May 19, 2010: Adam sings "If I Had You" on the Ellen DeGeneres Show      
Video credit:  Ellen DeGeneres Show (via inlyica)
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"The thing about the [If I Had You] video [is] there is a love interest: It's all my friends....
 It's about the love that you have with your circle of people that you surround yourself with.” 
--Adam Lambert, May 17, 2010
May 15, 2010: Adam, Monte and Tommy perform at the KIIS-FM Wango Tango concert in Los Angeles  . 
Photo credit:  mjsbigblog


  • Chaos Tube: Adam arrives in Finland (video at airport)  

  • Adam tweets: “Off to Helsinki!!!”

  • Adam tweets:
        --Looking forward to a full day here in Finland! Scandinavia is so full of beautiful people!
        --If I Had You will be hitting radio in the US very soon... you ready? Shooting the video in the next couple of
​          weeks- s'gonna be EPIC!
        --Thanks to all the fans who came to Stockman in Helsinki today! Thanks for all your positive energy and all your gorgeous
​           Finnish eyes!
        --Check it
        --Request 'If I Had You' at your favorite radio station now!!! Let's blow this shit up!!!
        --Photo by Lee Cherry
        --Request IF I HAD YOU w your fav radio station but remember: once a day! Don't abuse the privledge! :) I love you all so

  • Adam performs on Finland’s “X Factor” 
       --Whataya Want From Me (aired version)
        --Whataya Want From Me (live version from the audience)
        --Soundcheck   Part 1   Part 2
        --Adam getting ready to sing
        --Intermission (photo opportunity with contestants)
        --X Factor Backstage Interview
        --Chaos Tube Backstage Interview

  • Finnish news coverage of Adam’s autograph session at Stockmann store in Helsinki

  • Chaos Tube: Adam Lambert at Stockmann, Finland (Interviews of Tommy and Longineau with Adam shown only at the end signing autographs) 

  • Adam performs Whataya Want From Me on X De Leeuw 

  • Adam Lambert has no time for courtship (and gets a mask!) 

  • (Finland): Adam Lambert Talks About Fashion 

  • YLE Sweden Radio 3XM: Adam Lambert in Finland – Makeup and Chat   Part 1   Part 2

  • Adam tweets: 
        --"There's a thin line tween a dark side and a light side"
        --"there's a thin line tween a wild time and a flatline"
        --"the flashing of the lights- It might feel so good, but I got you stuck on my mind!"
        --FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT, the album, is released in the UK today!! Enjoy!!!
        --@PerezHilton a handful of big stations complained that some of my fans were taking it too far. ( a few months back)
        --@PerezHilton I passed on the stations' requests so that WWFM wasn't pulled outta rotation. (my glamberts woulda been
           pissed then)
        --@PerezHilton I don't want the same to happen w IIHY, but maybe "privilege" was the wrong term? Would you like to
           write my material for me?
        --@PerezHilton #you'rethebiggertweet
        --@PerezHilton cute perez, cute... But it's only in your dreams that you'd ever have the opportunity to compare. :)

  • 5:19 show: interview and live performance of For Your Entertainment (Adam at 7:11) 
       --Adam Lambert Answers Fans Questions 
        --For Your Entertainment 

  • Zurich Switzerland showcase: Adam performs in a small bar with only a few people there
        --Whataya Want From Me
        --Music Again
        --Broken Open
        --Mad World

  • Adam tweets:
        --Good morning Zurich, Switzerland! What a beautiful view you're serving me outside my hotel window. (even if it is
        --Congrats 'Noopie! RT @KrisAllen: Go get @AnoopDoggDesai new album "all is fair" on iTunes!
        --The new single "The Truth" is out everyone so call in to your local radio stations and request. Thanks to the ones that
          already have.

  • Inside (Zurich Switzerland) - Adam sings a partial acoustic WWFM during the interview

  • 5FM South Africa (Gareth Cliff) radio interview (audio)
        --Helsinki and South Africa

  • Adam tweets:
        --London! Good to be back! Even if it's only for a day...
        --@wossy Jonathan Ross show tonight! You were so much fun!!! Thank you!!!

