• Adam tweets:
        --The show in Indio last night was sooo much fun! Thanks to all those who attended- you were a fantastic audience!
        --Last night's GLAM: http://youtu.be/z-0e80JOmTI
        --and a jam before bed: http://youtu.be/Tz6kA8mRatM
        --@Monterrific we rock! http://twitpic.com/15z1b7/full

  • Singapore commercial for Adam’s March 12 visit  

  • Adam tweets:
        --So excited to be on @JayLeno tonight! http://bit.ly/bUnnwk
        --Backstage at Leno
        --Leno was soooo much fun! Tune in tonight! Wait till you see the high glam we served!!

  • Tonight Show with Jay Leno
        --Backstage interview by Bryan (and Jay Leno stops by to compliment Adam)
        --Soundcheck (around 1:35 sings ​"I fucked around and I feel so lost and lonely.")

  • Adam Official: Track by Track - Fever

  • Mornings with Kerri-Ann (Australian show): Promotional feature about Adam (pre-recorded interview)  

  • Adam tweets:
        --Just arrived in Sydney, Austrailia!! Such a beautiful morning here!
        --@b_radgeorge yup!! :) all sorts of fun appearances!!
        --@fianlly2 that beat is perfect for choreography! The lyrics are so emotional- great for contemporary dance.
          Just you wait!

  •  The Australian gay/lesbian Mardi Gras web site posts a promotional video from Adam

  • Adam tweets:
        --@sytycda Thank you all for making my first day in Sydney such a wonderful experience!
        --Thank you Australia for making my album #1 on your iTunes Pop chart!! I'm so honored! Looking forward to great week.
          Mardi Gras Saturday!!
        --@Sweet_Yesterday duh! :)
        --@alisanporter welcome to my world. :)
        --Your two new singles are so sick!! Big fan! Tightrope is space ready james brown realness! Your lyrics are melting my
          brain :) @JanelleMonae

  • The 7pm Project: 5 Fast Facts About Adam Lambert (promo for upcoming appearance)

  • So You Think You Can Dance--Australia
        --Whataya Want From Me (live performance)
        --Backstage Interview with Natalie
                     ​"I want to be big down under."

  • Bandit.fm Australia: Adam Lambert Greeting 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Check out VOODOO! Bonus track co-written w Sam Sparro appearing on international release of FYE. Turn it
        --VOODOO alt link: http://bit.ly/9AynEZ Song will be released soon in US on WWFM & FYE Remix EP!
        --Sydney fans: headed to HUM on Oxford for an in-store signing! Come by!

  • Fan video: Adam signs copies of his album at HUM on Oxford, Sydney 

  • The Kyle and Jackie O show on Today Network 104.1 (Australia): Adam Lambert--Forever Gay?

  • Nova FM (Sydney): Adam visits the NOVA 96.9 FM radio station in Sydney, sings acoustic versions of three songs live, and is interviewed
        --Audio Interview (complete aired version)
        --Adam’s ring can fend off superman 
        --Adam Lambert Kiss
        --Adam Lambert is Lambo (also called 'Adam Lambert is Insane')
        --Adam Lambert picks a guy
        --Chat Roulette 
        --Sleepwalker (acoustic live)
        --Whataya Want From Me (acoustic live)
        --Music Again (acoustic live)

  • Adam tweets:
        --I love Sydney! Beautiful weather and beautiful poeple!!
        --At Bondi Beach w @LeoMoctezuma @pujasays @beccaonlinewoohoo.
        --Lion Hearted
        --Up early! Time to glam it up for Mardi Gras!
        --Swamp thing on the bayou, love shrine: break the taboo/ I wanna know - what's in ur potion, bound by total devotion.
        --I was looking for love all over. You're the hunter and Im your prey. Now I'm lost in a love hangover, I try to leave but I
          have to stay.
        --Cuz it's VOODOO- under your spell. Swap sings of a love bizarre. Snake bites, aligning stars. I'm in rapture, there is no
        --No sanctuary from your allure. (pre chorus repeats) cuz the voodoo that u do is all that u can do to make me into ur
        --Cuz when you do the voodoo I'm just like a doll that the pins keep pushin into. Everytime I try and break this trance I'm
          so afraid I'll...
        --Miss my chance to be bewitched, bothered by you. I just gotta say I want ur hex I don't wanna live w/o ur hex, I'm so
          obsessed w ur sexiness
        --First line correction: MOON SHINE on the bayou...

