May 28, 2011: At the Festival Maxidrom in Moscow, Adam salutes the crowd with a Russian toast        
Video credit: Walerica89

"I personally believe that rock n roll is just as much a frame of mind and attitude as it is a musical style." 
--Adam Lambert, May 21, 2011 

  • Flea FM: Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour   

  • Adam tweets:
        --@TommyJoeRatliff we love u! ;)
        --@BonnieMcKeee "do the tuba deep underground"

  • Adam Lambert Calls ‘Moulin Rouge Groundbreaking (Adam at 0:45)

  • Google Chrome: It Gets Better video by Dan Savage -- ad on UK TV (Adam is at 0:39) 

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --@sutanamrull your single is so nasty!!! Loving it! Ha. Congrats!!
        --I'm a Thunder Breathing Dragon! #ENTOURAJA "Diamond Crowned Queen" @sutanamrull
        --@AdamLambertEGY thank you Lola! :) I'm proud of you :)
        --@GQfashion fangs? Haha. I find most of the fashion in your pages quite boring and pedestrian. I stepped out of that closet 
          long ago.
        --@GQfashion so button your chinos up and quit pissing on me. ;)
        --(free press for GQ- y'all owe me) hahah
        -- Natalia Kills. Get in

  • Labor of Love Testimonials from the listening party at the Tar Pit Restaurant (Adam at 0:35 and 2:00 -- you can also hear him talking in the background occasionally)

  • Adam tweets:
        --[RT of @izla_zandz] I'm glad @adamlambert isn't some pop culture puppet but is an ordinary dude with a job and a cute 
          boyfriend and great hair. #realness
        -- Headed back to @PulseRecording w @BonnieMcKeee @OLIGEE1 and @Josh_Abraham to make some more amazing music!!

  •  Adam tweets:
        --@HReinhartAI10 just watched the TiVo of idol last night. That was the SEXIEST thing EVER on idol. Saaaaaaaang!!!

  • Adam’s sleepwalker used as background in Argentinian talk show Intrusos (briefly at 0:20) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --@ladygaga the new video is a major work of art! Wow! In Awe.

  • Adam attends Prince concert and during a portion of the show several people get on the stage and dance (including Adam) 

Happy Adam Lambert Day!

  • Adam tweets:
        --#LambertDay was surreal. Saw Prince down at the forum! Danced our assesoff. Happy MOMS Day!!
        --Happy Mothers Day. Look- we're pouting the same. Must be where I get it from... Ha
        --MDAY BRUNCH with my Mom, my guy and @scarlettcherry, @leecherry and @riffcherry!
        --(brunch went LOOOOONG- thank you bloody marys!)

  • Flea FM: Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour 

  • Adam tweets:
        --[RT of @Jakeshears] #Uganda "Kill the Gays" bill could be passed in 48 hours-sign this urgent petition to stop it! 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Harem Pants. All over runways the past few seasons. Why do they get policed and always called 'MC HAMMER PANTS' 
        --[RT of @jonnycota] spring 2012 @SKINGRAFT boys are going to be sexing it UP. finally starting to see the collection 
          materialize. #gothtramp
        --New fave term of endearment: HUNTY
        --I dunno who these guys are. Saw this on a random fashion blog. All I know is, they are LIVING. love this chic confid... 

        --Snapshot from my Club Kid Days

  • The Insider: Adam Lambert and his mother Leila at Prince concert (Adam photo briefly at beginning) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Another from the club kid days...
        --And another!
        --2003. So blonde. :)
        --[RT of @Monterrific] Just got off the phone with @adamlambert (we have each others numbers) and are excited go kick
          some ass in Moscow Montsters Of Rock 91 style

  • Adam tweets:
        --Haley gets criticized cuz she's the best and SO not cookie cutter. She was Fiesty 2n b/c she's a strong, smart woman.
          my fav kind o woman.
        --The other three are doing great and are working hard but have grown so predictable to me. Not bringing much freshness
          to the table.
        --Bottom line- in my opinion, Haley would make the edgiest, most original album out of the three. #Realness
        --Err 4
        --Opinions are like assholes..... #WETWIPES
        --Don't get me wrong y'all. James, Lauren and Scotty are so talented! They'll all do very well. But their voices can all b
          compared to others
        --"I'm on the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge!!!!"
        --@AllisonIraheta mornin doll!!! ;)

  • Adam tweets:
        --Started watching the Voice finally. What an awesome show!
        --@vamosamy haha I spend 6-8 hrs in the studio almost daily! When I come home I switch on the dvr!

