• Walmart Soundcheck: Kradison Interview
         --Full interview

  • @kcinkcity fan video: I Shake I Move Caution: watching this video may make you shake and move! 

  • Adam Lambert For Your Entertainment makeup tutorial (by a fan -- Adam is not in the video) 


  • Adam tweets, “On my way to the 2012 Premiere.” 

  • 2012 red carpet (Regal Cinemas LA Live in downtown Los Angeles)
        --MaximoTV.com Interview by Abbey Scott.
              Reporter: “Where do you think you will be on December 21, 2012?”
             Adam:  “Hopefully performing for people!”
        --CNN: 2012 Red Carpet Interview  
        ​--MTV News: Adam Lambert Feels Honored to be on 2012 Soundtrack 
        --About.com: Adam Lambert Interview – 2012 Premiere  
        --Getty Images: 2012 Premiere  
              Reporter: “How come you don’t have any Christmas songs?”
              Adam:  “I’m a Jew!”
        --metacafe: 2012 Adam Lambert Interview 
        --Ilta-Sanomat Finland: 2012 Premiere 
        --Hollywood 411: Adam Lambert's Big Month 
        --Hollywood Nation  - 2012 Premiere 
        --SBARTSTV: 2012 Premiere 
        --myFOXla.com: 2012 Premieres in Downtown LA (Adam at 1:19) 
        --Entertainment Tonight: 2012 Premiere 
        --ET Online: 2012 Premiere  
        --PacificRimVideo: 2012 Premiere at the Regal Cinemas at LA Live (glimpse of Adam on red carpet at 0:40) 
        --Livestream: Adam Lambert at 2012 Premiere (glimpse of Adam on red carpet at 0:40 and 1:20) 

  • The single “For Your Entertainment” becomes available for download at Amazon.com and snippets of all 14 songs off of the album are available online. A fan (@lambosessed) compiles the snippets, writes his first impressions of each song, and what he can figure out for the lyrics. Remember when we were all trying to predict “what all the girls in the club want to know”?

  • MTV.com: Weezer's Rivers Cuomo Calls Adam Lambert's Voice 'Amazing' (Adam not in video)  

  •   Adam tweets: 
        --“Woah don't know what's happening w my twitter”
        --“Sorry. Strange Twitter glitch. All back to normal now :)”
        --“"for your entertainment" single is now on ITunes!!”

  • RCA press release about For Your Entertainment debut album with official track list

  • Fan-made video (by jemmajemma) inspired by photos from the 2012 premiere

  • MTV.com: Behind Lady Gaga And Adam Lambert's Collaboration (Adam not in video) 

  • Adam tweets: “RT @MattsFTLs: @ImMattGiraud @DannyGokey @allison4realzzz@KrisAllen @AdamLambert http://bit.ly/1l1d5k haha”.  Adam’s tweet is referring to a JibJab video, “Happy Halloween to the American Idol Top 5”. 

  • Hitfix.com (e-article by Melinda Newman): Adam Lambert works with the crème de la crème on For Your Entertainment   

  •   Adam tweets:
        --“@ohferras The tabloids think we're dating. Haha! where do they get this sh**t?!”
        --“Sh*t. Yeeeeeaaah it's early poeple! Give me a break”
        --“@KrisAllen4Real yes sheet.”
        --“@McGillPaul You too buddy!!! :)”
        --“@McGillPaul oh and congrats”

  • Ew.com: For Your Entertainment (single) is #1 on Entertainment Weekly’s The Must List (e-article)

  • Adam appears in ELLE magazine along with Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta (scan) 

  • Adam tweets, “Loving this: http://bit.ly/1mX8bv”
            [Note: The link in Adam’s twitter is for a video of some high school students dancing to Adam’s “For Your Entertainment.”
              The video has since been removed from YouTube due to a copyright claim by Sony Music Entertainment.]

  • Adam’s single, “For Your Entertainment” hits the main iTunes Top 100 chart at #48.


  • L.A. Times (Ann Powers): “Adam Lambert: Cool, calm and eclectic” (e-article) 

  • GUYP Israel: Interview on Israeli TV
        --interview only
       --aired version

  • Panama TV: 2012 Premiere: Adam Lambert interview

  • Adam tweets:
          --“Meetings and more today. Planning AMA performance to For Your Entertainment. So hot, out the box”
          --“My debut album, "For Your Entertainment" is now available for pre-order on iTunes http://bit.ly/4tfZUC Thanks!!!!!”