  • Mornings with Kerri-Ann (Australia): Kerri-anne in Hollywood  

  • Adam at the Australian Mardis Gras 2010
        --Guidetogay.com: Mardis Gras 2010 with Special Guest Adam Lambert
        --Interview and Highlights with Guidetogaydotcom (aired July 19, 2010, includes partial FYE at 3:25) 
        --Daily Telegraph: Adam Lambert Ready to Rock after George Michael, Kelly Rowland at Mardi Gras party
        Fan Videos   
        --For Your Entertainment (he sings at 7:45 am so it is technically March 7)
​                ~By lambertlust
                ~By cleamarshall
​        --Exit from Mardi Gras Stage
        --Adam Lambert in the VIP Room

  • Adam tweets:
        --On Australia's Sunrise (morning show) - Whataya Want From Me http://youtu.be/UNOUi4JW_1w
        --@DanielleStori I miss you too! And yes, I'm having a blast!!

  • Adam tweets:
        --[RT of Scarlett Cherry] I'm playing out this Thursday w/ @tytaylor: Info below. 
        --[RT of iheartradio] Pop sensation Ke$ha (@keshasuxx) doesnt want 2 be known as the 'party girl' anymore. Read why
          http://ow.ly/1fMVe Lets give her more respect!
        --@keshasuxx miss you sugar lips. :)
        --Goodbye Sydney. Hello Melbourne!!!

  • TV TEN Video Hits (Australia): Faustina Agolley interviews Adam Lambert

  • 2GB.com Australia Radio Interview with Alan Jones: Adam Lambert – American Idol runner-up 

  • Today Network (Fox 101.9 Australia): Adam First Album, First Car, First Kiss 

  • Hot30 Countdown – Australia (Fox 101.9 Sydney)
        --Adam Lambert's Ring
        --Tim Lee & Biggzy Chat

                   ​--"Getting to the end is really the main goal because then you get to sing as many times as you possibly can."
                   --"You’re also assuming that because I’m gay, I’ll kiss any man."

  • Industry-only acoustic showcase at the Marble Bar in Sydney, Australia
        --Whataya Want From Me
        --Music Again
        --For Your Entertainment (partial)
        --Mad World (partial)

  •  Attitude magazine: American Icon (6-page feature - scan)

  •  Allie is Wired: Adam Lambert in Flaunt Magazine (photos)

  • Joy 94.9 (a community station in Melburne, Australia): In-Studio Interview 
                    “I don’t call them fag hags. I call them fruit flies.”

  • Japan TV: Interview and other promotional items (edited together) 

  • Take 40 (Melbourne, Australia)
        --Whataya Want From Me

  • TripleM Radio: Byron Cooke interviews Adam
        --Rock Revelations (audio) Aired Version 
        --Extended Interview
        Video Clips from above interview:
        --The Music Adam Lambert Loves
        --American Idol's Sydney Shag

  • The 7pm project (in studio)   Part 1   Part 2 (Adam at 3:45)

  • Sony Music UK: Showreel for UK Promotion  

  • NOVA 100 FM in Melbourne (Hughesy, Kate and Ed Kavalee)
        --Whataya Want From Me (live acoustic)
        --Ke$ha Pash
        --Adam Talks Makeup
        --Adam Likes Twat
        --Adam Wants a Stronger Jawline

  • NOVA 100 FM in Melbourne (Adam Chats With Ryan, Monty & Wippa)
        [Note: they play the acoustic WWFM again which had been recorded live in the earlier show]

  • Adam tweets: 
        --Safe and sound in Singapore! Excited to see our hotel! :)
        --Hey Singapore fans! We were taken out back exit of airport. Sorry! Half awake and just going where we were told...
        --I didnt see tweets bout you all waiting till we had already left. Looking forward to meeting you all over the next few
          days!! :)

  • VH1 Unplugged: Adam Lambert (taped in New York, 2/13/10)
        --Down The Rabbit Hole
        --Mad World
        --Whataya Want From Me
        --Broken Open
        --Music Again
        --Interview Clips
        [Note: These performances are aired on TV later--first on VH1 on 4/9/10 and then Palladium (HQ) 4/10/10] 

  • SameSame.com: Troy and Zac cover the Mardi Gras (Adam is at 3:00) 

  • Adam returns to NOVA 100 FM in Melbourne 
       --Rapid Fire Questions
        --Adam gets a Present

  • MTV Australia: Adam Lambert interview 

  • Nova 100 FM (Perth, Australia): Nathan, Nat and Shaun Chat with Adam Lambert (audio)

  • Adam tweets:
        --:) RT @OhFerras: I wake up singing "Music Again" every morning. I think its the soundtrack to the dirty dreams I almost
          always have. !!!!
        --Ooh some members of the press are so sneaky!! -turning my words around and mixin and matchin quotes to change
          meaning! clever fuckers:)
        --guess they're just doin their job. I'm honest to a fault. I left my filter in 07. I could order a replacement, but I'd rather
          keep it real.
        --Sometimes I wish I could time travel to 1969.