  • Adam tweets:
        --@OhFerras Sounded so great at Hotel Cafe tonight! Inspiring!

  • Adam leaving Hotel Café (where he saw his friend Ferras perform) 

  • Flea FM: Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Seen lots of black birds actin strange in hollyweird today.

  • Adam Lambert’s Whataya Want From Me Wins 2011 BMI Pop Music Award (e-article) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --[RT of @Shoefone] I'm ready to see #Glee sing @adamlambert's "Whadaya Want From Me". I could see Artie singing it to

  •  Adam tweets:
        --Javier!!! Gave me the chills!
        --Javier is one of the contestants on #thevoice ! I actually have an EP of his from a few yrs back. Loved him then and now!!!
        --So excited for rehearsal tomorrow for upcoming Moscow show! Excited to reunite w my band and re-visit FYE songs!

  • Adam gets a new tattoo Adam Lambert Getting a Tattoo
        --Adam Leaving 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Watching dvr'd idol. HALEY!!!! mopped the floor. See?!?!
        --@TommyJoeRatliff thanks for telling me bout Kevin at Kat Von D's high voltage tattoo! I wish he coulda tattooed us at the
          same time!
        --Do you all wanna guess what I got?
        --(this should be fun)
        --[RT of @janesgravity] @adamlambert A unicorn flying on a giant penis
        --@jazzyjessy_88 nope
        --[RT of @DreamyJames] @adamlambert A TATTOO OF YOUR TATTOO WITHIN A TATTOO #Inception
        --[RT of @CheriseEexin] @adamlambert A women with three breasts ;)
        --@bjeweld1 wow great imagination!
        --A UNICORN?! really guys? Seriously?
        --[RT of @christinaseow] @adamlambert A bottle of jack with a toothbrush. #Ke$haAppreciation
        --[RT of @Moonlitatdawn2] @adamlambert A pink elephant. With glittery roller-skates.
        --@suntomylettuce hahah clever
        --Based on drawing by Hans Haveron and tattooed by Kevin Lewis!
        --Man these paparazzi dudes are getting pesky. it's like having a rat problem. Anyone know where to get traps?
        --@isitreallybilly at first it was flattering. Now I'm like , "who the hell wants a boring picture of me walking to my car?"
        --@purplegirll the funny thing is, these last two were a actually kinda cute
        --Don't get me wrong- not upset... Just sharing. :)
        --Sad for Haley... But it's all good! Can't wait to hear her music!!
        --@slirt shit! Sorry man.
        --@Monterrific yeeehaw! American Country Idol. ;)
        --@milestougeaux @negativeneil haha well i didn't know u needed a gig... Hahah

  • TMZ TV: Adam Lambert Inked Up (photo briefly at start and end) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Soo sorry for spoiling the idol results tonight for west coasters. Wasn't even thinking....
        --Saw BRIDESMAIDS tonight w my boyfriend and @TommyJoeRatliff. We laughed sooo hard. it's hilarious. (and I had the
          best Carmel corn....yummy)
        --@MDMOLINARI Happy Birthday!

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --Check this video out -- Jonte "Bitch you betta" via
        --Twitter party!!! Ask me something good? [Summary of twitter party with both questions and answers]

  • Flea FM: Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --Current fav track on Born this Way is "Heavy Metal Lover" so sexy.
        --@theNicksterR oh don't worry--- there's plenty of that. :)
        --Also Scheiße

  • Adam tweets:
        --@Mr_Spencer_T yes please!

  • Radio Maximum: Maxidrom Festival promo (audio – Adam briefly at 0:15)

  • Romania TV: Whataya Want From Me playing in background for “dragostepunctro” 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Excited to go to idol finale tonight!!
        --Some amaaaazing performances at Idol tonight!!
        --I met Jack Black!!! Such a fan!
        --Beyonce and Gaga's performances were awesome!!! Oh and Steven Tyler!!! Hot!