  • Video Hits (Australia): Faustina Agolley interview (recorded 03-08-10) 

  • Adam performs on Blick.Ch Zurich Switzerland
      --Whataya Want From Me

  • Adam tweets: 
        --Back in Hollywood! Ran into my old friend Anna Kendrick in airplane lounge and found out we were on the same flight! 
          Great to catch up!

  • Adam tweets:
        --@simoncurtis great job tonight!!!
        --No matter your sexuality, religion, color, or age, if we connect over how we're the same, "life would be a party
          - it'd be ecstacy! "
        --#ifihadyou request the song from your local stations!

  • Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (taped on 5/5/10)   Part 1   Part 2 (includes partial a capella WWFM)

  • Top 40 interview (radio 538) 


  • Adam tweets:
        --#ifihadyou !! Thanks for trending it!!!
        --In love w new beyonce video for "why don't you love me" the song Is beeeeeaaaat. Sang girl

  • Adam tweets:
        --Happy Mothers Day!
        --The new xtina leaked track "WooHoo" is hooooot! I like it more than not myself tonight. The beat is nuts.
        --Hot! RT @XtinaNews: Listen to "Woohoo" ft. @NickiMinaj in full on Xtina's official YouTube channel
        --slap on the wrist goes out to a few of my "fans" who r hating on other artists & their fans. Grow up ladies-
          negativity is so last season.
        --@KrisAllen give your mom a big hug from me! :)
        --Ha. Was inspired by Elvis. @douglascsanchez I think that @adamlambert's profile pic is a big copy of Bill Kaulitz style
        --I was rockin this hairdo when bill still had his lions mane...all this copycat talk is dumb. Hahaha. I'm gonna incite a fan
          riot. Such fun.
        --Been wearing eye makeup and nail polish since that boy was like 12 or something... No ones copying... Just so happen
          to have similar taste.
        --Relaaaaaaaaax folks :) spend your energy more wisely.
        --"...doing me up w a black color liner... And I'm workin my strut but I know IT DONT MATTER all we need in this world is
          some LOVE"
        --Had a lovely lunch w my Mom at The Inn Of The Seventh Ray in Topanga Canyon. Such a beautiful setting. :)

  •  Rehearsal (for G-A-Y) video posted by Sasha on Youtube 

  • Adam tweets: 
        --@siamusic Clap Your Hands is my new jam!! Love your music- so excited for the album!
        -- So great to share the stage with my
          dancers and band! Expanded family!
        -- Here's Fever. Brings me so much joy to
          have my friends onstage w me!
        -- WWFM on Finland's Xfactor
        --Unplugged in Amsterdam:
        --The Glam Nation Tour is going to visit these three different types of performance: Rock w the band, Pop w the
          dancers, and Acoustic.
        --Im so excited to bring this show to my amazing fans! Break out the Glitter and Glam! Together we are gonna escape to
          another world!
        --@siamusic hell yeah!!! :)
        --[RT of twitter] “Follow count display is set to 0 and follow/unfollow is temporarily offline while we fix a bug.”

  • Live from Studio Five: Adam talks to Emma Willis while getting a hand massage 
        --For Your Entertainment
​        --Livestream version

  • Cover of YouThink Magazine (teen magazine in Canada) 

  • Germany (Schleswig-Holsteinischer Germany) talks to Adam in Berlin (recorded May 2, 2010) 

  • Adam on Japanese music show "Shikao's western music" (the female announcer says "Adam is a new sex symbol in the new era!" - translation by Mima) 

  • Adam on Teen Nick (performs “For Your Entertainment”)

  • Adam tweets:
        --Hell yeah! RT @orianthi: looking forward to touring the US on the Glam nation tour!!
        --Gearing up for all night video shoot for "If I Had You"!!!
        --Invited a bunch of my performer friends to cameo in the video. It's gonna be one big happy family!!