  • Class 95 FM (Singapore): in-studio interview (Adam also says happy birthday to the radio station)
        --Happy birthday message

  • 98.7 FM Singapore: Shan & Rozz show (Shan Wee & Rosalyn Lee)
        --Full interview (audio
        --Video clip from interview (by station)
        --Video clip from interview (by fan)
​        --Adam at gate signing autographs 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Downloading TELEPHONE video on iTunes. Can't wait!!!
        --The telephone video is genius! Get it girls!
        --[RT of 19News] Don't forget to catch @adamlambert talking about his musical influences & all-time favorite tracks
          tonight on @nightline!! (ABC - 11:35PM)

  • Adam performs at an invitation-only Singapore showcase at the Pantages Theater, Universal Studios
​        --Music Again
        --Broken Open
        --Mad World
        --Whataya Want From Me
        --Down The Rabbit Hole
        --Adam picking a number (lottery for someone to meet him)
        --Learning to Say “Oh My God” 
        --Adam is not kiasu 
        --Learning “Thank You” 
        --Adam Gets A Plaque For Going Gold (audio) 

  • ABC News Nightline: Adam Lambert’s Little Secrets 

  • Singapore press photo op 

  • Adam Official: Meet Adam’s Band – Part 1 Zach Baird (keyboard player)

  • kl!k.tv: Preview of Interview (see 3/15/10 for full interview)

  • Star World: Short blurb by Adam, "You’re watching American Idol on Star World." 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Greetings Tokyo! Let's do some shopping!:) looking forward to meeting my Japanese fans!!
        --#GLAMAJUKU :)

  • Adam is on Razor TV in Singapore 
        --Part 1: Women throw themselves at him!
        --Part 2: I Am Who I Am
        --Part 3: Controversy King Lambert
        --Part 4: No regrets
        --Part 5: Adam’s Biggest Fans
        --Part 6: Hysterical Glamberts

  • Kl!k.tv: Bugis Junction autograph session
        --Full Version
        --Fan Video

  • Adam tweets:
        --Hardly felt quake. Just Lil sway. :) goodnight all!

  • Sky News showbiz reporter Natalie Murray interviews Adam 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Ooh just felt another little tremor.

  • Adam performs two songs at Club Eleven, Tokyo 
        --For Your Entertainment

  • NRK Nett (Norwegian TV): Adam Lambert has Norwegian roots (recorded in January 2010) 

  • Sukkiri (Japan TV): Promo for Upcoming Appearance  

  • Kl!k.tv (Singapore): The Adam Lambert Interview 

  • Barely Political: Satire of Whataya Want From Me (Adam later calls this video "hilarious")

  • Adam tweets:
        --Early morning in Tokyo! Bout to debut custom Blondes piece to Japan and the world. :) glam jungle chic!
        --http://twitpic.com/1915zf http://twitpic.com/190z7w #glamajuku!
        --FYI, my choreographer for the Japanese performances is my dear friend Brooke Wendle. My Aquarian sister! :) brilliant
          and beautiful thank u!
        --The @barelypolitical parody is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh guys. :)

  • Waratte Iitomo (Japanese TV) 
        --For Your Entertainment (partial over ending credits)

  • Adam makes the rounds on various Japanese TV shows

  • Tweetbiz: Preview for upcoming interview (full interview on 3-18-10) 

  • Sukkirri (Japanese TV Show)
        --Pre-Performance Interview
        --For Your Entertainment (live)
        --Post-Performance Interview

  • Adam tweets:
        --Off to London!!! So excited!
        --Goldfrapp interview! http://bit.ly/bsrnti
        --Just heard the rumor about the supposed west Virginia show w Gaga. Unfortunately totally untrue. Hate that u guys
          were taken advantage of.
        --No makeup line in the works yet either. Would LIKE to. Dont worry girls, It'd be unisex.