  • Adam tweets:
          --“Thank you all for making my album #1 on the itunes pop chart and #10 in general music. I'm so thrilled you all want
             to hear it!!!”
          --“OMG The new BAD ROMANCE video by Lady Gaga just melted my brain. I ADORE it.”

  • Collider.com (Steve “Frosty” Weintraub): Adam Lambert Exclusive Video Interview 2012 

        --OUT.com (editor Aaron Hicklin): Open Letter to Adam Lambert 
       --OUT.com (Shana Naomi Krochmal) Extended interview with Adam Lambert (e-article posted 11-12) 
       --OUT.com (Shana Naomi Krochmal) An Open Letter Regarding an Open Letter to Adam Lambert (e-article posted 11-17
          about controversy surrounding the editor’s letter to Adam) 

  • Adam tweets, “@samantharonson so great to hang out last night!!”

  • Soundtrack for the movie “2012” is released featuring Adam singing “Time for Miracles.”

  • Adam is featured in an article in RollingStone magazine, “Adam Lambert Rocks With Lady Gaga, Pink on Debut LP.”  

  • Wall Street Journal: Adam Lambert on His New Album For Your Entertainment, Working with Lady Gaga, and His Appeal to Women (e-article)

  • People.com: What’s on your ipod? TheStars Dish! 

  • The movie “2012” is released in theaters (directed by Roland Emmerich). “Time For Miracles” sung by Adam plays during the ending credits.

  • MTV News (Jim Cantiello): Behind the scenes of the Elle photoshoot with Kradison 

  • @Kcinkcity fan video, Rush 

  • Adam spends the day filming his “For Your Entertainment” music video at the Alexandria in Los Angeles 


  • Adam tweets:
          --“http://bit.ly/3l6ZoS check out my guitar player's cd!!!”
          --“My band and I on set! Lisa on keys, Monte on guitar, Tommy on bass, and Longineu on drums. These musicians are
             the best!!!”
          --“http://twitpic.com/pukkb - Lisa on keys, Monte on Guitar, Tommy on Bass, and Longineu on Drums!”
          --“@Vida15 yeah i did! :) Held auditions and these were the BEST!”
          --“@zulugirl13 Yes! that IS Orianthi on Sleepwalker!”
          --“Cant change bio!!! For whatever reason, once one becomes "verified" all info is locked...”
          --“http://twitpic.com/punij Another band shot. Lisa was getting styled and this beautiful extra got in the shot...
             Look at her abs! JEEZ”
          --“Just learned my album is streaming on Myspace! Go check it out!!! Tell me which song is your favorite?”
          --“@finney4 no. just me. She wrote it.”
          --“@adrianajohnson I wrote Strut w/ Kara Dioguardi and Greg Wells”
          --“@adamissexable HAHA Sometimes they are... *wink”
          --“Goodnight dear Twatters! :)”
          --“oh yeah! buy Kris Allen's Album on iTunes!!!!”
          --“Planet Fierce responds to A. Hicklin's "Open Letter to Adam"http://bit.ly/1yTFLP : thank you to the writer! YOU
             get it.”
          --“The big Art show! @MrLaBryFYP http://twitpic.com/puib0”
          --“@PerezHilton when u get to that "warning" page just hit the link down at the bottom.”
          --“Dear Aaron, it's def not that deep. Chill! Guess ya gotta get attention for the magazine. U too are at the mercy
            of the marketing machine.”
          --“(cont.) Until we have a meaningful conversation, perhaps you should refrain from projecting your publications'
            agenda onto my career.”
          --“On my way to rehearsals for the AMA performance of For Your Entertainment. My band and dancers are siiiiick”

  • ​Adam tweets, “hilarious: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joe-vogel/an-open-letter-to-adam-la_b_361733.html”

  • Joe Vogel: An Open Letter to Adam Lambert From the Gay Thought Police (e-article) 

  • Entertainment Weekly (Michael Slezak) e-article: Adam Lambert: Who’s Outraged by the OUT Cover Controversy? 

