April 12, 2011: Adam and Nikka Costa work on a new song.       
Video credit: Nikka Costa

"My name is Adam Lambert and I create music." 
--Adam Lambert, April 27, 2011 

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --@katyperry you look so stunning in the new ET video! Wow!!!
        --So excited to work w @officialnikka today!! One of my dream collaborations!

  • Adam attends Lady Gaga party
        --E! News Now (Melana Scantlin): Adam Lambert Kicked Out of Gaga’s Party? 
        --E! News (So True So False): Adam Lambert NOT Kicked Out of Gaga Party 
        --Empire State: Adam Lambert Kicked Out of Lady Gata Party (photo at 0:16)  

  • Adam tweets:
        --@PrintzBoard @officialnikka so dirrrty
        --Great show by @UhHuhHerMusic last night! Great to see @AllisonIraheta, @SashaMallory, and @IlseyJ!
        --@BonnieMcKeee SUE-EL

  • JustJared: Adam Lambert: Uh Huh Her Show with Sauli Koskinen: Adam attends Uh Huh Her concert (photo)  

  • Adam tweets:
        --[Retweet of @leecherry] 1. Physical discs are now available for presale:
        --Happy Sunday all!!

  • The Edge: New Zealand Interview teaser snippets (clips) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --@PerezHilton RADIATE LOVE?

  • The Edge: Adam Lamberts Calls The Edge (complete interview)  

  • ZM 91.0 radio interview (over the phone)  

  • Adam tweets:
        --had an epic writing session w @siamusic, @OhFerras today!! Still buzzin w delight!!
        --[Retweet of @WarnerBrosPromo] Check out our girl @BCJean talking to about her career and collaborating
          with @AdamLambert

  • E! Online (Marc Malkin – Gossip Guru): France Loves Jersey Shore (brief mention of Adam at 0:16) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --New Britney video is great! She looks beautiful!
        --[Retweet of @lyndseyparker] OK new full title of Britney video is now "If I Had Miracles For Your Entertainment"! 
 (and yes, I still want a mashup)
        --Aftermath (Billboard Remix) is finally on iTunes!!

  • Adam tweets:
        --Sending positive energy to Japan. Everyone please continue to donate to the Red Cross.
        --@PaulaAbdul I looooove you!!! So glad we got to catch up. You look so beautiful tonight!!

  • Adam is at the taping of the NewNowNextAwards (airs 4/11/11)
       --red carpet video
        --Logo TV: Michelle Collins Talks to Adam Lambert (backstage) (full interview) 
        --NNNA backstage with Adam Lambert and Paula Abdul 
        --PopCandies TV: Adam and Sauli leaving NewNowNext taping   

  • Adam tweets:
        --Sad to see Pia go. One of the best voices on this season. Makes me think Voters aren't focusing enough on vocal/musical

  • Adam tweets:
        --[Retweet of @sutanamrull] Beauties, I love you all but I'm not @TommyJoeRatliff or @adamlambert messenger. ;) sorry
        --@sutanamrull say it girl!

  • Adam tweets:
        --@MDMOLINARI welcome home!! :)
        --I love my fans!!! Ya'll RAK STARS

  • The Flea 88.2 FM (north shore community radio in New Zealand): Liam McEwan podcast show. This is the first of what has become a weekly special of Adam Lambert songs 

  • Adam tweets:
        --@TaylorTy killin it tonight!!!
        --@vintagetrouble check this band!! Some serious swag....
        --My girl @scarlettcherry's new album is available here:
        --WOW! $323,255 raised for charity:water! Thank you all so much for your effort and support! Because of you, 16,162
          people will be helped!

  • Logo TV: Adam introduces Robyn at NewNowNextAwards (taped on 4/7/11) 

  • FoxAllAccess (audio): Adam lambert’s New Album will be a Little More Serious 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Check me out in Nikka's Box!!… remember to subscribe!! @officialnikka
        --[Retweet of @aquariussue7] @adamlambert this is the complete link
        --@jessiejofficial I'm in love w your album. Sang. Damn. Inspired.

  • Nikka Costa music channel: Nikka Costa & Adam Lambert belt out a new tune 

  • Adam tweets:
        --[Retweet of @Abelsanchez] I bet thats how it all started for @adamlambert RT @todayshow J.Crew ad stirs up
          controversy w/pink nail polish 
        --GenderConfusion? I don't think it's that deep--- children should have full freedom of expression. It's everyone else who's
        --If society didn't work so hard to reinforce gender role stereotypes we would have a much more well-adjusted&
          open-minded future generation.
        --@Abelsanchez :) you didn't say anything offensive- u were opening a conversation.

