@xxLexii: Do you like the band Paramore? YEs. Haley can sing her face off. I think shes really beautiful too.”
--“@KUAngel:What book are you reading now? "A New Earth" Ekhart Tolle. Really adjusts your perspective. Companion
  to "Power of Now"”
--“@shilohsrock: Have you ever thought of doing your make-up more dramatically? umm is that even possible? ha. Its
  pretty overthetop as it is.”
--“@joshuastardust: song that always makes you emotional? "Eclipse" by Robyn. "I Dont Believe You" by P!nk and ""Come
  Home" by One Republic”
--“@annchsc04: what do you think about Ellen being the new idol judge? Luv her-she'll be a GREAT addition to the show.
  Gonna miss Paula though.”
--“@tracie312 What will happen to Skingraft jacket after the tour? Thinkin bout auctioning it off for charity. Should I
  have it cleaned 1st? :)”
--“@LOLOMGWHAT Batman or Superman? Batman fo sho. Him and Robin are real hot together. Haha”
--“@XNikki_luvX LAdy Gaga or Katy Perry? There is NO WAY i could pick one. They are so different. I think they're both
  Sexy, badass bitches.”
--“@juliaaaxquadsss: will you send me a happy bday tweet (: Happy birthday girl!!”
--“@jollyrancher482 if you couldve picked one more song to sing on tour what would it be? Prob woulda done RING
--“@notagroupie Did you get the boots you posted the picture of? Nope... been a lil busy. Someone wanna give them
  to me as a gift? Size 11 HA!”
--“@Pacomarj Is the 2012 song your single or will you have a separate single? My first single will be from my album.
  2012 song is for the film.”
--“@luvsFOB Are you a fan of fall out boy? Whats your favorite song? "This Aint a Scene..."”
--“@jennyfur91 are u a true romantic or a synic? I'm a litttle bit of both. I fight to hold on to my romantic side though.
  Makes me happier.”
--“@BarbP11 @ Have you decided on a title for your album? not yet... What do you think i should call it? :)”
--“@iAdamGlambert Johnny Depp Or Orlando Bloom ? def Depp. Can't wait to see Burton's Wonderland”
--“@rezanakaasle: define love please. : I think that if you can define it, its not really love.”
--“@xoswimmonkeyox: r u done with meet and greats for the rest of the tour? No! I just dont want to get anyone sick &
  i need to rest the voice.”
--“@sf_bert: Fav Bob Marley song? hard one.. Exodus, Jammin, and One Love are all dope.”
--“@theglamkimmy what r ur thoughts on the tour coming to an end? I'll def miss the rest of the idols. they've become
  like family.”
--“...cont: i will also miss performing for the fans who got me to where i am today, but im VERY excited to record the
  rest of my debut album.”
--“@directmydesire: what’s your fave IAMX song or album? Kiss and Swallow”
--“@Racheld90 Wats your favorite song by Christina aguilera? Dirty is hot.”
--“ Id love to sing w Christina someday. If she'd let me :)”
--“@AwesomeGal1967 WHO IS YOUR FAV NFL TEAM? LOL You actually think i watch football? not so much....”
--“@spastikartistry Are you considering backup dancers on your solo tour? HELL yeah!!! I would LOVE that. I wanna dance
  a bit too!”
--“@lily0313 would you ever get another tattoo? Def would. Wanna get more on the same arm... browsing art
  lately...Havent found the right thing”
--“@traceyzat Will there be any ballads/love songs on your album? Of course!”
--“@Sonnysday: Mars or Venus? VENUS FOR SURE. My moon's ruled by mars and my rising by venus, but i prefer the rule
  of venus in those i love.”
--“@ilyMandyXx how do you figure out your rising and moon signs? Google NATAL CHART. Need to know Birth time, place
  and date.”
--“@SallyStitches If u could have been born in any other decade which would you choose? 50's: teen 4 summer of love
  1969,then party in the 70's”
--“@ErinMary72 Shouldn't you be in bed, sick boy? ;) I am. :) and im gettin sleepy. Goodnight friends!!!”
--“@AriesWomanMarie the Summer of Love was '67 my dear. Oh. woops. right you are...”
--“ night night!!! :)”


  • @kcinkcity’s next fan video is “Adam Lambert is a Bad Influence on me!” 

