• Adam tweets:
        --http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3qHrOB4MKw Aah fond memories of summer! Go get Allison Iraheta's
​          ALBUM ya'll!!! Its SO GOOD
        --...for your entertainment??
        --For Your Entertainment music video! Avail on iTunes on 12/15http://bit.ly/8A00HB
        --@TheEllenShow thank you again for giving me so much warmth and support yesterday. It was sooo great to
​          finally meet you.​

  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Adam performs Whataya Want From Me and talks about his album (taped 11/30/09)
          “I respect people and I feel like people walked away from that feeling disrespected and I would never
​           intend to disrespect anybody.”
        --Performance (famous Ellen/Adam hug at end) 
        --Backstage message from Adam to Ellen
​        --Ellen asks Adam to record a short jingle to help promote her 12 Days of Giveaways as a favor to her
          (she airs it on her 12/3/09 show)  

  • Elle Magazine: School of Rock (scan)

  • Adam tweets:
        --@LeoMoctezuma aww thanks Leo! How's European life?! :)
        --Yes, sadly friends, ABC has cancelled my appearances on Kimmel and NYE. :( don't blame them. It's the FCC heat.
        --I AM doing Leno though. And lookin into something for NYE.
        --It'll all blow over. Let's focus on being positive! :)
        --Thank you to everyones support of my album! Came in last week at #3!

        ​“I have a lot of different interests and I’m not one thing. I’m not to be boxed in, and neither is my music."

  • VH1 News: Glambert Goes Beyond Guyliner on Debut Album 
        “I think it’s important to talk about things that are real and that go beyond glitter.”​

  • Adam tweets:
        --Good morning San Diego
        --Whatup San Diego poeple! Come to hard rock hotel downtown and watch as I donate my costume from the
​          Kiss idol finale!!
        --Hard rock: 2:30pm
        --@perezhilton : allisons a rockstar! Just because the record didn't sell a ton, that doesn't mean it's not great!
​          (cuz it's reeeeeally good)
        --@allisoniraheta can outsing any of the other teenagers in the recording industry right now. Like, sing circles
​          around them.
        --[RT of @VEVO]: The signed @adamlambert CD's are up for auction!http://bit.ly/5TBi5D Proceeds go to @donorschoose.
​          Enjoy, from your friends @VEVO
        --Wow eminem mentioned me in a song?! I must be doin something right!? Even if he used the f word.... Whtev
        --Oh he says "fake it" my bad​

  • VH1: 5 Questions: Adam Lambert
        “Why are there so many different toothpastes?”  

  • San Diego Hard Rock Hotel: Adam donates the outfit he wore while singing with Kiss (American Idol Season 8)
        --Fox 5 KSWB: Adam Lambert Visits San Diego 
        --Fox 69: Adam Lambert Costume Dedication  
        --San Diego News Network: Adam Lambert dedicates American Idol Costume in San Diego (Adam at 1:20)  
        --CNN iReport: Adam Lambert Donates Costume to Hard Rock  
        --Sign On San Diego (UnionTrib): Lambert Comes Home -- Bearing Gift  
        --Videos taken by fans
            -Adam Lambert – Hard Rock Hotel (suz526) 
            -Glitter Cages (KristinE617) 
            -Adam Lambert Hard Rock Hotel (Libracats) 
            -Adam Lambert Hard Rock Hotel Media 1 (Libracats) 
            -Adam Lambert Hard Rock Hotel Media 2 (Libracats) 
            -Adam Lambert Hard Rock Hotel Media 3 (Libracats) 
            -Adam Lambert Hard Rock Hotel Media 4 (Libracats) 
            -Adam Lambert Hard Rock Hotel Media 5 (Libracats) 
            -Adam Lambert Hard Rock Hotel Fans 1 (Libracats) 
            -Adam Lambert Hard Rock Hotel Fans 2 (Libracats) 
            -Kiss Outfit Admitted for Collection (lliillaahayes) 
            -Signing autographs after (lliillaahayes) 

  • Star 94.1 (San Diego): AJ in the Morning radio interview   Part 1   Part 2  

  • Sophie 103.7 radio interview (audio)   Part 1   Part 2  
​        --Video of above interview

  • Channel 933: Frankie Vizzle Radio Interview in San Diego (includes radio play of WWFM) 

  • Adam tweets:A
        --Hey friends! I will be performing and hanging w the ladies of ABC's The View Thursday the 10th!
        --Also look for me on Barbara Walters' Ten Most Fascinating People of 09 the night before also on ABC :)

  • Adam tweets:
        --RT @keshasuxx: http://twitpic.com/s7mzg - RECORD COVERRRRR!!!!** you're hot!!! :) excited to hear it!!