  • Adam tweets:
        --[Retweet of @I1seyJ] RT @alisanporter TONIGHT. MOLLY MALONES @The_Canyons 9PM!!!!!!! please RT!
        --@monterrific @tommyjoeratliff are playing Hotel Cafe 4/17

  • Adam tweets:
        --Arg mercury is heavy duty retrograde.

  • Adam tweets:
        --Damn! 88 degrees in LA!
        --Which Way?
        --or THIS way? (photos from last year)
        --Gives a whole new meaning to "burn rubber" huh? Hahah
        --@adamlambert I personally like this way..
        --And FYI I like the gaga cover. Total camp.

  • Adam tweets:
        --Looking forward to writing w @officialnikka again today!!
        --@goldfrapp can I come with you?

  • Adam tweets:
        --@rach_eva thanks doll!
        --If u missed it: Check me out in Nikka's Box!!… remember to subscribe!! @officialnikka
        --Woops here ya go:
        --@TommyJoeRatliff whens tattoo time?!
        --Almost one MILLION followers? Woah that's a trip! I'm flattered! Glamberts!!!
        --I'm very excited about the new album. Be patient, I'm going to take time w this process so that it lives up to your 
          expectations, and mine.
        --Happy Passover!!

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --@LeoMoctezuma @jessiejofficial @countreblack @luvizjaz love u all!!!!
        --Mustache Mondays.
        --I just came across this photo. I think she was nervous. I had fun though. #heteroeroticism
        --@AdamLisSexy NOPE. :) I've made out w plenty o fish.
        --@AdamLisSexy woops. I meant chicks.
        --This one is a bit racy... But symbolic. Interpret at will. #thumbsucker
        --funny- Some folks ask "I thought you were gay - u trying to be straight" others say "oooh that's fuckin hot" that's right!!

  • Adam tweets:
        --Check out Friendfactor:
        --I want this chair!
        --Just met Patti Labelle. Gagging. I live.

  • Adam attends Broadway show opening night for Sister Act (photos)  

  • Mila Jam kicks off the release of her new single "Warrior" with Adam Lambert and friends @ Industry Bar NYC
        (this photo of Adam is at the end of the video)

  • Adam tweets:
        --Just heard new Beyonce track in the club. Sooooooo beat
        --Just caught up on idol via YouTube... HALEY!!! Heads and shoulders above the rest. Gave me chills. Effortlessly badass.
        --Goatee. Don't like it? Suck it! :)

  • E News Now (Ashlan Gorse): Adam Lambert’s Manly Makeover

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --I love New York!!!

  • Adam reaches 1 million twitter followers (the first American Idol alumnus to do so) –- A fan makes a short video to commemorate the event

  • Adam tweets:
        --1 million!!? Woah this is a trip.
        --Raja in Williamsburg

  • Adam has a twitter party: Summary along with the fan’s questions   

  • Adam  has a twitter party: Summary along with fan's questions

  • Dancing With The Stars commercial has Adam’s Fever as the background music 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Pose! So proud of you
        --For those of you who don't already have it, the Aftermath Billboard Remix is finally featured on iTunes!!!
        --Fans: little strange when you walk up to say hi and you have a video cam on and ur trying to hide it. Who are u- paps? 
        --Or just taking a flash shot when I'm not lookin. Hah. C'mon it's so tacky tourist. Have common courtesy and just ask. 
        --But thank you to all the sweet, polite folks who are cool about it. I love meeting you guys out and about and it's a plus
          when you "get it"
        --Oh and also- please don't touch my face. #boundaries
        --My new mission is to keep it as real as possible at all times. No more pageant-style p.c. smile and wave, smoke blowin,
          fake BS. #Realness
        --@whimsicalspirit totally but I find myself biting my tongue in order to not rock the boat all too often.
        --Haha but it's sorta a damned if you, damned if you don't thing-- now some folks will think I'm an arrogant diva. Lol
        --When in reality- I'm human and just trying to do my best. Day by day. Just like you :) love you Glamily.
        --Question: what do you all want me to write a song about ? ;) curious to read what u wanna hear about.
        --[Retweet of @jonathan_bender] @adamlambert self-tanner, Kelly Bensimon, unicorn battles, Palin's never ending moose 
          hunts, Kelly Ripa's abs, Lisa Frank stickers and puns.

