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April 14, 2010: Adam performs Whataya Want From Me on American Idol’s Season 9 results show     
Video credit: American Idol (via summersern) 

"Don't worry America: I will be beyond family friendly. Relax and enjoy. For Your Entertainment." 
--Adam Lambert, Twitter, April 6, 2010

  • Adam tweets:
        --*Ahem* Whataya Want From Me and Sleepwalker at Bern in Stockholm.
        --The "rumors" on planet fierce are April Fools day jokes!! Tour dates and venues have not been announced. No radio city.
          No wizard of oz...
        --[RT of negativeneil] “Haha I knew your genes were crap. RT @milestougeaux Adam was adopted, left on our doorstep by
          a groups of gypsies, tramps and thieves.
        --Just landed in LA LA LAND. Good to be home.
        --@cassidyhaley thanks!!!
        --@LeoMoctezuma for sure!!! :)
        --@IamCarmit just got home. I gotta sleep off this jetlag! :)

  • MTV WTF Video: A message from Adam Lambert to his fans (impromptu interview after accidentally running into Adam at a restaurant)

  • Style 360 With Adam Lambert (taken at his photo shoot for Paper magazine’s Beautiful People 2010)

  • ​Adam tweets: 
        --Jetlags still lingering... Was up at 6am! Yikes
        --Fitness. Witness.
        --@simoncurtis the album is sick!!!
        --Whataya Want from Me on ITunes pop chart is #4 in Sweden, #3 in New Zealand, #4 in Finland, #6 in Australia, #15 in
          the US!!!
        --The album is #8 in Sweden, #7 in New Zealand, and #8 in Japan on the Itunes Pop chart. Thank you to my fans around
          the world. surreal.
        --So excited for it to debut in the UK and Germany next month. I'm workin hard to give you two countries some great
          performances. :)
        --@adamlambert FYE single is platinum, and WWFM single is double platinum in Canada. Also, the album has been certified
          platinum in Canada.

  • Adam tweets: “@DanielleStori Jack and Diane”


  • Adam tweets:
        --@scarlett_cherry Great show!!!!
        --Hey beauties! I'm totally twittalating the EP..... Did you get yours yet?! or Amazon Retwat
          it 2 bitches;) I HEART U
        --Check out @IamCarmit s feature on this EP or Amazon
        --Thanks for the wishes, but I don't celebrate Easter friends. I'm not Christian. :)
        --I haven't celebrated Passover in over ten years either. I'm Jew ISH by blood not by practice. I'm not religious. More
          spiritual. Now u know
        --I DO believe in a higher power.
        --But just b/c I don't celebrate it: I'd like to wish those who do a beautiful Easter or Passover. Hope your day is grand!!
        --Wow. This is rich. RT @GingerPF: @adamlambert Are there any Gayish holidays?
        --Halloween? Lol
        --Woops. I just opened A very sensitive can of worms. Haha Our diversity is what makes us beautiful. Happy Spring. :)
        --@katyperry naw. I'm not into watersports. Lol.

  • Fox Japan: This was broadcast in Japan only (for American Idol Season 9) 

  • FM Yokohama Japan: Radio Hits Radio With Snoopy (audio - recorded while Adam was in Japan) 


  • Adam tweets: “Good morning!! It's raining! :(“

  • Adam tweets:
        --@scissorsisters oooh sounds fun! Deal!
        --Good morning folks!!! I think I finally managed to finally start to break the jetlag spell. :) got 8 solid hrs of sleep!
        --#slash get the album!!!!
        --It's true! In addition to performing on Idol April 14th, I will be mentoring the top 8 on the 13th. I feel honored to be
        --Even though I'm just at the start of my recording career, I hope to lend some insight as one who's been thru the Idol
          adventure. excited!!
        --Don't worry America: I will be beyond family friendly. Relax and enjoy. For Your Entertainment.

  • Bravo WebTV Germany: Adam Lambert Interview

  • Adam chats exclusively to Daily Star playlist editor Kim Dawson 

  • NewNowNext PopLab at NYC Fashion Week - The Blonds (Adam briefly at start) 

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --Lionhearted and fancy free. Sweet dreams All.

  • AdamOfficial: Adam Lambert in Australia – Part 1

  • Sukkiri (Japan TV): Adam Says Hello To Orianthi 

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --So excited for my Vancouver shows!!! Looking forward to meeting new and familiar fans!

