• Access Hollywood: The Stars 2010 New Year’s Resolutions (Adam very briefly at 2:09) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --@scarlett_cherry yaay! Had so much fun w you the other night!
        --@Glambertize happy birthday!
        --Happy New Year Everyone!!! The Gridlocked event was amazing This year is gonna be crazy!!

  • Adam tweets
        --@immattgiraud those are scariest pictures eeeehhhber dooooo

  • Z100 (New York radio station) posts its Z Awards 2009 (fan votes). Adam wins in the best new artist category.

  • Adam tweets:
        --@TheEllenShow are you kidding?! I'M jealous if those glasses. Amazing.
        --@keshasuxx I miss you!
        --Happy New Year guys!! I love that you want to support my music and call in requests, but please be mindful of how
           often you do so...
        --Open House Party is a great supporter of my songs, but when there is an organized group of fans calling stations   
        --... It understandably upsets them. Stations can track over-use of requests and fraudulent requests and I would hate to
          lose their support.
        --I really appreciate your passion and dedication to getting my music on the radio, but don't drive the stations crazy! :)
          thanks friends!
        --Woohoo!! Thanks to all who voted for the Z100 best new artist!! I'm honored :)
        --FYI. That doesn't mean to stop requesting!! Just try not to do it 30 times in one day.... Just Cool it on the 
          redial/resend kick. :)
        --Oh and so you all know, upon hearing this news, I laughed so hard. Y'all are nuts and I adore you for it. :)


  • Adam tweets:
        --RT @bradwalsh remix video of 'For Your Entertainment'http://bit.ly/848EJ8 (remix avail soon...)
        --@keshasuxx love your Album!!!! Congrats!
        --@alisanporter: W.W.G.G.D

  • Adam tweets:
        --Glee guest star rumor: it's a rumor. Sorry guys.
        --Oprah: def true!!! :) also taping 5 songs tommorow for AOL Sessions. :)
        --If I had to pick a show to guest star on I'd loooooooove to be on True Blood. Or Weeds.
        --Those shows are amazing. Prob need some major acting classes though first. The casts of both those shows are first
        --@ohferras can't wait to hear you play Saturday night!!!
        --@alisanporter can't wait to hear you sang Saturday night!
        --Oh yeah. I'd love to be on Gossip Girl too! Leighton is amazing. I should be blairs shopping buddy. Hahah

  • Adam tweets:
        --@CountreBlack hey girl!! :)
        --@lindsaybsacks if it's truly glamping, glitter must be involved.

  • Adam attends The Creepshow at Hotel Café to watch his friends Alisan Porter and Ferras perform (they closed the show with “Aftermath” -– the song they co-wrote with Adam). They are accompanied on piano by Ely Rise. In the video, Adam
        is in the audience but it's difficult to see him. You can see Alisan gesturing to Adam to join them on stage but he never does.

  • Finnish commercial for American Idol has Adam’s “Aftermath” playing in the background 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Hotel Cafe was wild last night. Got to watch some really talented friends work it out onstage.
        --I'm a bit disturbed by certain fans' choice to report my every move. Who I spoke to, who I sat with etc. Do I get
          aaany privacy?
        --Hahah you guys are right. Guess it comes w the territory. :) still creepy and invasive but a fair trade.
        --Ha so true RT @watkins70: @adamlambert WELL, YOU TWEETED WHERE YOU WERE GOING!!! WHAT DO YOU
          EXPECT????? LOL
        --Haha RT @_mmmbop: @adamlambert Why did you shift in your seat at 11:43 pm?

  • Adam tweets:
        --Whataya Want From Me music video set to premiere between 6am-10am on Friday morning on VH1.
        --Lets get one thing clear: I loooove my fans!! My comments yesterday were for a select FEW who continue to cross
          the line. (u know who u are
        --I would not be on this journey w/o the dedication and support of so many of you! I am grateful and honored.”
        --@KiannaFierce hey girl!
        --@katemthompson hey lady!!! Muah
        --Check out my homegirl Scarlett's website. Http://Www.scarlettcherry.com @Scarlett_cherry
        --Wow just about 300,000 followers. Cray cray!!! :) thanks for the support poeple!!!
        --I whole heartedly agree!! RT @gludwig396: @adamlambert By sheer talent alone, Alisan & Ferras should be huge
          stars. Hope it happens!!
        --I know!! Im looking forward to it!! RT @turquoise_bliss: @adamlambert needs to come to europe :D :D :D”
        --Ah I spelled people wrong again??!
        --lovely afternoon w @alisanporter super green shots and vintage shopping. Then @mrlabryfyp dropped off a beautiful
          painting of his 4 my home
        --Happy as a clam. Off to Chicago tommorow morning to film Oprah!!!