  • Adam Official:  Track by Track -- Aftermath

  • Tweetbiz (Philippines): Interview (recorded March 13, 2010) 

  • Yahoo! SEA (Ion Danker): Adam Lambert Interview 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Not inappropriate. U arent comparing lol RT @KrisAllen: Rock-n-roll baby! (warning: this is a tad inappropriate)

  • Adam chats with JJ & Ean on Hitz.FM Malaysia (audio) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --@Monterrific's ladies! Lisa, Ariel, & Aurora's Fit Pregnancy issue is out now! http://tweetphoto.com/15057882
        --On being a role model: "don't do as I do- do as YOU do" I hope young folk feel empowered to freely be whoever the
          fuck they want to be!
        --"young" is obviously a state of mind. :)
        --Hell yeah! http://twitpic.com/19lshp
        --@theboygeorge I'm honored to meet u tonight! U are one of the original glam gods! Such a treat! on top of your
          royalty u were so sweet.:)

  • Tokyo FM Japan: Cosmo Pops Best 10 (audio) 

  • Adam attends Boy George's Amazing Grace single launch at Mehra Club, London 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Lovin London!!
        --Check out the album Galore by Dragonette. So good.

  • Bay FM – Inter X-Press (Ustream Live) interview of Adam on Japanese radio station (audio)   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3 

  • Adam tweets:
        --@tommyjoeratliff @monterrific @dougasauris @adamlamberthttp://twitpic.com/1a3r3j glam peep show is amazing
        --Good morning Edinburgh, Scotland!
        --[RT of goldfrapp] H E A D F I R S T I S O U T NO W ! ! ! http://bit.ly/aWxG4T
        --#glamkilt http://twitpic.com/1a8cvb

  • GalaxySTV radio/TV, Glasgow
        --Arriving at the station (fan video)
        --The Hour (interview)
        --Shout Out by Adam (fan video)
        --Adam Receives a Sporran (fan video)

  • Radio Clyde Scotland: Adam Lambert is in Demand (audio)  
        --Part 1
        --Part 2
        --Leaving the station (fan video)

                    ​“My goal isn’t to say 'do what I do', it’s to 'do what you do'.”

  • Adam tweets:
        --I love u back Japan! http://bit.ly/dnU2xo
        --Anoop Desai's debut single "My Name" is now available athttp://bit.ly/cOGEU5
        -- "Manchester England, England. Across the Atlantic Sea..." 
        --Liverpool!! Home of the Beatles!
        --So excited! Just 5 hours until big #Christina Aguilera news!www.christinaaguilera.com #Bionic is coming! be ready!
        --No Christina tour fans... Where do you get these rumors? Haha I just retweeted her countown to HER big news cuz
          I'm a fan :)
        --@TheDoctorLuke b12 shots are rad. :)
        --@Maddiesafreak no I don't smoke cigs... Yuck!
        --Jane Lynch is genius!! http://bit.ly/azCaa2
        --@VerraBC doll: that was 6 years ago. I quit when they started making me feel like shit. :)
        --Yes the next US single will be "If I Had You" :) this summers touring details are still being sorted. When I know, you all
          will too :)
        --@wtfiammason that's a rumor. Her opening act is Semi Precious Weapons. They're badass! Justin is a star.

  • Juice 107.6 Liverpool, UK: Adam Lambert In Session With Steve Timmins
        --Meeting Fans

  • Xtra! Canada (Michael Pihach): Adam Lambert on Music, Sexuality and Working with Lady Gaga (recorded earlier)

  •  Pulse UK 102.5FM Bradford (Adam chats with Alex Duffy at Breakfast)
​         --Aired version
         --Unedited version (posted 4/16/10) 

  • Juice 107.6 FM (Liverpool): radio interview with Steve Timmins (audio)

  • Adam talks to Ollie Hayes at Hall AM FM
        --In Studio Interview

  • Kidd Kraddick in the Morning: The interview was broadcast in the US and Adam was phoning in from Leeds in the UK 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Good morning Birmingham!
        --Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself. Love possesses not nor would it be possessed;for love is
          sufficient unto love
        --Kahlil Gibran from The Prophet.