  • Adam tweets:
        --Listening to: Miike Snow: Plastic Jungle. This song is beyond perfection.
        --Which two new ones?!
        --Hangin w Jordin at St Pauls Jingle Ball @TheRealJordinhttp://twitpic.com/shngy

  • Adam is guest host at KDWB (101.3) at Jingle Ball at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota (he doesn’t sing)
        --On Stage 
        --Jingle Ball Backstage Interview by Dave Ryan (DJ)
        --Big D (DJ) catches Adam at the chocolate fountain backstage at the Jingle Ball
        --Justin Bieber backstage at the Jingle Ball (Adam shows up about 1:15 and teaches Justin how to add sparkly
          attitude to his handshake)

  • Adam tweets:
        --@TheRealJordin you too beautiful! You sounded amaazing tonight!
        --Hey friends! Check out Michael Sarver's new single on iTunes available tommorow! :)

  • Adam hosts MTV Network’s Premiere of “NewNowNext PopLab” on Logo and LOGOonline.com. [Note: If you don’t want to watch the music videos, you can skip them and watch only Adam’s clips.] 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Good Morning!!! In NYC waking up to tape THE VIEW today!!! ...sad to hear Whoopi's not going to be there :( 
        I love her.
        --@samantharonson hey hey! Istanbul huh?! Niiice. Hope you're entertained.
        --@keshasuxx hey I didn't get your number cutie!!!!! :)

  • Adam in TV spot for launch of VEVO.com. 

  • Adam attends VEVO Premiere launch party and performs "Whataya Want From Me" [no link]
        --ET Online: Music Superstars Unite for a Big Night (Adam talks about music videos and his performance that night)
        --MTV: Adam Lambert – American Idol (Adam talks about his mention in Eminem’s song) 
        --People.com: Favorite Music Video is (Adam’s part is very short—Allison Iraheta is also in this one)FMV
        --Extra TV: Adam Starstruck by Bono (Adam appears very briefly)

        ​“Adam was like the love child of Madonna and Elvis.” “What a voice!” – Barbara Walters
        “Yes, I am a homosexual. Deal with it. It doesn’t really matter who I’m sleeping with. What matters is I’m
        singing--my voice.” – Adam Lambert

  • Adam performs at Steven Spielberg's Anti-Defamation League Benefit
        --Star Spangled Banner 
        --The Celebrity Spot: Red Carpet Interview nterviewrpet Interview rpet Interview rpet Interview 
​        --myFOXla.com: ADL Honors Steven Spielberg 
          Spielberg later said from onstage, "What my kids will remember is that I met Adam Lambert tonight."

  • The Edge FM (New Zealand): JJ, Mike and Dom interview Adam Lambert (audio)
​​        “This year has changed my life more than any other year… and I’m comfortable, and my dreams are coming true,
        and I’m getting what I want out of life, so I couldn’t be happier.”

  • Adam tweets:
        --Amazing, inspiring evening. Sang our National Anthem for Anti-Defamation League's honoring of Mr Steven
          Spielberg! Adl.org fights hate.
        --Ooh I guess Bill K and I both like Dior Jeans.
        --Why is everyone so obsessed w "Cheetah" Woods' personal life?

  • The View: Adam Lambert performs and is interviewed (taped December 8, 2009)p
        --Interview “My dreidel spins the other way.”
        --Whataya Want From Me
        --Backstage before the show [Note: You only need to watch the first two minutes of the video. For some reason, it repeats.]
        --Backstage Exit Interview 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Good morning NYC!!! excited for tonight's Jingle Ball!
        --Break a Leg tonight @KrisAllen!!!