  • Fuse.tv: On the Record with Adam Lambert
        --Aired Interview
                   "I think staying visible is kind of the biggest key with being successful outside of Idol."
        --Promotional ad
        --Bonus clips posted by Fuse on the web (not in TV interview)
          - The Burning Man  
          - Adam Meets Madonna
          - Signs
          - Favorite Song
          - Tweets
          - Relationship

  • Adam tweets:
        --Seriously can't spell. I'm more of a talker.
        --@feedmyspazheart Yes. I'm a FREE... BITCH
        --GaGa for GaGa. Show me your Twats.
        --What are your fav lyrics on my album?? I really wanna know which phrases stick in your head.
        --"Twats": really bizarre tweets. (Adam lambert dictionary)
        --(i even spelled it right) (dictionary)
        --Girl it's make believe @ibevita I like the Maybelline vacation part from Strut. Everyone's always giving shout outs to
          Maybelline in songs.
        --@ibevita but that's such a better lyric. :)
        --Hello Chicago!
        --@MightyKatrinka yes!!! Gaga insisted that be diff then the first verse. Good ear!

  • Billboard.com (The Daily Noise): Former Idols on Departure of Simon and Paula (Adam briefly at 1:10 and 1:45) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Please, everyone donate even the smallest of what you can. We are so fortunate. Let us give where truly
        --@jentattrie yes she is!
        --RT @scarlett_cherry: I texted "Haiti" to 90999...such a simple way to help..​


  • Adam tweets:
        --Back in LA!! Next up is Vh1s Critics Choice Awards on Friday! I'm presenting an award!!
        --@glitteronmyeyes you are correct??
        --@Mitla96 cat nip and honey.
        --@GlamGirl1139 I think it's a computer voice... Hahha. We must ask the producer Jeff B
        --@glambertislove you stole my so and so
        --@pollyness no visit to manila on the books yet. Dunno where the rumor is comin from. Would love to visit someday
        --@angelbaby000 hit me with a Night C. (night cap)
        --@xbadxromancex Voodoo is a dark industrial disco tune written w the fabulous Sam Sparro. Will be on international
          release of FYE.
        --Hahahah RT @adamsladyfriend: I have, many leather-bound books...and my apartment, smells of... rich...
          mahogany... @adamlambert
        --RT @planetCOCky: dear @adamlambert, if yew ever want women .. give me a call . i wud have yewr seed any day
          *licks face* . love -Carmen Ling
        --Woah Carmen! Cold shower! :) (but thanks for the offer) hahah
        --@TheOprahShow: http://twitpic.com/y2gtg - Sneak peak of @adamlambert and @Oprah. Watch Tues 1/19 to see the
          interview and performance!
        --Wow!!! This is beautiful!!! WWFM!!http://bit.ly/4Y96Wg.
        --Great video!!! @cassidyhaley http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9MjoKPZKq8
        --@katemthompson good morning starshine... err afternoon technically. They twinkle above you. They twinkle below...
        --@greg_wells aaww Ella! How are you Greg?!!!
        --Sony Brazil confirmed that they are releasing my debut album "For Your Entertainment" on Jan 25, 2010.
        --Rio here we come!! Fiesta!!!!!!!!
        --@greg_wells in LA. :) busy busy!
        --Oh! Ya learn somethin new everyday! RT @antoniosabenca: @adamlambert Brazil loves you, but we speak portuguese,
          not spanish! it's FESTA!!!
        --@katemthompson thanks sweet thang. Whatcha up to!!!? Headress making?
        --@ladygaga I'm sure they will understand. You are a glam warrior! Get some rest diva. Sometimes ya gotta listen to your
        --@jrhodes85 that's up to your imagination! :)
        --@cb4db64 yes darlin. It will most likely be included on an upcoming remix ep for FYE and WWFM avail in a couple
        --So it leaked. Oh well :) big old watermark in middle of frame though. Will be on vh1, MTV etc tommorow and on my
          website on Monday. :)
        --Omg I spelled tomorrow wrong again... From now on it's 2m
        --@kaarina4adam takes a while for iTunes to upload videos. A couple of weeks probably.

