• The media promotions for the movie “2012″ start on most major TV channels. One of the trailers features Adam Lambert’s new single “Time for Miracles”

  • For The Glamberts”: backstage video of Adam making faces (camera trick makes it look like there are two Adams)

  • Adam tweets:
         --Retweet #WeLoveGaGa ! :)
  • Adam films the ‘Time for Miracles’ video.

  • Adam tweets:
        --Shooting Time For Miracles Music Video!!!! Long day, but we are getting amazing footage!


  • Adam reaches 200,000 followers on twitter. (As of September 2014, he has over 2.3 million!)

  • Adam tweets:
        --New Blake Lewis album out tommorow! I dug the last one, can't wait to hear what he's dreamt up this time.
        --Tokio Hotel album is out too!!! Love them Germans!



  • Adam tweets:
        --Check out OneRepublic's new single "All the Right Moves" on iTunes!!! It's a great song!
        --Have you all heard Allison's single?! I can't get it out of my head!!! Call ur radio station and request!!! 'Friday
          I'll Be Over You'
        --@Pink I adore you. :)


  • Adam tweets:
         --At Capitol studios observing full string orchestra recording for one of my songs!! It's amazing!!!!!

  • Adam’s “Time for Miracles” single is previewed on Amazon and the music video teaser appears on AOL Video

  • #TimeForMiracles is the #1 trending topic on twitter.

  • Adam tweets:
        --Last studio day w Rob Cavallo! Can't wait for everyone to hear our glam rock!!!

  • Adam tweets:
        --I cant get @KrisAllen4Real and @Allison4Realzzz singles out of my head! ...such a good thing! I miss my Idol family!
        --My favorite holiday is coming! I think i shall rock Halloween as a GLAMPIRE. What are you going to dress up as? 


  • Adam tweets:
        --@MichaelSarver Thanks Michael!! How's life?! :) 
        --RT @SkinGraft: our fashion week show is tomorrow. some pre-show press for you: http://bit.ly/1GA05W
        --RT @pujasays: "...you can not become successful. You can only be successful." –Tolle

  •   Adam tweets:
        --@PaulaAbdul: It IIIIS early Paula! So excited to see you!!!!! It been a hot minute.
        --This was my morning. Flanked by Snoop and Paula. My life is surreal. http://yfrog.com/5rj5yj
        --Workin w Howard Benson tonight!!!! This album is gonna be Siiiiiiiiiiiick

  • American Music Awards nominees at the Beverly Hills Hotel with Paula Abdul and Snoop Dogg
        --AMA: 2009 American Music Awards Nominees Announced (by Paula, Snoop, and Adam)
        --AMA: interview after the nominations 
        --AMA: Glambert Alert (posted 10-20-09)
        --MTV News: Adam Lambert On The 'Time For Miracles' Music Video 
       --Yong Chavez Interviews Adam Lambert 
       --Yong Chavez interview extra – Adam Greets Filipino Fans 
        --More extras from Yong Chavez interview 
        --Access Hollywood interview (Dish of Salt) from backstage at AMA nominations 
        --Entertainment Tonight: Watch Paula Abdul, Adam Lambert and More at the 'American Music Awards' Nominations  
        --Radaronline: Adam Lambert Jumps on the Twilight Train 
        --Good Day LA: AMA nominations 
        --Julie Moran interviews Adam Lambert after the 2009 American Music Award nominees are announced.

  • TMZ.com: Adam Lambert Sucks Face to save Face 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Thanks to @ali22san and @ohferras for coming to the studio and lending their voices to the song we wrote
        --RT @MrLaBryFYP: http://twitpic.com/kvn3p - New work
        --Woops that's not his Twitter. Haha sorry. Guess he doesn't have one


  • Adam tweets:
        --In studio w Dr Luke
        --I'm going to be on the cover of the November issue of Details Magazine. The photoshoot got pretty racy- you all are
           in for a surprise.

  • Adam’s “Time For Miracles” single is officially released for download on Amazon.com

  • Adam appears on the cover of the November issue of Details magazine (the featured article includes photos with Canadian model Kim Cloutier). A separate on-line article at Details.com includes a link to a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot.

  • The full version of the “Time For Miracles” music video is leaked on YouTube and the lyrics soon start appearing all over the internet.

  • AdamOfficial posts that Adam is confirmed to appear at the November 22, 2009, American Music Awards show. This will be “Adam's first performance of the first single from his debut album.”

  • Adam spends the day in studio with Lady Gaga and records “Fever.” 

  • Adam tweets:
        --@katyperry me too. Black widow fo sho
        --It's official! My debut album, dropping November 23rd will be called ‘For Your Entertainment’
        --Yes it's true: I spent yesterday in the studio w the insanely talented and creative Lady GaGa recording a song
           that she wrote! I love her.
        --'Time For Miracles' from 2012 Soundtrack now on sale on iTunes and Amazon.