  • Teaser of interview with Adam Lambert on the Shaun Proulx Show (full interview is on June 11, 2010)  

  • Adam on Novum in the Netherlands 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Big thanks to the amazing cast and crew of the If I Had You music video!!
        --[RT of cassidyhaley] help me get my video Daylight Breaks to #1 on logo!! go vote for it
          now...special ustream awaits if we do it!!!

  • Adam Lambert attends Paper Magazine’s 13th annual "Beautiful People" party at The Standard in Hollywood Adam Lambert is Just Too Beautiful 

  • Adam tweets: 
        --Happy birthday @leecherry!!!
        --[RT of 19News] TV ALERT - Friday Night With Jonathan Ross with guest @AdamLambert tonight on @bbcamerica
        --Wango Tango 2m!!!!

  • Behind the Scenes of the “Beautiful People Photo Shoot” (Adam at 0:05 briefly and 0:35) 

  • Adam tweets: 
        --Yup RT @theboygeorge: Staying in is the new going out!
        --Backstage at the Staples Center Glamming up for Wango Tango! Who's coming??

  • KIIS 102.7 FM’s Wango Tango concert in Los Angeles
       --Whataya Want From Me
        --If I Had You
        News/Red Carpet
       --Promo for JoJo Wright’s 102.7 KIIS FM interview 
        --JoJo’s interview Red carpet interview (Adam at 0:40 and 1:50) (Adam at 1:35 and 2:35 briefly)
        --Spotlight on Entertainment: Wango Tango Red Carpet Interview
        --OTRC (On The Red Carpet): Adam Lambert’s Idol Advice For Finalists 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Wango Tango! I love my Band and Dancers!!! Thank you Monte, Tommy, LP, Cam, Brooke, Terrence, Taylor,
        --I love my fans who showed up to Staples tonight! Next up: THE GLAM NATION TOUR!
        --So there! RT @GlamPimpLinda: @AnnieWT Asking why the harem pants is like asking Madonna why the pointed bra!
          Right @adamlambert We love ya!

  • Japan Ad for Season 9 of American Idol by Adam Lambert

  • MTV News: Adam Lambert Says ‘If I Had You’ Gets Kind of Psychedelic 
                  "The thing about the video [is] there is a love interest: It's all my friends... It's about the love that you have with your
                      circle of people that you surround yourself with.”

  • MTV News: Adam Lambert Picks Crystal Bowersox as American Idol Winner 

  • Adam tweets:
        --@theellenshow had so much fun on your show today! Always the best, most positive energy!! Bam!
        --Aww sweet. Thnx RT @De4Day: @19News Please have @adamlambert perform "If I Had You" on the Season Finale of

  • Radio Energy Berlin (NRJ): Adam Lambert Interview (recorded In April 2010)

  • Radio Energy Zürich: Adam Lambert Interview 

  • Adam tweets: 
        --Unfortunately not performing on Idol Finale. Guess they have plenty of artists booked. Catch me on Ellen tommorow
          and Leno on Friday.
        --R ur fav stations playing If I Had You? My band and dancers & I are having so much fun performing it! Excited for
          video(dun in 3/4 weeks?)
        --X-tina's WooHoo is hot! I'm dancing while driving! Shwerk!
        --Also loving the vocals on the Bruno Mars EP. So pure! Very refreshing.
        --Tweeting at stop light... Of course. Bitch Work= SHWERK! Thanks @brianfriedman and @IamCarmit for stickin that in
          my head!

        --Interview, If I Had You (at 4:20), ending credits (Adam/Ellen dancing) 
        --Backstage Message

  • ET Promo: Tomorrow’s Behind the Scenes Look at the "If I Had You" Music Video 

  • MuchHITS Canada: Adam Lambert Will Wow With his MMVA Performance (two videos) 
​        --Adam Lambert Talks MMVA Performance
        --Adam Lambert Talks New Video

  • Adam tweets:
        --I love #electropopfunkstarevenings in the studio!
        --Cuhcaaaaaw! RT @sam_sparro: Ina da studio listening to Adam Lambert track vocals with Nikka Costa. They're making
          me do runway stomps.
        --jealousy is #theuglyfriend of Admiration.
        --@robynkonichiwa loving "dancehall Queen" so sexy!!!

