December 28, 2011: Adam Lambert -- A Special Message to his Fans        
Video credit: AdamOfficial

"Jetlag+Vodka=blackout. Us÷blackout=irrational confusion.
 jail+guilt+press=lesson learned. Sauli+Adam+hangover burgers= laughing bout it." 
                                                       --Adam Lambert, December 22, 2011 

  • Adam tweets:
        --@sam_sparro I know!! Wind insanity!!
        --@ClaudeKelly congrats on the Grammy nod!!
        --Let's recognize World AIDS Day and RT 'We are going to win this fight' #WAD2011 #worldaidsday

        --@ladygaga Excited to see it!!

  • Sundance Channel: That’s Rad – Adam Lambert (Ep. 3, Season 2) Preview Glimpse #2 – All On the Line With Joe Zee  

  • Adam tweets:
        --Get it Gaga! Your creative freedom is inspiring! (and I can't get the song outta my head!) #earworm


  • Adam tweets:
        --So much fun watching the @Beyonce Live At Roseland DVD last night w @LoveMrSpencer and friends last night... Sooo
          good DIVA. #bestvocals
        --@saulikoskinen1 and @riffcherry... Awww :)

  • Flea FM: Liam McEwan Adam Lambert Hour (audio)


  • Adam tweets:
        --Randomly met @TheRealXtina for the first time last night. She was lovely. #alwaysafan
        --Details on single coming any day now... I'm getting so excited!!!


  • Adam tweets:
        --I'm my OWN frontman. :) maybe an special occasion guest, sure, but #Trespassing is my next big obsession.
        --... And YOUR next big obsession. #Trespassing #betterthaniknowmyself

  • Adam tweets:
        --[RT of 4evrmomof4] RT @tomandlorenzoPerfect client ----> @adamLambert He knows fashion well. #AllOnTheLine 
          @MrJoeZee @SundanceChannel
        --[RT of Xstrology] #Aquarius are cosmically entitled to live like rock stars and to be drunk and naked all the time.


  • Adam tweets:
        --[RT of LoveMrSpencer] "@TaylorG90: @adamlambert @LoveMrSpencer @sutanamrull Mmmmmmm. #ipoopfromthere --- 
          I love you marys!
        --@jairodriguez great seeing you last night! :)
        --@courtneyact had a great time at your show last night diva !

  • Flea FM: Liam McEwan Adam Lambert Hour 

  • Adam tweets:
        --I got to see wild animals up close and personal this week! Wildlife Waystation: 
        -- Martine Colette founded the sanctuary in '76. She is a fascinating woman w/ a huge  
          heart an...

  • Adam tweets:
        --[RT of TheIlluminati] If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time.
        --@BretEastonEllis I actually thought he was one of the stronger performances in the film. (Brooks)
        --Drunk on Love by @rihanna us STIIIIILLLL werking me out. Sooo good
        --[RT of Oligee1] @adamlambert @Josh_Abraham let's check twitter again...and again..and again.

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --Countdown begins.... 12 hrs until a big unveiling....
        --Better Than I Know Myself drops on December 20th! avail on all digital music providers. Happy Holidays!!
        --Wanna hear a snippit?:

  • Adam tweets:
        --Check out a preview of Better Than I Know Myself here:
        --[RT of karin4000] RT @SonyMusicGlobal: Official news on @adamlambert's single & album: 
          #BetterThanIKnowMyself #TRESPASSING
        --“@lestermendez: tip of the day : lay off the sriracha for a while!” hear that @brookesauce75 ?? Lol

  • ClevverMusic: Adam Lambert “Better Than I Know Myself” Single Artwork  

  • Adam tweets:
        --Wanna hear ALL of "Better Than I Know Myself"? Click:

  • Adam arrives in Shanghai, China  

  • MTV World Stage: Promotion for airing of the European Music Awards has glimpses of Adam 

  • Adam tweets:
        --#betterthaniknowmyself #trespassing

  • Adam tweets:
        --@_C_Johnston_ damn right they are! :) I wouldn't have it any other way!!
        --[RT of AdamBertDaily] @adamlambert Trespassing is #54 on Amazon Bestsellers list! Preorder it now! 

        --[RT of OMFGMusic] Adam Lambert's new single "Better Than I Know Myself" is pure pop gold. Way to go, @AdamLambert!
        --JETLAG SUX
        --Jetlag knows me #betterthaniknowmyself
        --wow!! Thank you!: arjanwrites music blog ::: Adam Lambert "Better Than I Know Myself" (Single Review): ...

  • Adam performs at a private Amway event in Shanghai, China (For Your Entertainment, Down The Rabbit Hole, Strut, 20th Century Boy, If I Had You)

  • Flea FM: Liam McEwan Adam Lambert Hour (audio)

  • Adam tweets:
        --My new single "BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF" is available on Itunes! GET IT HERE:

  • Celebs: Adam Lambert Wishes Fans Happy Holidays  

  • Adam arrives in Helsinki, Finland

  • Adam tweets:
        --[RT of AZGlamFan] @adamlambert #BetterThanIKnowMyself #13 US iTunes Pop & #24 General!!! Go Adam!!!!
        --[RT of sweizzGlambert] “@barbls23: @adamlambert's BTIKM is #1 at iTunes Finland. i love Finland!!”
        --Wow! What a great first day!! Thank you all for buying the single. I love touching you all thru song.
        -- #betterthaniknowmyself
        --Happy Hanukkah!!
        --[RT of Crazzyjimi] #BetterThanIKnowMyself is such a good song. Can't wait for the album @adamlambert
        --[RT of tlstls3113] “@GrammyboyXD: I venture to say that @adamlambert is probably the music industry's BEST male
          singer right now!”
        --[RT of MattyyBabyy] 3 more copies of "Better Than I Know Myself" by @adamlambert are being gifted here. Send me 
          emails. Thank @livelovelambert