  • Adam’s “Time for Miracles” single is #1 on Amazon after being released for download less than a day! 

  • Entertainment Tonight features Adam Lambert on the set of his 2012 Music Video “Time For Miracles.”

  • Adam tweets:
       --“GaGa just gets it, ya know?”
       --“@Pink jealous. I want to do the yummy too.”
       --“@KrisAllen4Real I love the canyon. That view is sick. How'd your rehearsal go yesterday?”

  • “Time for Miracles” music video is released on MySpace. [Note: This MySpace page currently has over 1 million views and comments are still being posted there!]

  • Yahoo! Music Reality Rocks blogger Lyndsey Parker previews three songs from Adam's forthcoming debut album in “Preview Alert!: Reality Rocks’ Adam Lambert Listening Session

  • MTV News: Adam Lambert Could Not Compete With Michael Jackson 


  • Adam appears in the “In The Studio With” feature in Entertainment Weekly where he discusses three of his upcoming songs.

  • Adam performs at Party City’s annual Halloween Bash and Industry Awards in Boca Raton, Florida. He sings wearing glampire fangs! Set list: Ring of Fire, Black or White, Mad World, Born to be Wild, Whole Lotta Love (sings “baby, woman, man” at the end). See unedited video of the entire performance here: Part 1 and Part 2 or you can access the individual songs at the Party City playlist.

  • Adam appears on Access Hollywood weekend where he sees the photos from his Details magazine photo shoot for the first time and talks about being a glampire for Halloween. 

  • Adam tweets:
       --“@reticent3 Oh sweety, I was only speaking of the strange few... Why must u generalize? You seem clever....”
       --“@reticent3 But I love your profile pic. You are beautiful. !!”
       --“@number8gurl The "epic rock kick"? hahah that was so crazy. Someone threw a dildo at my leg! It was so
          distracting... now? funny as hell.”
       --“@adamissexable I try to stay smelling pretty good. :)”
       --“@MandyHere_ believe it girl, believe it. :)”
       --“Happy birthday Deeksha!”
       --“@paaattty yeah this "take one" thing is basically "on with the show" re-tooled. Now this is ALL material recorded
           in '05 not written by me.”
       --“My debut, official album "FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT" will be released Nov 23rd. The SHOULD be out next week.
          Sorry to keep you guys waiting!”
       --“*the Single SHOULD be out next week...”
       --“At a resort in Boca Raton. Cant decide on a jet ski rental or a massage... mmmm... Life is tough. :)”
       --“One of my two BRILLIANT vocal coaches on Idol has an CD out on CDBaby and Amazon. His name is DORIAN
          HOLLEY. He has a beautiful voice!”
       --“@mmmfelicious hilarious. :) Im not HACKED... whats w the conspiracy theories guys??”
       --“@PastaBaby Yes Ma'am I am!”


  • Adam tweets only once and it’s a retweet: “RT @keshasuxx: RT @DavudVitalis @keshasuxx trash is the new glam <3”

  • For Your Entertainment album cover is released.

  • Adam tweets:
       --“@ali22san: Cdbaby.com/cd/alisanporter. My girls music.”
       --“Album cover revealed on adamofficial.com. Glam is back!!!”
       --“On my way to the THIS IS IT premiere w my lovely date Miss Katy Perry!! We are Dressed!”

  • Adam walks the red carpet for the Michael Jackson “This Is It” premiere
        --EyeBiteTV: Adam arriving at the Michael Jackson “This Is It” premiere (with Katy Perry)  Part 1   Part 2 
        --Adam waiting his turn on red carpet (taken by a fan) 
        --This Is It Red Carpet with Big Boy and Luscious Liz (Adam at 2:03)
        --Artisan News (Adam at 1:00)
        --CBS News (The Early Show): This Is It Premiere
        --Daily 10: This Is It Premiere
        --Mtime China: This Is It Premiere
        --MTV: This Is It Premiere 
        --Billboard (The Daily Noise): This Is It Premiere
        --Jimmy Kimmel: Jake Byrd at This Is It Premiere  
        --Extra: This Is It red carpet 
        --Fox News Mobile: This Is It Premiere
        --Reuters: This Is It Premiere
        --The Insider: This Is It Premiere
        --E! Online (Red Carpet Moments): This Is It Premiere