  • Adam attends finale party for RuPaul’s Drag Race at Providence NYC (photo)

  • Adam tweets:
        --RT @izz828282: THISSSSSSSSSSSSS RT @insomniac19 @adamlambert also...if Katy Perry can sing about cock, you fucking
          can too #justsayin
        --[Retweet of @Yazzy610] @adamlambert RUSTY UMBRELLA-ELLA-ELLA
        --[Retweet of @SabrinaArnett87] @adamlambert Spunk in your hair.
        --Hahha some of these are hilarious. :) but rainbows and unicorns?! C'mon seriously.... No way.
        --[Retweet of @jetsetlife81] This!! Lol! RT @mindchnger: @adamlambert FROZEN SPLOSHING
        --[Retweet of @xSoundlyAwake] @adamlambert a song about a muslim archer who takes a rocketship to the moon and
          makes salsa (:
        --[Retweet of @rubenavendano] @adamlambert dry fisting and Aqua Net.
        --[Retweet of @JluvsMadonna] @adamlambert about loving someone that doesn't respond the way you want them too
        --@JluvsMadonna totally been there. Think I may already have one of those in the can.
        --[Retweet of @MzLinzabelle] @adamlambert Revenge. When someone breaks your heart you don't sit and cry, you break
          shit and try to fuck with them, come on!
        --[Retweet of @ikapril] RT @milestougeaux: @adamlambert The fictional cultural revolutionary Che Mascara 
        --[Retweet of @FrankieDonjae] @adamlambert Losing yourself in Somebody. Momentarily, Eternally, for a week. Any will do.
        --@NoAngelPF you can count on that!
        --[Retweet of @brittneyx] Guys I think @adamlambert is pregnant! ..he's been having mood swings! This morning he's all 
          serious and now BOOM he's talking about sex.
        --@britttneyx ha. Wasn't mad earlier- just wanted to call out a few crazies. Thought it was sorta funny. Then got more real
        --Where my gay guys at?! What do y'all wanna hear?
        --@Joe_Pascale oh you mean a gay anthem by an actually gay person? Lol novel concept.
        --@Joe_Pascale although ironically, so many American radio stations would bs afraid of such a track. :( #sadreality 
        --[Retweet of @alisanporter] @adamlambert can u write a song about one of your best girlfriends trying to text u whilst
          vag waxing? That happened.
        --@jonathan_bender I'm on it. Already in the works.
        --[Retweet of @BisexualBoi] @adamlambert Or maybe a song depicting a hectic, polyamorous love life as gambling in a
        --[Retweet of @allieyoung13] @adamlambert peering into ur closet full of a shit ton of clothes for minnnnutess & still having
          no fucking clue what to wear #lifesohard ;p
        --@AllisonIraheta happy Burthday!!
        --[Retweet of @mrsjokerlady] @adamlambert leather ponchos.
        --[Retweet of @Bharathi87] @adamlambert About hope and strength? You can always get through the hard times if you
          believe in yourself :) 
        --And goodnight ;)
        --Get your copy of @scarlettcherry's Labor Of Love!

  • Adam attends the 2011 ASCAP Pop Music Awards and with Ke$ha presents Max Martin and Dr. Luke their award for Songwriter of the Year 
        --ASCAP: Dr. Luke and Max Martin at the ASCAP Pop Awards (edited for just Adam’s part)  
        --ASCAP: Adam Lambert Talks on the Red Carpet
       --Short Clip of Adam Lambert Interview (unedited version of above interview from different viewpoint
        --Access Hollywood interview
        --ASCAP: Highlights from 2011 ASCAP Pop Music Awards (Adam at 1:05, 1:40, 2:40) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --[Retweet of @Polly2101] #russberts #glamberts #glambeards 
          @adamlambert <3 
        --I Love my new Rick Owens boots.
        --Today's inspiration:
        --@ClaudeKelly @emanuelkiriakou Jurassic Briss
        --@claudekelly @emanuelkiriakou What do you call a tRex trying to give himself head?

  • MTV Catches Up With Adam Lambert 

  • e-article interview (no video): Adam Lambert Talks New Album, Idol and Adele 

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --Thanks all for your support! you all won an MTV O fan army award!!! Glamberts!
        --Muses of the moment!
        --That's right!!
        --I shaved. Y'all can relax now. Haha
        --@SashaMallory all because I didn't want to shave. Nuts. Ha
        --@SashaMallory hah u know what I meant Truncle
        --@BrendanVaughn I think it's a female thing... They might not quite understand the liberation of letting it grow.
          Guys get it. (right?)

  • Royal Gifts For the Royal Couple (Adam at 0:25) 

  • Adam Lambert and More Stars Share Prom Memories (Adam at 1:25) 


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April 7, 2011: Angryberts at the taping of the New Now Next Awards  
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