  • FoxNews: Adam Lambert to Mentor  

  • Key103 (Manchester) radio interview 

  • NHK BS1 Japan: Adam Lambert Interview 

  • 95.3 Virgin Radio: Kiah and Tara Jean talk to Adam Lambert before his concert in Vancouver, BC

  • Adam performs at the Red Robinson Show Theater, Coquitlam, British Columbia (opening act: Elias)
        --For Your Entertainment
        --If I Had You
        --Whataya Want From Me
        --Sure Fire Winners
        --A Loaded Smile
        --Mad World
        --Broken Open
        --Music Again
        --Down The Rabbit Hole (encore)

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --Had a great time tonight!!! The audience was A+ Saw u gorgeous ladies and to my delight saw all u fierce glammed out
          boys too!! Finally!
        --In the jungle- the Lion fades tonight. Turn page. :)
        --Remix EP (w/ new track Voodoo written w Sam Sparro) out now! Head to to download!
 iTunes next week!
        --@zeldawilliams aww glad I could be of service! :)
        --Excited for show two here in Vancouver. :)

  • Breakfast Television: Riaz Meghji caught up with Adam Lambert on his Vancouver leg of his concert tour
        --Full Interview
        --Edited (but with Adam promo at start)

  • Adam performs at the River Rock Casino Resort, Richmond, BC
        --For Your Entertainment
        --Down The Rabbit Hole
        --If I Had You
        --Mad World
        --Broken Open
        --A Loaded Smile
        --Music Again
        --Whataya Want From Me (encore)

  • Adam Official: Adam in Australia – Part 2

  • Adam tweets: 
        --Oooh that was fun. Thank you all who came. I love u!!! Sorry I can't come party w/ u but I have such a big
          week-- gotta get some rest. :)
        --Just landed in Vegas!!! Seeing Muse tonight! Fiiiinally!

  • Adam tweets:
        --Back in LA LA Land! Oh and "Rent" at Hollywood Bowl rumors are not true... I'm touring cross the country during that
          time. :)
        --Back in LA LA Land!
        --Not playing Angel in RENT. :) rumors....
        --What does everyone think of the remix EP?Fav mixes? I have share that when I heard Brad Walsh's FYE remix I nearly
          fell over it's so fresh.
        --so embarrasing re MUSE: I had such a migrane by the end of the day that I had to skip concert & go to bed early! Was
          so bummed. Someday...
        --@bradwalsh hahah.

  • Global Canada TV: news report on Adam’s concerts (preview of ET interview) 

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --Hey! Make sure to catch me mentoring the contestants on American Idol Tonight!
        --On my way to idol!!! Yay!
        --Remix EP released on iTunes today! Check out Voodoo, and remixes of Whataya Want From Me and For Your

  • Adam appears on American Idol Season 9 as mentor

  • Adam is Star of the Week on Japan’s Best Hit USA 
​        --TV Version (includes For Your Entertainment music video)
        --Web Interview

  • Adam tweets:
​        --“G'day! Excited to perform on Idol tonight!”

  • Fox LA News: Andrew and Katie Get the Idol Boot (Adam at 1:00 and 1:50) 

  • Red Robinson on Global TV’s morning program with Adam’s interview


  • KIIS FM: Adam Lambert Talks Upcoming Glam Nation Tour with Ryan Seacrest  

  • MuchMusic Canada: Jesse Chats With Adam Lambert
        --Adam Lambert Spills About Ke$ha, Dating, and Being a Gay Icon 
        --Adam Gives a Fan Fashion Advice 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Heyyyy guyssss watch snl this saturday if u wanna see me in action!! Sooo excited!
        --The Glam Nation Tour dates will be announced soon! For those who didn't know, my opening acts are Orianthi and
          Allison Iraheta!!!
        --The soundtrack to Secrets of the Mountain drops tomorrow featuring 2 songs from @Alisan_Ilsey. Walmarts everywhere.
        --First rehearsal w my band AND dancers!! Big ole happy family! :) Europe here we come!

  • Adam Lambert interview after American Idol 

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --@negativeneil well jeez I woulda gotten you a piano if you had just asked! :) the telethon is pretty clever though.
          Yay Twitter and paypal!
        --Looking forward to the GLAAD awards tonight! I may just have to swish it up a bit. :)
        --@IlseyJ happy birthday!!!!

  • 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles
        --Music Again
        Red Carpet Interviews
        --Elizabeth Snead of The Dish Rag on Zap2it at GLAAD awards (audio only) red carpet interview (Adam at 4:05)
        --PopLab-NewNowNext (Logo) by Adam Abernathy: GLAAD Media Awards Red Carpet Interview  
        Fan videos
        --Adam in the audience with Brad Bell (Cheeks) 
        --Red Carpet   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8

  • Adam tweets:
        --@GoCheeksGo thanks for joining me last night! At least The-not-so-silent-auction afforded us the opportunity to play
          w the cutest puppy ever

  • CNN (Chris Morrow): Adam Lambert thinks you should carpool for Earth Day

  • GMTV Adam promo (UK) for show on 4/26


  • GLAAD Awards red carpet interview (Adam at 0:30 briefly and 2:20)

  • MTV News:  Adam Lambert Picks Idol Faves And Talks Tour (red carpet) 

  • Adam on SIRIUS XM radio
        --Elvis was a showman
        --Favorite Elvis song 

  • Interview with In:Demand With Alex & Lucy (UK) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Hey guys!! :) prepping for big UK and Europe trip! Damn volcano kept us from leaving this past Sunday... But looks like
          we are all set now.
        --Thank you to everyone for making Whataya Want from Me #10 on the BIllboard Hot 100 and the Remixes are at #1 on
          the Hot Dance Singles!
        --@UhHuhHerMusic see ya in London Cam!!!! :)

  • Adam Official: Adam in Japan 

  • StarWorld Singapore: Adam Lambert American Idol Blurb 

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --Top of the morning to ya London!
        --Gettin ready for myspace chat!!!
        --Live chat coming up!
        --@simoncurtis more like the crying game...