  • Adam makes an appearance at the z100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden (no performance).
        --Pre-show interview from msg.com: The Road to MSG: Z100’s Jingle Ball 2009 
        --Backstage Interview by JJ ( radio DJ) at Madison Square Garden z100 jingle ball
        --Adam answers a press question at the z100 jingle ball
        --Question from Twist Magazine at the z100 jingle ball (biggest fear)
        --Jim Cantiello (MTV) Interviews Adam at the z100 jingle ball
        --MyFox New York: Adam Lambert Interview   
        --Artisan News: Kris Allen and Adam Lambert Talk Controversy  
        --Billboard Magazine: Adam Lambert @ Jingle Ball 2009 LIVE AT MSG (posted 1/12/10) 

  • The Yo Show: Adam talks about the Y100 Jingle Ball in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami on 12/12/09  

  • Radio interview by 93.3 FLZ (Tampa) talking about their Jingle Ball taking place on 12/13/09

  •  Adam tweets:
         --Miami here I come!!
         --I'm in Miami biiiiitch
  • Adam talks about the Y100 Jingle Ball in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami on 12/12/09
  • Adam makes an appearance at Y100 Jingle Ball in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (Miami)
        --Part 1: Adam introduces one of the featured acts called LMFAO
        --Part 2: Sings partial “Whataya Want From Me” a cappella 

  • Adam tweets:
        --http://bit.ly/4PF36V from event we performed at a few months ago
        --Jingle ball in Miami was great last night! Hung w JoJo and Jason Derulo at afterparty. Got some undies from
           LMFAO and saw my girl Brandy!
        --Oh and got some love from Leighton Meester. Yes, Blair, poeple. I adore her. :)
        --@marcandrewsmith True Blood all the way!
        --Arg I can't spell. People
        --@IDOLLILROUNDS I miss u Lil!!!
        --@keshasuxx performed tonight at Tampa's Jingle Ball. This bitch is fo' real! Great entertainer, great spirit.
          Looking forward to the album

       ​“I think it’s too much energy to try to censor and filter everything that comes out of my mouth. I’m just trying
       to be myself.”

  • Adam is at the 93.3 FLZ Jingle Ball in Tampa, Florida (does not sing)
        --Backstage Jingle Ball Interview by Charley Belcher (Fox13) J 
        --Adam being welcomed on stage to the Jingle Ball (talks about his upcoming schedule)
        --On stage interview later: “I shop, I don’t gamble.”  
        --Leaving the stage
        --Backstage meeting fans

  • Adam tweets:
        --@greg_wells either way! :)
        --I'm going to be on Conan O'Brian tonight!! Check out me and the band doing "Whataya Want from Me"!

  • Adam is on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien where he sings “Whataya Want From Me” (no interview)

  • Video blog posted on AdamOfficial (recorded 12/10/09) where Adam talks about his “crazy couple of weeks” and how he thinks that Whataya Want From Me “is doing pretty well.” [Note: Little did he know this song would eventually earn him a grammy nomination!] 

  • Adam featured in People Magazine 

  • Adam tweets:
        --The "For Your Entertainment" music video is now up on iTunes!

  • Hollywood Outbreak posts an article “Adam Lambert Wants That Old Time Rock and Roll” 

  • Promo for voting for the “Rock My Town” concert (ultimately held in New York on 2/12/10)​

  • Adam tweets:
        --Excited to perform on the So You Think You Can Dance Finale tonight!!!!
        --Hey friends. Look for me tonight on Chelsea Lately and for those on the west coast who haven't yet seen,
          So You Think You Can Dance!

  • Interview with Chelsea Handler on her show “Chelsea Lately” on E! (no performance)
        ​"Opie doesn't do rock and roll." 