  • Adam tweets:
--“ Gaga's look had me smiling!! She's got balls! Watching VMA's backstage. Katy Perry looks like a goddess!”
--“ Gaga: get it! Thanks for the theatrix. Your live singin sounded the best it has ever in my opinion. You are a STAR
  and u inspire me. Art”
--“ You are makin performance art mainstream. Finally!! You've got the fire and the drive. Keep it comin. :)”
--“ I am watching the repeat on our tourbus right now FYI.”
--“ Lookin forward to pink and Muse!!!”
--“ And aaaalways beyonce. Bitch is fo real”
--“ Madonna's tribute to MJ was great. Janet danced her ass off! Great seein my friends Travis P, chris j, and Brian
  f up there w her”


  • Adam tweets:
--“ Perry doin Queen was sublime!!!!! She sounded amazing and looked so hot.”
--“@ali22san who's amazeballs??”
--“ Kanye needs to chill. He freaks out every year. It ain't that deep man.”
--“ RT @_lovegame: @adamlambert But it gets him headlines every year too. Some people like attention and don't care
  if it's positive attention.”
--“ Muse killed it! They are sooooo flawless live. His voice? Gorgeous!”
--“ I hear Beyonce wins for choreography. Congrats to @somanygrooves!!!”
--“ Pink is a badass m.f. Singin totally live (soundin incredible) and doin the freakin trapeeze!?!? Ridiculous!!!!!!!!”
--“@alexWTrugs : yo bootylicious jam is hilarious!! And on top of it, your voice sounds gorgeous.”
--“ Syracuse: thanks for bein a great audience!! Wish my voice would come back all the way! That flu ran off w my
  goods..One more chance!!”
--“ So imma be really strict bout vocal rest tonight and tommorow b4 the show. :(“


  • Adam tweets, “Muse - The Resistance - #iTunes”


  • Adam tweets, “Idols Live tour has officially ended. Thanks to my fellow idols and all the fans for making this summer such an adventure.”

  • The Zodiac Show releases behind the scenes video discussion of making Crawl Through Fire (includes performance): 

  • Adam tweets, “We've raised over $ 155,000 for there are 4 more days left for the fangroup competition! It's ON!!!”

  • Adam sings acoustic at Ford Day in Dearborn, Michigan. This corporate event is open only to members of the Adcraft Club of Detroit.   
--Starlight (with introduction) 
--Tracks of My Tears [Link includes both Tracks of My Tears and Mad World]
--Mad World [Link includes both Tracks of My Tears and Mad World] 
--Crazy (sung with Kris Allen)
--Adam and Kris answering questions

  • Adam tweets, “Pink concert w @mrlabryfyp last night was incredible. She is such a badass. On my way to recording session w mr Rob Cavallo. I'm back LA!”

  •  Adam tweets, “In Denver recording w Ryan Tedder!!! Get ready for your Sonic Lobotomy!”

  • Adam tweets, “Final numbers for Donors Choose Charity fan group competition will be posted Wednesday! Thank you to all who participated!!!!”

  • Adam tweets:
--“Denver Tedder sessions were major! Looking forward to working with the fantastic Dr Luke and Claude Kelly
--“ I know it sounds corny, but this album is a dream come true. I am lucky to be working with the BEST producers &
  writers in the world!”
--“ Get ready to shake yo asses!!! There be some beats a comin!”
--“ I knooooow, right? RT @KrisAllen4Real: Something is definitely wrong when you get excited doing the dishes.
  It's been a long time.”

  •  Adam tweets, “Go listen to @KrisAllen4Real 's single, Live Like We're Dying Go Kris!!! :)” 


  • Adam tweets:
--“@ClaudeKelly is amazing! Honestly one of the most supportive and reassuring guys I've ever had the pleasure to
  record with!”
--“ And the good dr Luke is gonna spin that session into GOLD! (as he does) :)”

  • Adam tweets, “Big Easy is the JAM”

  • Adam tweets, “Home sweet home!”

  • Pre-Order for Adam’s album is available on Amazon (with the announcement of a special deluxe edition ‘coming soon’). It  climbs to #2 on their bestsellers list on the first day, with no promotion, no title, no cover and no single to support it.

  • Adam tweets, “Headin into studio w Linda Perry!!!”

  • Adam's debut album (pre-sale orders) reaches the top of's bestsellers' list (article).  

  • Adam tweets, “In studio w @Greg_wells album is cookin up reeeeeally reeally nice!!!”

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