  • SWR3 posts a funny clip of Adam singing in an elevator

                  “If it weren’t for American Idol, I have very strong doubts that I would have ever been signed to a label.”

  • Will from Myspace hosts a Live Webchat with Adam Lambert
        --Edited version
        --Unedited   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

  • Ryan Seacrest’s “Food Revolution is Real” (Adam very briefly at 2:40) 

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --London is so beautiful today!!! The sun is shining and I'm looking forward to my show tonight!!!
        --Album cover of UK version of For Your Entertainment! (to be released on May 3rd)

  • Adam performs at G-A-Y, London
        --Fever (false start, no song)
        --Down the Rabbit Hole 
        --Whataya Want From Me     
        --If I Had You
        --For Your Entertainment 

  • Entertainment Focus: Adam Lambert interview   Part 1   Part 2

  • Adam on the Jo Show (BRMB Eagle 96.4 FM) in Birmingham (recorded 3/25/10)
        --Full Audio Interview
        --Video snippet

  • Trent FM UK (Evenings With J): Adam Lambert Interview

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --@JohnnyGWeir: hallelujah
        --Thanks for making WWFM #1 in Germany!!!! I'm excited to return to Berlin next week. I spent a few months there
           in 03 and loved it!

  • GMTV with Lorraine Kelly (UK)
        --Interview  “Twitter is my favorite place to play.” 
        --For Your Entertainment
        --On-line Q&A (after the show)

  • Adam performs at HMV Heaven in London 
        Fan Videos
        --For Your Entertainment   [Ki55andTell]  [wickedheadrush
        --Music Again   [Ki55andTell]
        --Strut   [Ki55andTell]   [girlxinxgreen]   [wickedheadrush]
        --Whataya Want From Me   [Ki55andTell]   [wickedheadrush]
        --Sleepwalker   [Ki55andTell]   [wickedheadrush]   [girlxinxgreen]   [hamsterhippy85]
        --Fever   [Ki55andTell]   [wickedheadrush]   [jonwhittle67]
        --If I Had You   [hamsterhippy85] (partial)

  • 95.8 Capital FM UK: Adam Lambert Live in London (backstage interview after Heaven show)

  • Adam on Koko Pop (teen show in England)

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --Off to Amsterdam!!! :) for those who didn't know, my keyboardist Cam has a duo called UH HUH HER. The album is so
          sexy and gorgeous! ITunes
        --@AllisonIraheta Happy Birthday Girl!!!!

  • Adam is on 3FM Serious Radio (part of Dutch national public broadcasting) in Hilversum, Netherlands
        --Whataya Want From Me
        --Music Again
        --Mad World (not aired)
        --Down The Rabbit Hole (not aired)
        --Adam talking to fans afterwards 

  • Adam Lambert’s beauty tips for Bliss magazine (UK)  

  • Adam describes his look in 10 words or less 

  • Adam tweets:
        --@kyndoll hold your horses!! There are still tons of dates that haven't been released. We are waiting for the venues to
          finalize details.
        --Good morning Koln! Sheeesh it's early!!!
        --Great news ladies and g's: Whataya Want From Me has gone Platinum in the USA! Thank you so much for supporting me!
          I feel so fuckin lucky!

  • Hear Adam Lambert’s UK Bonus Track “Can’t Let You Go”  

  • Adam tweets:
        --Back in Berlin!!! Woohoo!!

  • Novum (Netherlands): Adam Lambert - Ik ben geen Lady Gaga (Adam talks about Lady Gaga, his awkward youth, and what has changed In his life)

  • Adam on ARD Morgenmagazin
        --Interview   Part 1   Part 2
        --Whataya Want From Me 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Where is Bill K?! I wanna go shopping! :)
        --Aaanyway- what's hot in Berlin tonight?? Where should I go??
        --So excited! RT @JanelleMonae: Promoted the heck of "The ArchAndroid" today. Fired up and ready to go! May 18th!

  • Viva Live 
        --Whataya Want From Me

  • Radio Energy Berlin 103.4 NRJ 
        --Whataya Want From Me (this was later added to Adam's Acoustic Live CD)

  • Music Stars’ Faves of the Decade? (Adam at 0:05, 0:31, 0:36 0:55) 

  • Adam’s “track by track” videos for the For Your Entertainment album
        --Main Tracks
        --Bonus Tracks

  • QX print Interview (Swedish gay magazine) 
        --Web version of full magazine
        --Scan of article   Translation

April 17, 2010: Adam
performs at the GLAAD
Media Awards. 
Photo credit: mjsbigblog 
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