  • Entertainment Tonight: Behind the scenes at "If I Had You" music video 
        --TV version 
        --Online version 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Excited for Leno tommorow!
        --Spelt tomorrow wrong again. Hahahah
        --Leno was great. Atmosphere was so relaxed! Tune in tonight. :) off to Boston!!

  • Tonight Show with Jay Leno
       --If I Had You
        --Backstage Interview

  • AXN in the Qube (Japanese show) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Goldfrapp's video for ALIVE is hilarious. CAMP so often goes over the general public's head... so sad... video put a
          huge grin on my face.
        --Other things CAMP: Mika. Scissor Sisters. Gaga. My FYE album cover... lol. None of them to be taken too seriously...
          until they want to be.
        --GLEE is the campiest shit ever
        --BTW i got work bitch wrong. Aint Shwerk, its WERTCH
        --Goldfrapp: #WERTCH
        --"Glee is the campiest shit ever" doesn't mean A) I dont like Glee (was saying how much i enjoyed campy stuff) or
          B) that Im gonna be on it.
        --CAMP: willfully over-emphasizes certain elements of a genre or theme, creating an almost self-satirical milieu.
        --Campy: being so extreme that it has an amusing and perversely sophisticated appeal.
        --I ENJOY CAMPINESS... got it!?
        --Rocky Horror is so so Camp one needs a TENT to watch it.
        --My tour is gonna be GLAMPY. lol #GLAMNATION
        --Hey hey BOSTON!! So ready for tonight!
        --Boston's Kiss 107.9 FM puts on a great show!!! Had a blast!
        --@SashaMallory we miss you Sasha!
        --Listening to "Back in Time" by Keane. New album is awesome.
        --@KrisAllen great seeing you!!! Look at these adventures we're on!!! Insane in the best ways possible :)
        --Pulling up to "Open House Party" w John Garabedian! At last!!!!

  • Adam Lambert performs at KIIS 108 FM concert in Mansfield, MA [Note: Monte Pittman was not there because his wife, Lisa, was having their twins. Tommy Joe Ratliffe played Monte's guitar solos and Cam played both keyboard and bass guitar.]
       --Whataya Want From Me
        --Music Again
        --If I Had You
        --Backstage Interview

  • Adam tweets:
        --@Monterrific congratulations papa pittman!! Gemini Twins!!!
        --Monterrific | TweetPhoto:

  • Interview by Summeri in Finland (filmed 5/2/10)
        --Aired version

  • OTRC (On The Red Carpet): Adam Lambert’s Idol Advice 

  • Adam tweets:
        --[RT of @bradwalsh] complaining that someone acts "too gay" is the very definition of homophobia, whether the
          person saying it is gay or straight.
        --Entering home stretch of tour rehearsals! This show is gonna be yummy!!

  • Adam Lambert “welcome” video on Italian Sony Music Facebook page 

  • Adam tweets:
        --"You're supposed to be here." Trust the Universe. :)
        --@SashaMallory @TaylorG90 cool it Cats! :)
        --@SashaMallory @TaylorG90 you my twin sphinx dancers and I adore u! "There's a thin line..." 
        --Excited for rehearsal. It's all comin together. My band and dancers are my family! We're putting together an amazing
           show.Get into it! No H8
        --If anyone has negative thoughts bout my crew-just don't bother coming to the show. Your loss. :) the Glam Nation Tour
          is all bout LOVE
        --All r onstage b/c they bring a special, unique energy to the show, the songs, and help me be my best. If I want them
          there so should u! :)
        --U come after my glamily, I come after YOU!! :) peace
        --@katyperry say whaaaaaaat? I was in rehearsal then bed last night ladyhawk.