  • Chicago B96 radio interview (J Niice & Julian Mornings)

  • MTV.com: Who is the Real Adam Lambert (by Jim Cantiello) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --its just a blur. haha... you guys read into eeeeeeeeverything. So cute.
        --and the photo is just a random photo the art director pulled from a photo album on the rented location... the
          photo can be of whoever :)
        --The video was directed by Diane Martel. She is amazing.
        --@Parkings EVERY. CORN. ER.
        --The DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE lyric you all have been asking about is so random haha: "It Melts in your face, not in
          your AMOUR-ALL"
        --Goodnight all! Till 2m
        --http://bit.ly/8Z5h6B Thank you M. Slezak for the perceptive and positive review! :)
        --The Whataya Want from Me Music Video has premiered! Please check it out on Mtv, Vh1, Logo, an Nick and their
          online counterparts.
        --The video will be on iTunes January 26th :) Thanks for your support!!
        --Thank you!!! :)RT @lyndseyparker: Watch the new Adam Lambert "Whataya Want From Me" video + read my
          thoughts -http://bit.ly/8uxDqE
        --RT @jambajim: Whataya think of @adamlambert's (GORGEOUS) "Whataya Want From Me" video? My analysis article
          + video:http://bit.ly/5hLT3H
        --I'm so thrilled the video makes you all THINK! What a lovely payoff! :)
        --http://bit.ly/5mKYdn check out the commercial I filmed for Vevo!!

  • Adam presents an award for best comedy (along with Sarah Silverman) at the Critics Choice Awards at The Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood

  • PopCandiesTV: Adam arriving and leaving the Critics Choice Awards in Hollywood 

  • Adam tweets:
​        --Teddys!!!

  • Maximotv.com: On the red carpet. Adam attends the Art of Elysium fundraising dinner (3rd annual black tie “Heaven” charity gala) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --@krisallen Neil says bubbletweet

  • Stara Online magazine (Finland): Adam talks about his album, the FYE remixes, and his time in Europe (audio)
             Part 1   Part 2

  • Adam tweets:
        --@katemthompson LOVE those headresses~!

  • FLY.fm 95.8 in Malaysia: radio interview by phone   Part 1   Part 2

  • Nova FM Australia Radio
        --​Adam Lambert Interview: What a Hunk of Meat (audio) 
        --Adam Lambert: For Our Entertainment (additional clips from above interview)  

  • MYfm 104.3 (Burbank, California): Adam Lambert in Control (Adam is a pre-recorded guest DJ for one hour each day this week playing his favorite songs)   Monday (1/18)   Tuesday (1/19)   Wednesday (1/20)   Thursday (1/21)   Friday (1/22)  

  • MYX Beat: VJ Bianca Roque speaks to Adam Lambert

  • Adam tweets:
        --RT @TheOprahShow: American Idol’s wild child @adamlamberttalks with @oprah and performs song off his new album!
        --My OPRAH episode is airing!!!! Just started! (pacific time) SuBo is up first.
        --@michcoll hahah love the blow by blow commentary! (even if there was no blowing)
        --http://twitpic.com/yvxlq - I love fan art!!!! This is genius.
        --Hey guys. The dj gig was pre-recorded a couple weeks ago. I picked songs from a list that I liked. Not taking requests :)

  • 98.7 FM radio (Singapore) interview by Mr. Young (audio) 

  • Adam is a guest on The Oprah Show (recorded 1/13/10)
        --Backstage at Oprah 
        --Commercial Promo 
        --Why Adam Lambert Auditioned for American Idol (link to the Oprah web site (this is only part of Adam's interview)
        --Full interview   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3 (includes Whataya Want From Me) 
        --Adam’s performance of If I Had You (not aired but was posted on Oprah’s web site the same day)

  • AdamOfficial: Adam’s Track-by-Tracks -- Music Again (first in a series) 


  • Adam tweets:
        --Gonna be on Ryan Seacrest tommorow morning at 7:30am (west coast)

  • Entertainment Tonight: Adam Lambert Reaches out to the people of Haiti 

  • Extreme Home Makeover: Celebrity Shout Outs to the Wagstaff Family (Adam’s part is at 0:42 and was shot backstage at the AMAs)  
​        KISS and Adam Lambert both appeared on Ty Pennington’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” Sunday’s episode featured the Wagstaff family who 
          sacrifice everything to keep their “Studio Percussion” school of music running in Gainesville, Florida. Because they put so much money into the school
          that benefits those with financial limitations, disabilities and at-risk youth, the Wagstaff’s home was in complete disrepair. Ty Pennington, KISS and the
          staff of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” swooped in and gave the rocker family of five a new home so they could continue to give back to the
          community. KISS met with the family and treated them to a special concert where the dad played drums with the band. Adam Lambert appeared at the
          end of the show, and commended the family’s commitment to music. “Music has the power to change peoples’ lives and to hopefully enrich them. I think
          you guys are great examples of people that can really, really put that message forth,” Lambert told the Wagstaff family.