  • Adam attends Season 10 Finale of American Idol (in audience only)
        --American Idol (Didi Benami and Brandon Rogers): Red Carpet Interview 
        --MTV (Jim Cantiello) Adam Lambert Making His Dream Album 
        --Extra: Adam Lambert Talks About His Next Album
        --Fox All Access interview (posted in June) 
        --Access Hollywood: On American Idol Red Carpet
        --Celebrity red carpet (Adam at 0:50)
        --Gettyimages: Adam Lambert on the red carpet   Clip 1   Clip 2   Clip 3
        --Glimpse of Adam in audience    

  • Adam tweets:
        --Forgot to mention how great @reevecarney and U2 were last night. Love that beat they added to the song since I saw
          it in NYC
        --@MiaTyler great to finally meet u last night!!!

  • Maximum 103.7 FM -- High Society Morning Show (Russia): Adam Lambert telephone interview (audio – Adam at 0:45)

  • ClevverMusic: Adam Lambert Opens Up About New Album Details  

  • Adam tweets:
        --@siamusic well hello there ye of full heart! :)
        --Ever wonder how a hit song gets written? Everyone watch #PlatinumHit this Monday 05/30 at 10/9c on @BravoTV

  • Adam tweets:
        --Dear fans: THAT was the performance. It was a daytime performance.
        --Onstage in Moscow
        --Soundcheck? Umm Im confused. Haha
        --Creatively inspired by today's Russian fans! No matter how much studio fun I have- nuttin like doin it live! Reminded
          why I luv 2 sing.
        --@Slash agreed!!
        --[RT of @TheAdvocateMag] Choi Beaten, Arrested in Russia: After an attempt to march in Moscow for gay pride, a group of 
          several activists...
        --So shocked that this happened today at the same hour and same city as I was performing in. #majordamperonthings
        -- #majordamperonthings

  • Festival Maxidrom (Concert in Moscow)
        Venue: Festival Maxidrom, Tushino Airfield

        --No keyboardist as Cam was ordered by her doctor to stay home
        --After Music Again, the audience releases the balloons they’ve been holding for Adam
        --After 20th Century Boy, Adam takes a drink and makes a toast in Russian (here’s to your health) and proclaims “I love
        --Hooplamagnet’s page with pics/videos (lots of videos to view/download)
        --Devan's page (more pics/videos)

        Set List:
        --Music Again 
        --Down The Rabbit Hole
        --Whataya Want From Me
        --20th Century Boy
          Band Intro and Vodka Toast
        --If I Had You   
        --Whole Lotta Love
        --Sure Fire Winners

        --MSN Russia (Billboard): Maxidrom 2011 (Adam sings Music Again at 2:25) 
        --Radio Maximum: Adam Lambert Interview Behind the Scenes
        --Cosmopolitan Moscow: interview
        --HOBOCTH (Russian TV): Adam Lambert in Moscow  

        Fan Videos:
        --@OlvyaLicious meets Adam Lambert (GlamStarky)
        --Maxidrom Adam Lambert and fans (filatius)
        --Maxidrom Adam Lambert meets with fans (filatius)
        --Adam Lambert gives autographs in Moscow (tasenok)  
        --Adam Lambert in Moscow (4ntOn1n4)
        --Adam Lambert after show (cherry1570)  
        --Adam Lambert in Moscow, Russia (lllegiya)
        --Adam Lambert, Maxidrom (polinkakaulitz)  
        --Adam signing autographs (sonya9587)
        --Adam signing autographs 2 (sonya9587)
        --Adam signing autographs 3 (sonya9587)
        --Adam Lambert and fans after the show at Maxidrom 2011 (JadellEJ)
        --Meet & Greet Maxidrom (sonya9587)
        --Adam leaving Maxidrom (sonya9587) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Airport bar in Moscow. Sipping Russian vodka and Bad Romance is playing. #nostrovia
        --Heavy pour. #nostrovia

  • Flea FM: Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour  

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --Yeah Ivan!!! You rock buddy!! .be/CmMJOMIeSmo
        --Seen on a London stroll...

  • ​No Adam news

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May 28, 2011: Adam performs at the Festival Maxidrom in Moscow  
Photo credit: AndrejSuchkov
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