  • AXN: Adam Lambert - Sony Style (recorded during his promo trip to Singapore) 
                  ​“I’m a nice control freak. I’m a control freak with a smile.”

  • Adam tweets:
        --Listen. Actively. ;)
        --Greetings extended Glamily!! Thanks 4 all the Twitter love! I'm so thrilled 2 perform 4 u all face 2 face in the coming
          months! GlamNation!!
        --I have great news! Although no details can yet be confirmed, the Glam Nation Tour WILL be going international in the
          Fall!!! Stay tuned!
        --@jamesdavis12 yessir!
        --@Ala4adam yes!! I've been working w a company to help design everything! Some real fierce items!
        --@bleubelle31 don't worry- dates are still being added in the US. Waiting for venues to confirm. :)

  • Adam tweets:
        --Whew got home from the last rehearsal for my Glam Nation Tour round 10pm. Loooong day. I met w the lighting
          designer...costume designer... programmer, band and dancers and created all day. I'm so excited to get to work w such an amazing team to
          bring my vision to life!
        --Would have loved 2 have been at the Idol Finale to wish Simon farewell and support the finalists, but this tour for my
          fans is my priority.
        --HAHA. I have now just been made aware of more gossip and rumormill: First of all, i was never asked to appear on the
          finale in any capacity.
        --2nd: I DID come down w a throat bug most likely caught on my flight back from this past weekends' concert in Boston.
        --was put on vocal rest yesterday from MY show's rehearsals which doubled the work 2 do 2day since all equip. had 2 be
          sent back east tonight.
        --sad that Im forced to defend myself bout situation no one pointing fingers knew any factual details about. Im working so
          hard on this tour!!
        --All i ever heard was:"you've not been asked to perform on finale.Would you like to sit in the audience?" Me:sorry-Too
          much work to do today.
        --Sick of certain journalists and jealous people in the industry trying to stir up bullshit drama. Must not be getting laid.
          GET A LIFE! HAHA
        --Im blessed 2 be so busy & thrilled to take my nearly SOLD OUT tour on the road promoting love, diversity, peace,
          bravery & pride.Oh n' GLAM
        --:) and thanks for your words of support true fans! :) Dont worry, i just had to get it off my chest (publically) Im totally
          over it now. :)

  • Adam tweets:
        --@fureyyyy you are going thru it tonight!! Hahah
        --"seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow" –Wilde
        --Happy bday! @BrianFriedman Wertch!

  • StarWorld Singapore: Adam Lambert Talks American Idol 

  • Adam tweets:
        --@Pink thanks for saying kind things about me! You're an inspiration! Such a rockstar and such a classy, sexy rebel!
        --@DanielleStori having drinks rooftop!!! Love my girl!!

  • Adam tweets:
        --Ooooh rihanna's video for ROCkstar 101 is so sexy!!!
        --Excited for Miike Snow in concert!!!!!

  • Extra: Adam asks Christina when they’re going to sing together 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Such a great show!!! Thanks @GoCheeksGo for inviting me!
        --Today loves you. @pujasays
        --@keshasuxx Planting seeds...
        --@glambert4life87 the show is approx an hour long :)
        --@FoxVegas hahah no. 60min. Plus ori and allison. I have to be my best everynight. If it were much longer I'd wear out
          too quickly. :)
        --Been doing lots of thinking...Last year on the road I received so many thoughtful gifts from all of you. But I very quickly
          ran out o' room
        --Instead of giving me gifts, why not donate 2 or other charity in my name? U can print a reciept 4 me
          and personalize it:)
        --What are your thoughts?
        --Yay I'm glad u all like the idea! I love reading your cards and seeing your drawings too, I'm just not going to be able to
          take them with me
        --Yes fan club and site is in the works...
        --@orianthi I know!! Weird right?? We'll have to get them to cater the tour one night.

  • three short clips of Adam answering questions in Singapore
        --On a chance to star in Broke Back Mountain 
        --On his eye makeup 
        --On being gay 

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