• ​Adam tweets:
        --RT @kalifashion http://twitpic.com/10tduu - @adamlambert looking a bit bi curious
        --One of the Top Highlights of my night! Katy Perry is amazing!!http://twitpic.com/10t0a8
        --Due to my duties on the carpet w ET yesterday, I missed the three divas' performances on the Grammys. I youtubed
          Gaga, Beyonce and Pink...
        --All 3 performances were stunning. I wish I'd been able to see them live! I did, however get to rate the fashion of the
          night! ET tonight!
        --I'm having a KFC craving....
        --@GabrielSaporta I was responding to the colonel sanders comparisons. :) how you been??!
        --@RCAMusic congratulations RCA
        --ET is on at 7pm pst. Tune in for my red carpet coverage!!

  • Entertainment Tonight: Adam interviews arrivals on the red carpet at the Grammys 

  • Entertainment Tonight: Additional (unedited) footage from Adam on Grammy night   Part 1   Part 2

  • MTV: Aftershow’s Jessi Cruickshank interviews Adam
        --Pleather Pants 
        --2 MInutes to Win It 
        --Boy Talk With Adam Lambert

  • Much More’s Matt Wells interviews Adam on The Daily Fix
        --Part 1 
        --Part 2

  • Dose.ca (Leah Collins): Interview with Adam Lambert
        --Video (recorded 1/28/10)
        --Adam Lambert - Just Another Fan (e-article)

  • Daveandjimmy.com (​Zoo Tunes: Dave Kaelin, Jimmy Jam, Weasel, Bacon): Adam Lambert full interview (includes part where Neil surprises Adam for his birthday) (recorded 1/29) 

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --Saw Semi Precious Weapons last night at the Roxy. This band is in fire. Mr Tranter inspires!
        --@EdenEspinosa happy birthday!
        --@AnnaKendrick47 congrats on your Oscar Nom!! Craaaaazy! So so proud

  • Yahoo! Music: Reality Rocks Front Porch Interview (Lyndsey Parker)
         Part 1   Part 2

  • MTV Canada: Adam Talks About Being Gay (Aliya-Jasmine Sovani)  

  • Adam tweets:
        --ciao!! Vacation!!!! 

  • AdamOfficial: The next Track by Tracks video is about Soaked

  • People.com: Celebs Reveal Their Guilty Pleasures (Adam at 1:00 very briefly)


  • Adam tweets:
        --Really fun interview from recent trip to Toronto http://bit.ly/9sd0j0

  • Adam tweets:
        --Hey guys!!! I looooove the support and Passion you all put into your radio requests, however Canada's Z103 is being...
        --...pestered by too many "pushy" emails. Let's make sure we don't bother them to the point where they don't wanna
          play my music!! Thanks!

  • Adam tweets:
        --Goodnight dear friends!!! Looking forward to rehearsing acoustic arrangements of a few of my songs 2m. Sweet
        --Thank you Lamb Skanks International for your donation of $1535! It has been forwarded to the American Red Cross
          (LA Chapter) for Haiti.
        --@TommyJoeRatliff so purdy! Goes with that two-toned hair so nicely

  • Adam tweets: 
        --So excited for New York!!! Concerts, fashion week and friends!!!

  • Billboard.com The Daily Noise:  Road Report - Adam talking about spring tour plans (Adam at 1:18) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Rip McQueen
        --@dawsonkim sooo looking forward to meeting you when I come to the UK!! Thank you so much for all your support...
          and drunk tweets :)
        --So excited to share the stage w Kris and Allison 2m night!!! It's been too long!