  • Adam tweets:
        --In studio w/ @ryanseacrest today at 7:30 am (10:30 est) - Listen @1027KIISFM or online - www.kiisfm.com
        --RT @MDMOLINARI: http://twitpic.com/z89i0 - Looks like we are all taking a different photo. I
        --RT @RyanSeacrest: http://twitpic.com/z7srd - @adamlambert with me now in radio studio
        --RT @Karl_Lagerfeld: Like poetry, fashion does not state anything. It merely suggests.
        --Love rainy days in bed w a movie! :)
        --Oh jeez. More rumor mill: Drake and I are not back together. We have allowed a great friendship to grow since
          our split.
        --Plus haven't you all heard? Kesha is my new love. We are very happy together. It's sparkly.
        --Correspondent. Spelling. My specialty.
        --Shoot! Entertainment TONIGHT! not weekly. Hahah post-nap haze got me all stupid.
        --@negativeneil oh good. Happy drinking. :)
        --Watch Hope for Haiti now! My guitarist Monte is playing w Madonna!

  • KIIS FM 102.7 radio: In-studio interview with Ryan Seacrest (audio)   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3  

  • Joy 94.9 radio (Australia): Interview on the Andy and Adrian show (audio)

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --@LarryFlick we know we dig eachother Larry!! Sorry for the any fan drama! Hope you're stayin warm in NYC
        --@KrisAllen congrats on your #1 spot on video countdown my brutha!

  • Adam attends Screen Actors Guild Awards (no performance) 
        --The Insider (Samantha Harris): Sandra Bullock Talks Date Night at the SAG Awards (Adam at 2:53)
        --People.com (Alexis Chiu): Cory Monteith & His ‘Actor’: Ready to Celebrate! (Adam at 0:28) 
        --Access Hollywood's Dish of Salt (Laura Saltman): Adam Lambert on the ‘Powerful’ Oprah & Going International 
        --Entertainment Tonight (Cojo): Adam Lambert Joins ET for the Grammys    
        --E! Online: 2010 SAG Awards
        --TV Guide (Adrianna Costa): Adam Lambert of American Idol
        --Getty Images: Adam on the Red Carpet at SAG

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --Toronto!!! I'm here!

  • Adam is on the cover of South China’s Morning Post newspaper

  • Adam is featured on NRJ Radio’s Star Weekend (Finland). They play 8 songs off of his album (Aftermath and A Loaded Smile were played twice) during the weekend and on Sunday Adam talks about the songs. 

  • Adam tweets:
        --@rosemcgowan with a gorgeous gorgeous woman!
        --@keshasuxx when are you taking me to dinner lover?
        --Toronto: call into Kiss 92.5 if you wanna hear from me!! 416 870 8888
        --Vman shoot .http://bit.ly/4zWYpB
        --Thank you @sarahmaytaylor and @jessegiddings for being so sweet to me today on MOD

  • 104.5 CHUM FM (Canada) with Roger, Darren & Marilyn: Adam Lambert radio interview (audio)   Part 1   Part 2

  • Radio interview on the Canadian Broadcasting’s program called "Q" (Adam's interview starts about 4:58 in Part 1)
        Part 1   Part 2   Part 3 

  • Virgin Radio 99.9 (Billie) in Toronto: Adam Lambert In Studio with Virgin Radio’s Billie  

  • Muchmusic.com: MOD (Much on Demand) TV
        --Aired Live in Toronto Ontario   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4 art 4 
        --Adam with fans outside of the show (he went out to see fans on the breaks)   Part 1   Part 2
           "More is more."