  • Adam attends US Weekly's Hot 100 Hollywood Party
        --myFOXla.com: Us Magazine’s Hot 100 Party (Adam at 1:40) 
        --MTV: Is Adam Ticklish?  
        --MTV: Adam Lambert, Kris Allen Reveal What Makes Them Sexy  
        --Entertainment Tonight: US Weekly's "Hot Hollywood" Party (Adam at 1:30)

  • Entertainment Weekly (Whitney Pastorek e-article): Exclusive Q&A with Adam Lambert on OUT Magazine scandal: Not every gay man is the same gay man 

  • ABC7.com: Adam Lambert Talks About Performing at AMAs 

  • AMA (David Lehre): Adam Lambert Alert!!! Exclusive Interview After AMA Rehearsal

  • Adam tweets:
          --“Hey guys I’m doing a live concert on Good Morning America Wednesday 11/25 at the Hudson Theatre in New
             York City!”
          --“If u wanna come, Please arrive at the Hudson Theater on 44th street between Broadway and 6th Avenue by
            6 AM on Wednesday 11/25.”

  • Billboard.com: Video interview (Adam is on the cover of their print magazine)​

  • People.com: Up Close -- Adam Lambert’s American Music Awards Preview

  • Adam tweets, “Happy Birthday @Scarlett_cherry ! I luv ya!!!!”

  • Adam tweets, “Big day!!! AMA s on ABC. Tune in! I'm closing the show!!!!”

  • Adam performs his single “For Your Entertainment” live on the American Music Awards. Controversy ensues.
          --Live Performance 
​          --Awards Show Network: Red carpet interview before the show 
          --Rehearsal Footage 
          --CNN interviews Adam after the AMA performance
              “I Had Fun.” -- Adam Lambert 

  •   Adam tweets: [Note: Adam tweeted these after midnight the night of the AMAs, so they are dated 11/23. By “tonight,” Adam is referring to his AMA performance.]
        --“Hope u had fun tonight! We did.”
        --“All hail freedom of expression and artistic integrity. :) fans: I adore u.”
        --“@PerezHilton Thank you for the support. It WAS a bit pitchy. Don't know what was goin on with the sound.
           Same thing always went down on idol”
         --“@PerezHilton but I had a blast and am looking forward to my upcoming performances.”

  • For Your Entertainment album released in the U.S. online and in stores. The deluxe version includes:
          --Exclusive interview
          --Behind the scenes at the album photo shoot 

  • MySpace Music Feed: Shakira and Adam Lambert (Adam at 3:20)

  • AmericanIdol.com (Special Guests) Adam Lambert - On His Album

  ​             "I just got excited. I got a little carried away." -- Adam Lambert

  • Adam tweets:
        --“My video "For Your Entertainment" is now up on adamofficial.com!!!!”
        --“Site crashed following announcement of video debut. Should be back up shortly”

  • “For Your Entertainment” music video premieres on AdamOfficial

  • Reality Rocks (Lyndsey Parker) e-article: Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment Video is Out

  • MTV News “Extended Play” posts a series of 13 short videos showing an interview with Adam by Jim Cantiello about the AMA performance. In the third one, Adam does an imitation of a cockroach.

  • WLPJ 95.5 (Scott & Todd’s radio show): Adam Lambert on The big Show 
          ​“That just kind of happened on the fly. I don’t know what came over me.” -- Adam Lambert

  • Z100: Garrett from the Elvis Duran show plays with a Bedazzler with Adam’s help

  • Adam is interviewed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on z100 (audio only)
          ​“I think sometimes people take me too seriously.” -- Adam Lambert

  • Kids.aol.com: Adam is chosen as AOL Kids “Artist of the Month” and his “Star Bytes” interview is posted as 12 separate sound clips 

          “I’m not a babysitter.” -- Adam Lambert

  • WPIX: Adam Lambert Talks About Controversial AMA Performance  

  • ​ Adam tweets:
         --“Thank you to everyone who waited in the cold so early this morning for my CBS Early Show performance!
            Your support is so important to me.”
         --“Check me out on Letterman tonight singing "Whataya Want from Me"?”
         --“@JustinHawkins thank YOU for the amazing song Justin!!!! :)”
         --“@JustinHawkins that'd be nuts. So epic”