  • Extra: Rapid Fire With Adam Lambert

  • Rock My Town Concert in New York (Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta at the Highline Ballroom) 
       --Music Again 
        --If I Had You  
        --Whataya Want From Me  
        --Sure Fire Winners  
        --For Your Entertainment  
        --Down The Rabbit Hole  
        --Whole Lotta Love  
        --Crazy (with Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta) 

  • AOL Sessions Online
          --Whataya Want From Me 
          --If I Had You 
          --Interview (all clips in one)
          --Behind the Sessions 

  • Popeater.com: Adam Lambert on American Idol, Manufactured Pop and Paying Dues

  • Thefablife.com: Exclusive: Adam Lambert Wears McQueen, Mourns Designer’s Death

  • Adam tweets:
        --I LOVE NEW YORK! Thanks to everyone who made it to the Highline Ballroom show last night! The band and I had a
          great time!
        --RT Check out @adamlambert's AOL Sessions performance- 5 songs incl. Whataya Want From Me, Q&A & More!

  • Z100: Backstage at Rock My Town (JJ presents Adam with a “Best New Artist” Z award) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Twat. Valentines.
        --@scarlett_cherry 's ep "Love You Like" drops today!! Check it out!!
        --@fureyyyy I want them too!


  • President's Day show -- A small show with about 200 fans in attendance at Tribeca’s P.C. Richard & Son Theater filmed for “Stripped for iheartradio” (6 songs and 5 Q&A clips)
        HQ Songs (final edited versions by iheartradio)
          --For Your Entertainment
          --Whataya Want From Me
          --Mad World
          --Music Again
        Live Songs (taken by fans in audience)
          --For Your Entertainment
          --Mad World
          --Music Again
          --Whataya Want From Me 
                  1st try: Stops playing when he is distracted by a girl on the phone in the audience
                  2nd try: Completes the song 
                  3rd try: At the end of his set, Adam returns to sing WWFM again. First, a little banter with the audience
                              (“It’s the music that’s stripped, not me!”) and then a false start.
                 4th try: Completes the song a second time 
        Interview Clips (iheartradio)
         --First concert
          --Rumor Mill
          --Wearing Makeup
          --Gay Artist
          --Happy Mother’s Day

  • Adam tweets:
        --Happy birthday @longineu & @justcallmehorse thanks for being part of the sickest band out there!!!
        --@CHRIS_Daughtry thanks brutha
        --Yesterday's performance footage & photos are up this morning onwww.iheartradio.com
        --[RT of Monte’s tweet] on the plane, I look over and a little girl is now sitting next to me. She says "why did you paint
          your nails". I said "work purposes" 
        --@danwootton ooh la la la
        --So GAGA. Sickening as usual... yet so unusual. Inspired!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ByiLIosTPA

  • Inmusic.ca: Adam helps a contest winner get a glam makeover (filmed while Adam was in Toronto on 1/24/10)

  • MTV.com (Jim Cantiello): Why the Fans Love Kradison - The Hair (9-part interview of Adam, Kris and Allison before their Rock My Town concert) 

  • Adam attends New York Fashion Week (Fall 2010)
        --Popstar: Adam Lambert @ NY Fashion Week 
        --ChicTV (Adam at the start, at 0:45, and 6:31): “I think my personal style is more is more.”
        --New York Post.com: Adam Lambert’s Blond Ambition (Adam at 0:20 and 1:25 briefly) 
        --Predicto Mobile: Adam Lambert Wants to Bring Back 70s Glam  
        --G-Star Raw: Fall/Winter 2010 Collection 
        --G-Star Raw: NYFW Show and Celebrities (Adam briefly at 0:26) 
        --Fashion News Live (posted 2/18/10) 
        ​--MadchillTV: The Blonds A/W 2010 (edited for Adam's parts only)  

  • The Hook: Adam Lambert interview (recorded in January 2010) 

  • Z100: DJ Elvis Duran talks to the person who was on the cell phone at the iheartradio concert (she defends Adam)

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --@phillipeblond Amaaaazing show last night!!! So great to meet you and thanks for the CLAW
        --Home Sweet Home. :)

  • Adam Official: Adam Lambert in Toronto Canada—Part 1

  • Adam tweets:
        --Loving Rihanna's new Rude Boy video. So fresh.
        --Thank you ontd_ai and donorschoose.org for settin up the fan chat!! So much fun!