  • Kiss 92.5 FM in Toronto (Cash Conners): Adam Lambert in-studio interview

  • Adam tweets:
        --Happy Birthday Ellen!!! I will be on her how today singing and droppin it to STRUT! Tune in! 3pm (pst)

  • Adam performs Strut on Ellen's birthday show -- There is no interview but at the end of his performance Adam donates two items for Ellen’s Haiti relief project: an autographed photo and his “Ellen” underwear

  • E News Now: Lambert Dishes on Re-Done Look (teaser about V Man photoshoot)

  • Adam Lambert is featured in VMan Magazine (Spring 2010 Issue #17)
​        --Photos
        --Man in a Box (video for V Man Mag) 

  • Montreal Virgin Radio 96: The Breakfast Show interview (audio)

  • eTalk Canada interview 

  • Virgin Radio 95.3 (Vancouver) Breakfast with Nat and Drew (audio)  Part 1   Part 2

  • Adam tweets:
        --@scarlett_cherry just wear them each. Do a costume change mid evening diva. :)
        --RT @DonorsChoose: Happy Birthday to Adam Lambert, who turns 28 on Friday! His birthday wish is at

  • MTV Canada News: Adam will be on the Grammy’s  

  • Billboard.com: 2010 Grammy Awards – Celebrity Pick Record of the Year 

  • MTV Asia: Adam Lambert Special (This TV special consisted entirely of Adam’s two music videos, Time For Miracles and For Your Entertainment, and the two “making of” videos that were included in the deluxe version of Adam’s album) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Check out Matt Giruad's new single "You Don't Know Me" available now on iTunes and Amazon!
        --RT @negativeneil: http://bit.ly/9G95OR Facebook event for Off and Running
        --@negativeneil: NYC: My friend MADE a documentary! premiering TOMORROW @ IFC Center. Trailer here:

  • AdamOfficial: Adam's Track by Tracks -- Strut

  • Proud FM 103.9 (Shaun Proulx): Teaser snippet audio airs of Adam Lambert interview with Adam (video of snippet later posted on YouTube on May 12, 2010). Full interview is shown on Out TV on June 11, 2010. 

  • Slice.ca (Urban Fashionista) interviews Adam   Part 1   Part 2

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADAM! (born in 1982 at 10:44 pm in Indianapolis, Indiana)

  • Adam tweets:
        --28?!?!?!? Is it a full moon?
        --RT I feel u @HelloJonte: Going to bed! doing a crazy shoot for PAPER MAG @ 8am lol. I should keep on my
          hair&make and arrive already beat.
        --@TommyJoeRatliff thnx Glitterbaby!!!

  • ETOnline: Adam shares his birthday plans

  • Radio Interview with FlyFM (Malaysia)

  • Radio interview on ICRT (International Community Radio Taipei - Taiwan radio) 

  • Adam attends the Grammy Style Studios showcase (gifting suite) sponsored by Smashbox and Westwood One
        --Interview with Randy Jackson 
        --KIIS FM 102.7: Boy Toy Jesse (full audio interview)
               Video Clip 1 (Adam wants a fish burrito)   Video Clip 2 (edited interview--posted 2/1/10)
        --104.3 MyFm radio interview 
        --Star 101.3: Don Bleu at Grammys 
        --WPLJ 95.5 FM: Race Taylor interviews Adam 
        --Star 94.1FM San Diego (AJ in the morning): Geena interviews Adam Lambert
        --KIIS FM: Adam Lambert On The Grammys
        --Dave and Jimmy Radio Show: In this audio clip, you can hear when Adam is in the middle of an interview, and his brother
          Neil happens to walk by (he was there to surprise Adam for his birthday). See 2/1/10 for the full interview.


  • PopTV.com: Adam Lambert Celebrated His Birthday 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Grammy day!!!!
        --Grammys were a blast, but after my bday Friday and Clive's party... I'm gonna actually skip the parties and sleep for a
          change. Responsible!
        --Is also like to thank everyone for my bday gifts!! Both at my party and to all the amazing fans who sent me treats!!
          This was the best bday!

  • MTV Live: Paul the Intern interviews Adam

  • 97.3 The Wave (eTalk 20)   Part 1 (Adam at 1:25 and 6:40)   Part 2 (Adam at start and 7:20)

January 16, 2010: Adam Lambert at the Art of Elysium fundraising dinner (3rd annual black tie “Heaven” charity gala).
Photo credit: JustJared
“I think staying visible is kind of the biggest key with being successful outside of Idol.” 
--Adam Lambert, January 11 , 2010
Adam performs Strut on Ellen's birthday show.   
Video credit: TheEllenDeGeneresShow
Photo Credits: 11-Life.com  15-showbizspy.com  16-JustJared 19-emigrestudio10 26-j-14.com 28-Mark Abrahams 31-VickStix
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