  • CBS The Early Show (after being cancelled from Good Morning American on ABC)
        --Intro and first interview  ​
               "I'm not a babysitter. I'm a performer." -- Adam Lambert 
        --Ask It Early: Q&A with fans (TV version)
        --Same Q&A (video by fan)
        --Whataya Want From Me and Music Again (includes interview in between songs with Leila and Adam) 
        --Whataya Want From Me only
        --Music Again only 
        --Adam Lambert Gives Thanks Backstage   

  • Best Week Ever (Michelle Collins): On The AMAs, Makin’ Out, Gaga, and Glee  (also known as the martini interview)

  • Interview for "The Morning Jolt" with Larry Flick on SIRIUS XM radio
        --Full interview (audio)  
        --Video clips from above interview
          Part 1: Talking about being an ugly duckling
          Part 2: Soaked, one-night stands
          Part 3: Why are people afraid of men? 
          Part 4: The AMA performance

  • Xtra!: Adam Lambert Chats with Fab Magazine (audio only)

  • BLI.com (Long Island radio): Adam's interview on BLI In The Morning (audio only)
          “I’m looking forward to making music videos and going on tour.”

  • CHUM FM 104.5 radio (Toronto): Interview (click on “artists” and scroll down about half way)

  • Late Show with David Letterman: Adam sings Whataya Want From Me -- no interview (show taped on November 23) 
​        --Inside Edition: Adam Lambert Letterman preview (aired 11/24)
       --Stage Door after taping 

  • Adam tweets, “Happy T Day! I'm thankful for all the amazing opportunities and for all of my passionate and loyal fans. Wouldn't be happening w/o u”

  • Michael Slezak (“Realite”) posts his interviews with Adam on EW.com. This interview was filmed on November 25, 2009, and then divided into a series of 12 clips. The clips were posted on EW.com on November 25 (Clips 1 to 3), November 26 (Clips 4 and 5), and December 1 (Clips 6 to 12).

  • Adam tweets:
          --“Demand a FREE Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta concert at http://bit.ly/4wGCLI - Top city wins!
          --“I love New York!!”
          --“@TommyJoeRatliff Hey glitterbaby!”
          --“Juliet is the sun”

  • Adam tweets:
          --“The Box puts on a great show!! Thanks guys!”
          --“RT @Meganjoysings: http://twitpic.com/rbh5w - yaaay got some back!!! Awww so cute”
          --“@Meganjoysings hey lady miss u”
          --“@Pink thank you again for writing such an amazing song. I can always connect to "Whataya Want from Me"”
          --“@Longineu yes we will!”
          --“@csiriano @bradwalsh nice meeting you two! Fake tranny pee is quite the way to start a show. Jeez!”
          --“Tranny pee: performer rigged device to make it seem like he was peeing on front row during show. It was
             a funny trick. We all freaked!”
          --“@IamCarmit Aww thanks carmit”

  • Adam tweets, “Happy Sunday everyone. It's a beautiful day in LA”

  • Adam tweets:
          --“Good morning! Excited to finally meet Ellen! For the record: the insurance policy rumor is hilarious! (untrue)”
          --“Oh and please go get both Allison iraheta's and Kris Allen's videos and albums on iTunes! So proud of you both!”
          --“ellen:airing 2m.Singing 'whatya want from me'! AMA performance was a one time event. Goin in a new direction
             now. Focus back on the music.”
          --“Don't worry friends: I'm still gonna be me. Always. W/o appologies. Just gonna experiment differently w how
             I present myself.”
          --“I'm learning. :)”
          --“And thank you all for your kind and supportive tweets. Means more than you can imagine. It was a looong week. :)”
          --“@LisaHarriton Yay! Welcome!!! Careful: twitter's addicting” 

  • ZM 91.0 radio station (New Zealand): phone interview
          “I think the word ‘sexy’ has more to do with a vibe and an energy.” -- Adam Lambert

The kiss heard round the world. Adam kisses Tommy during his American Music Awards performance on November 22, 2009. 
Photo credit: AccessHollywood.com
“I’m not a babysitter. I’m a performer.” 
                                                                --Adam Lambert, November 25, 2009
Adam sings 'Whataya Want From Me on Late Night with David Letterman on November 25, 2009.  
Video credit: mcdeea
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