  • Star 94 FM (Cindy & Ray): In the Morning interviews Adam on the phone (audio recorded 2/17)  

  • Adam Official: Adam Lambert in Toronto Canada—Part 2 

  • Ricky Martin Foundation: Haiti Relief Fund (Adam at 0:08 and 0:48)

  • Adam visits Belvedere MIddle School in Los Angeles
        --CNN: Adam Lambert Goes to School
        --CNN Image Source (unedited video -- about 45 minutes long)
        --LA Times: Adam Lambert Sings With Students

  • DonorsChoose.org sponsors a Fan Chat with Adam 
        --Adam’s thank you for donating and looking forward to chat (Adam at 0:30)  
​        --Live Fan Chat with Adam (this is almost an hour long) 

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --Tigerheat was amazing last night! Loved seeing the kids dance to FYE. Even saw a couple making out to it. Made my night.

  • The buzz 105.1 (Nelson & Terry Show): Adam’s mother (Leila Lambert) is interviewed  

  • WMJC 94.3 radio (DJ Phathead): Adam Lambert phone interview (recorded 2/17/10) 

  • Adam Official: Adam Lambert in Toronto, Canada--Part 3 (shoe muppet) 

  • MTV.com: Adam Lambert Talks Fashion for His Upcoming Tour  

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --"Whataya Want From Me" LIVE ACOUSTIC at iheartradiohttp://youtu.be/15c9h3e7hdQ
        --Happy birthday @Rihanna! Thank u for always being so sweet and real :)

  • VH-1 Top 20 Countdown (Jim Shearer): Adam Lambert interview

  • Adam tweets:
        --http://bit.ly/RMFHAITI> #RMFHAITI
        --@keshasuxx "so good I kiss and tell... I got no lies, I got love" Well I couldn't help myself! You're cute!
        --When ordering off a menu, why do we say "I'll have THE chicken pomodoro" Why the THE? Why don't we say "I'll have
          chicken pomodoro"?
        --What are you listening to? my picks: Goldfrapp "ROCKET", Semi Precious Weapons "PUT A DIAMOND IN IT", Dangerous
          Muse "I WANT IT ALL"
        --Also, "LIFT ME UP" by Christina Aguilera from Hope For Haiti Now. She sounds beautiful. "CRYSTALIZED" by XX, "HOT
          (Play & Win club)" by Inna

  • Adam tweets:
        --@BambolaBambina congrats on Caprica! Just watched the two part pilot!! You're awesome!
        --It's so beautiful in LA right now!

  • VH1 Pop Coutre
        --Part 1: Adam talks about fashion in his music videos, his own personal style, and who inspires his fashion
        --Part 2: Adam dishes on his Banana Republic-wearing past and getting wardrobe advice from Gene Simmons

  • Adam tweets:
        --Oh joy! MisQuoted again... Becoming quite funny actually.
        --Thanks again to @Pink, Max Martin and Shellback for writing me such an amazing song! WWFM is so honest. The lyrics
          resonate daily.
        --Thank you my sexy fans for requesting the song on radio and tv ! Looking forward to upcoming shows so I can meet
          more of you!
        --Thanks finally to the Universe for making this dream come true.

  • Adam tweets:
        --Good morning! Headed to stylist's studio to get more looks together for upcoming international promo of FYE! March
          is going to be memorable!
        --I love that playing dress up is part of my job!! Yeehaw!
        --Tune into Access Hollywood tonight at 7:30 to see my visit to East LA's Belvadere Middle School w DonorsChoose.org
        --[RT of Fantasy Springs tweet] @AdamLambert Fans: Please don't litter, pickup after your glitter.
        --Bout to watch Idols top 12 dudes!!