  • Promotion clip for the Chelsea Lately interview

  • Adam appears in a skit about mistletoe on The Jay Leno Show 

  • Sina.com posts a video about the Chinese Idol band called “Focus Five” that includes a clip with Adam mentoring
        them (Adam’s part starts about 1:40)

  • Adam tweets:
        --Vote for RYan Rock my Town! I'd love to perform in NYC! http://bit.ly/4wGCLI

  • KISS FM 102.7
        --Adam is interviewed by JoJo (audio) audio)

  • Adam tweets:

  • Adam is interviewed by JoJo at KIIS FM 102.7 again. 

  • Adam tweets: 
        --Gridlock NYE 2010 http://bit.ly/8P3QPu
        --@fannypak Yay! Can't wait to see you guys do yo thang

  • Promo is released for Gridlock New Year's Eve event (features Adam and "For Your Entertainment")


  • Adam’s announcement of the results of the “Rock My Town” voting (free concert by Kradison ultimately held in New York on 2/12/10)
  • Adam is on the Jay Leno Show. In his interview, he jokes with Jay, “As long as you’re into safe plucking.” Later he
        sings Whataya Want From Me.

  • Adam tweets:
        --Aaah so excited to see GaGa tonight!!!!

  • MTV: Adam's Favorite Album of 2009FA

  • Adam tweets:
        --@keshasuxx congratulations!!!
        --GaGa was amaaazing. She sounded, played and danced beautifully and the visuals were nuuuuuuuts. Such a great
        --http://bit.ly/7Y0VT6. Haha


  • Adam tweets:
        --RT @IlseyJ: Btw the new moon board game is unplayable, it should have a disclaimer saying "IQ's 180 and up"
        --Merry Xmas friends!
        --@alisanporter I had fun too. Get any good presents?!?! :)

  • Adam tweets:
        --@negativeneil Sherlock holmes? No???! Could it be?
        --My thoughts are with the children and babysitter of Terri Sanvicent. Terri had so much joy to share. Light and
           love to her memory.

  • Adam tweets:
        --unfortunately Gridlocked NYE will NOT be filmed/televised/streamed. It's a LIVE event only. Hope to see you
        --@johnnie50 sir I appreciate your concern, but w/ all due respect, you have no idea what you're talking about. I am
          doing what I want :)
        --RT @jambajim: AI fans are donating to this Houston shelter tonight in memory of Terri Sanvincente starting at
          5 CST http://bit.ly/8YLM9d

  • Adam tweets:
        --@ClaudeKelly happy birthday Claude!!!

  • Adam tweets:
        --Lovely dinner w @Lisa_Veronica @reevecarney @ilseyj@alisanporter then Avatar w my close friend @mrLabryfyp.
          My Heart is full tonight.
        --@alisanporter he's so f**king talented! Woah.
        --Yes Avatar was great. Especially in 3d. I love how relationships evolve and develop and shift in unexpected ways.
          Connection is the truth.

​        “I think that surprise is part of entertainment.... If it made you uncomfortable, then maybe I’m not for you.”  


  • Adam tweets:
        --RT @negativeneil: Heads up: I'll be at Adam's concert tomorrow. And broadcasting live via my phone.
        --Happy New Years Eve everyone!!! End of the Decade!!! Tonights gonna be wild!
        --@LeoMoctezuma haha we're babies in that picture!!
        --@ImMattGiraud I wouldn't....

  • Adam and Kris make a promo asking viewers to vote for who they want to be featured on MTV Asia (Adam eventually wins and the special is aired on January 27, 2010) 

  • Adam performs at Gridlock New Year's Eve, Paramount Pictures studio backlot, Los Angeles, CA 
        --Maximotv.com interview (Adam is on his way into the Gridlock)
        --AInow.org: On the red carpet
        --My FOXla.com interview

        Set list: (or playlist here)
        --Music Again  
        --If I Had You  
        --Whataya Want From Me 
        --Sure Fire Winners 
        --For Your Entertainment  
        --Down The Rabbit Hole  
        --Encore: Whole Lotta Love  

Barbara Walters interviews Adam Lambert as part of her "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009" special on December 9, 2009.
Photo credit: tvguide.ca
“My dreidel spins the other way.” 
                                                                 --Adam Lambert, December 10, 2009
December 16, 2009: Adam appears in a skit about mistletoe on The Jay Leno Show.   
Video credit: evilpixy
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