  • The Eagle Radio 96.4 (in Guildford)
        --Interview with Darren Scott
        --Young fan gives Adam a lamb (fan video)
        --Adam is presented with the Lambrits message book (fan video)

  • Inter FM – Evening Session (recorded from Ustream live) with DJ Yuriko Okamura

  • Adam tweets:
        --Good morning London!
        --Listening to Loose Change by the Disco Biscuits. Great band!
        --London is like a grass skirt right now

  • Adam is interviewed by Dean Piper of the Sunday Mirror in London

  • Adam bowling at All Star Lanes, Bloomsbury Place in London 

  • Amazon UK: Adam Lambert’s First Visit to London (second video)


  • Music Blast with Alex at FM Yokohama (Japan)   Part 1   Part 2

  • Adam tweets:
        --Off to Munich, Germany! See you next month London!

  • Fan tribute video by @kcinkcity called “Rude Boy” 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Just did my third German interview where I was told that I have said "I'm the male Lady Gaga". Lol I would never say
          that. I'm Adam Lambert
        --Of course Im a fan and have the highest respect for her and there some theatrical sensibilities that we share- but we
          are different people.
        --The first question too many reporters ask has to do w GaGa. As much as I love her- it's becoming tiresome. Would
          prefer to discuss MY art.
        --I'm sure she would agree.
        --More redundant questions that can be put to rest: yes it was amazing meeting Madonna. No I wasn't asked to be Queen's
          new frontman. :)
        --Aaaaand yes, I kissed Kesha. It was fun. I hope future interviewers review these tweets. I'd not, they're twats. Hahah.
        --Don't get me wrong- I actually really enjoy being interviewed. I'm not upset- just hoping that by tweeting, this
          questions will fade.
        --MAC eyeliner. And yes- GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY yay!
        --German Hefeweizen!! End of a long, productive day! Danke!http://twitpic.com/1bs69q
        --T-Pain just released a song called Reverse Cowgirl. Daaaym that's dirty. Hilarious.
        --Great! Skingraft holsters are back in stock! http://bit.ly/9POr2z

  • BRAVO, Munich, Germany 
        --Happy Birthday to Nellie (includes partial WWFM)
        --Whataya Want From Me

  • Adam tweets:
        --At Bravo Magazine showcase yesterday. http://bit.ly/c6suAp
        --Im performing at the #GLAADMediaAwards in Los Angeles on April 17th - see you there! http://bit.ly/gma21la @glaad

  • Adam on SWR3 radio, Germany (includes live unplugged WWFM and Sleepwalker performance)

  • Hit Radio FFH, Germany
        --Music Again (acoustic live) [Note: This performance was eventually put on Adam's Acoustic Live CD]

  • HR3 Germany: Pop Talk with Lidia Antonini (audio)

  • Adam tweets:
        --Striking a pose in Japanese press... http://twitpic.com/1c4s7c
        --Thanks to all my fans in Japan!!! RT: FYE (single) is #1 on Billboard Japan's Hot Top Airplay! (week of 4/5)
        --@TommyJoeRatliff sweet dreams glitterbaby!!!
        --@joythemeparty Thanks for your special 2 hr intensive! :) the fans are loving it. I'm doing press all day here in Stockholm!
        --Awww "I Wanna See ya Strut!" RT @BambolaBambina: Workin out to my babe @adamlambert...think bikiniiiiii

  • Live concert @Berns, Stockholm Sweden 
        --Music Again
        --Whataya Want From Me
        --Mad World
        --Broken Open
        --Down The Rabbit Hole

  • Australian Radio Station Joy 94.9 has a 2-hour Adam Lambert theme party (Adam tweets the DJ from Stockholm during the show)

  • Harry Amster meets Adam Lambert
        --Meet and Greet interview by a fan (after the show)

  • The Voice -- Finland (recorded in Sweden)
        --Reporter unedited interview
        --Fan interview (she won a contest) 

  • P3Star Sweden: Adam Lambert records a radio promo 

March 4, 2010: Adam sings "Whataya Want From Me" on Australia's So You Think You Can Dance    
Video credit: SYTYCD-Australia 
Photo Credits: 2-Unknown  4-idolforums  6-Alglamfans  9-Attitude/Flaunt  10—VH1  15-onthefix.com  16-waratte iitomo  17-glamfans
20-unknown  24-_MaiaJ  29-People  31-AdamOfficial  

"My goal isn't to say 'do what I do', it's to 'do what you do'." 
                            --March 22, 2010
Adam wears a glittery codpiece at the Australian Mardis Gras March 6, 2010, where he sings "For Your Entertainment" live. 
Photo credit: NewYorkPost.com 
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