  • Adam tweets:
        --Toddricks def gonna surprise us!! Mad talent!! Def the full package. Casey is def the real deal. authentic. Andrew
          Garcia's too.
        --I'd like to remind everyone that we ALL are entitled to our own opinion. (That's the kind of entitlement that IS
          sexy)Being PC is so boring
        --PC means Politically Correct... Where u been?! :)
        --Lol I read a bunch of tweets asking bout my pref between PCs and MACs!! Lol
        --Oh and...I'm referring to everything I've ever said that is "controversial". Just being honest which I prize over being
          full of s**t.
        --I WAS horribly mis-quoted though... :)
        --On a lighter note: I'm gonna be on Leno next week. Can you guys guess what song I'm performing?

  • Access Hollywood: Adam Lambert On Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres & More (extended interview)  
             ​“I’m not the conservatives’ best friend.”

  • Adam tweets:
        --SWEET DREAMS!
        -- "From joy does spring all this creation, by joy is it maintained, toward joy does it progress, and into joy does it
          enter." –Tagore
        --Yes, I have been booked on Idol! Can't reveal the date yet but it's a ways off... So excited. Kris and Allison were
          awesome last night
        --Please follow @AliSan_ilSey!

  • Adam tweets:
        --RT @KrisAllen: The performance from last night is up on iTunes now and will be for a month. All proceeds go to Haiti.
          Type in "let it be".
        --Sending light and love to the people of chile, Hawaii and Japan.

  • Adam is interviewed on Top Billing (South African TV) -- Pre-recorded in New York before the “Rock My Town” concert on 2/12/10

  • Adam performs at the Fantasy Springs Resort in Indio, California (first concert where Adam is billed as the main act)
       --For Your Entertainment  
                  "Whoo! Indioooo!!!!!! So I got all 'indio' today. I put on my witchy clothes, my peacock feathers. I put my...Monte's in a poncho!"
        --If I Had You  
                  "All right people - STAND UP!"
        --Sure Fire Winners  
        --Whataya Want From Me   
        --Mad World   
        --Broken Open   
        --Whole Lotta Love 
                  "I want you guys to know something. I'm gonna brag about my band to you for a minute. We didn't really rehearse that so much. I'm telling you
                  the truth. I mean I rehearsed it like crazy in my car but THEY did not rehearse that. Let's give it up for this band. PLEASE! Monte on guitar.
                  Louder! We have Mr Zach on keys and Mr Longineu on the drums and Tommy - Glitterbaby - on the bass. What do you think of his new blonde
                  hair? *screams from crowd* I think so too! Ok what have we got next? Let's plug it back in, acoustic was nice let's plug back in."
        --Music Again 
                  "Ooo it's hot in here, I've got a fever."
                  "You having fun, yeah? Right this is our last song so if you mother truckers don't stand up and DANCE I'm not gonna sing it! Everybody needs to
                  get up, I see you sitting down over there! Get up, come on this is a fun one! Are you ready for this, stand up come on! It's alright, its cool I get
                  it, it's cool. Long day of gambling, I get it, it's cool. But now its time to dance, here we go."
        --Down The Rabbit Hole 

  • Adam Lambert meets Isabel Paquette at Fantasy Springs. Glamberts were moved by a video this 89-year old lady posted on youtube and helped to finance her trip to see Adam, including donating tickets, expense money, and talking the resort into letting her stay for free. 


February 27, 2010: Adam sings an acoustic style Whole Lotta Love for the first time.    
Video credit: lambosessed
Photo Credits: 1-celebrity-gossip.net  3-unknown  12-dino perrucci  13-Z100  15-iheartradio  16-wireimage  18-donorschoose  22-VH1  27-adamlambertuk.co..uk

"So I got all 'indio' today. I put on my witchy clothes, my peacock feathers. I put my...Monte's in a poncho!" 
--Adam Lambert, February 27, 2010
Adam Lambert at his concert on February 27, 2010, at the Fantasy Springs Resort in Indio, California.
Photo credit: adamlambertuk.co.uk 
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