  • Media coverage of Adam’s Details Magazine (which hit the magazine stands 10/27) (some aired on earlier or later dates)
        -- Access Hollywood (Dish Of Salt) Adam Lambert Reacts To His Sexy Details Magazine Photos 
        --Access Hollywood Weekend: Adam sees photos from his Details magazine photo shoot for the first time and talks about
           being a glampire for Halloween
        --Access Hollywood (Hollywood Radar)
        --Entertainment Tonight: Details Photoshoot 
        --TV Guide Broadband (Hollywood 411): Adam Lambert Details Photo Shoot 
        --Celeb TV: Pics of Adam Lambert Kissing a Girl 
        --E! Online: Adam Lambert Kisses and Tells 
        --Extra: Adam Lambert Kissed A Girl 
        --Details Photoshoot - Finland MTV3 

  • Adam tweets:
       --“Thank you to those who appreciate and understand that the album cover is deliberately campy. It's an omage
           to the past. It IS ridiculous.”
       --“For those that don't get it: oh well... Glad to have gotten your attention.”
       --“androgyny. Rock n Roll.”
       --“@PerezHilton I haven't appologized. :)”
       --“*homage. When's Twitter adding spell check?”
        --“Thanks guys! :) Well here's some more album info for you guys! The upcoming single was produced by Dr Luke!!”
       --“There is also a song called "Soaked" written by Muse! Also a tune called "Music Again" written by Justin Hawkins
           of the Darkness!”
       --“I also wrote on four songs on the album. "Strut", "Aftermath" "Broken Open" and "Down the Rabbit Hole" (iTunes
           bonus track)”
       --“I'm so excited for you all to hear it!!!!”
       --“Oh and "This Is It" was totally inspiring!! I loved seeing the showmanship and hard work of MJ documented for
           us all.”
       --“Debut single is called "For Your Entertainment" get ready to shake yo asses to this song. It'll make ya dance for
           sure. :)”

  • Adam appears via Skype on Oprah as part of her "Favorite Reality Stars" episode. Afterwards, the Oprah effect kicks in as Adam’s album jumps from #6 to #1 on bestsellers in music list

  • E! News - Adam Lambert Defends His Album Cover 

  • Adam tweets:
       --“@YO_RANDYJACKSON thanks Randy!!! I'm glad you dig it.”
       --“RT @TheRealJordin: "I vant to suck yourrr bluuuduh'http://twitpic.com/nf552 Yeeees Jordan!”
       --“@TheRealJordin you are a very sexy vampire!!!!!”
       --“Gonn be on Seacrest tommorow morning to debut single "For Your Entertainment" on the radio!”
       --“Gonna be on Seacrest tommorow morning to debut single "For Your Entertainment" on the radio!”
       --“@EdenEspinosa 6:55AM. Sorta early...”
       --“OMG Space Cowboy's "Egyptian Lover" is so siiiiiiick”
       --“@thatboistevs yeah I am. Her new song 3 is hot.”
       --“@scarlett_cherry yay!!! Twat? :)”

  • Ryan Seacrest (102.7 KIIS FM) interviews Adam and premieres his “For Your Entertainment” single. 

  • The “For Your Entertainment” single is offered for sale on Adam Official.com.

  • Adam tweets:
       --“Just got up! I'm so excited!!!!!! U ready?? Turn it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
       --“Hope you're gonna wanna blast it while you're gettin ready for Halloween!! Then at the club!!!”
       --“’don't trip off the glitz that I'm gonna display’ ;) thank you all for your support!! Glad you like the track!!!”
       --“My new single is for sale on my website! also: you can pre-order the collectors edition of my CD with a photo
           book! Adamofficial.com”

  • “Time for Miracles” video download is offered for free at the 2012 movie trailer site[Note: the link for a free copy via itunes is no longer available.] 

  • The news leaks that Adam and Drake LaBry have split up (apparently amicably). 

  • Adam tweets: 
        --“@OhFerras fairuza balk was my idol in the craft toooooo! "I bind you Sarah!!!!"”
       --“RT @fureyyyy: RT @DangerousMuse HAPPY HALLOWEEN! RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/efha8
       --“@ImMattGiraud "I wouldn't...."  “
       --“@katyperry: yeah get on it diva. See you tonight!!!! :) protect Yo neck.”
       --“@KrisAllen4Real HWeen? I like HPeens.”
       --“Reminder: you can download my new single on my websiteadamofficial.com. Dontcha wanna blast that sh**t
           for Halloween?!?”
       --“My album cover is dressed up as Dave Navarro for HalloPeen.”
       --“RT @coreyschmorey: If you ever come to Holland (say yes), please be aware that 'Peen' is Dutch for carrot.
           You'd get a kick out of that.”

  • Adam dresses up as a glampire and goes out with Katy Perry

The "For Your Entertainment" album cover is released on October 27, 2009. 
Photo credit: AdamOfficial.com
“I don’t really do anything by being careful. I like to take risks.” 
--Adam Lambert, October 14, 2009
Adam performs at Party City's annual Halloween Bash wearing glampire fangs, October 24, 2009.  
Video credit: Party City
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