  • Adam tweets:
        --[RT of Frank_dance] El nuevo single de @adamlambert Better That I know Miself me transmite muchísimo :D
        --[RT of monflaa] @NRJNorge Jeg trenger å få høre @adamlambert sin nye singel #BetterThanIKnowMyself !!! Pretty 
          please? <3
        --[RT of LiveLoveLambert] Hey @Z100NewYork @Z100MoBounce! Some Glamberts would LOVE to hear you guys play 
          @adamlambert's new single "Better Than I Know Myself" <3
        --[RT of Naatvk] Me encanta la nueva canción de @adamlambert "Better Than I Know Myself" :)
        --@xadamsvoice of course there will be a video!! Naturally! Filming it early January 2012.
        --@elivieiramon Gracias! Eres Bienvenido.
        --@Glambert_Spain Gracias!!!! Adoro a mis fans españoles.
        --@alexanderenrico you are a GREAT fan and friend to those you've gifted to. Thank you!!
        --@robininny when it's ready. ;)
        --Helsinki on kaunis kaupunki täynnä kauniita ihmisiä! Kiitos!
        --上海是一個偉大的城市,參觀!我有好玩 Shanghai is a great city to visit. I had fun.
        --[RT of loveforlambert] @adamlambert BTIKM is at #21 overall US iTunes singles and #11 pop singles :D let's get it into 
          the top 10!
        --(google translate is so cool) haha
        --[RT of iheartlambertx] @adamlambert BTIKM is #2 at iTunes middle east!! 6.

  • Adam tweets:
        --Jetlag+Vodka=blackout. Us÷blackout=irrational confusion. jail+guilt+press=lesson learned. Sauli+Adam+hangover
          burgers= laughing bout it. :)
        --[RT of NoyLuvAdam] Haha, hey adam, watch that. @adamlambert -
          feature=share "Adam lambert, don't hate Finland".
        --Violence is not to be taken lightly. Embarrassed by drunkenness. No punches thrown, no injuries and no charges. Media 
          always exaggerates.

  • Sony Music Portugal
        --Adam Lambert: Feliz Ano Novo 
        --Adam Lambert: Feliz Natal

  • Adam arrested in Finland (Ken Lombardi): Adam Lambert Arrested in Finland 
        --E! News Now: Idol Alum Adam Lambert Arrested 
        --AOL Music blog: Adam Lambert Arrested in Finland  
        --TMZ Helsinki: Funny Segment Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen 
        --Hollyscoop: Adam Lambert Arrested After Bar Brawl in Finland  

  • AXN Buzz Entertainment NOW: Adam on the EMA red carpet at 0:17 & 0:24, w/Queen on stage at 2:42 (aired in Japan on Dec 23-26)  
  • Adam tweets:
        --Xmas Eve with the Koskinens! Just had a huge traditional Finnish feast and now opening gifts! Merry and bright! Hyv... 

        --"I get kinda dark. Let it go too far. I can be obnoxious at times but try and see my heart." #betterthaniknowmyself
        --" Cuz I need you now. So don't let me down. Ur the only thing in this world I would die without" 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Merry Xmas!! ;)

  • Adam Lambert--Back in the US of A  

  • Flea FM: Liam McEwan Adam Lambert Hour (audio)

  • Adam tweets:
        --New @Rihanna and @jessiejofficial videos lookin real cute. Feeling all the 90s fashion. Here we go!
        --[RT of adamgasm1982] #ifihad1wish it would be to spend 24 hours with @adamlambert & see what his life's like from his 
        --Oh and that @SabiSoundz song "Wild Heart" is nuts. One of my fav songs of the year.
        --[RT of MTorranceMusic] @adamlambert 's new tune is incredible. #nice

  • Adam tweets:
        --[RT of BorneoBert] @adamlambert And BTIKM was voted #4 on ZM FM countdown last night in NZ!
        --Ooh yeah me too! Thanks for the tip. :)@Pink: Great article and just what I needed today:
        --@ClaudeKelly my mental state as well! Ha!! See u soon man!

  • Adam tweets:
        --@ClaudeKelly Happy Birthday!!

  • AdamOfficial: Adam Lambert—A Special Message to His Fans 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Happy Birthday Bro!!
        --@negativeneil they say it's your birfday!
        Twitter party (14 tweets)  
        --ladies and gents: for those of you who don't know, please meet @ashleydzerigian - my new badass diva on bass.
        --And mr @TommyJoeRatliff is feat as lead guitar now. He understands my musical vision, plays so tastefully and as an 
          ensemble! Go team!
        --And the incomparable @isaacthecarp on drums!! So in the pocket!!! And the biggest heart...
        --And @UhHuhHerMusic's Cam on keys!! A true artist and musician... And a sexy spirit!! Luv ya Cam!!
        --@MrCocozzaFans yeah! March 20th is the album release date!
        --@Renae_Young the albums not even out yet... No clue when a tour is happening... One thing at a time... ;)
        --I'm so excited for you all to Trespass into my world and under my skin with this album!!! My Lightness and Darkness 
          collide on this one...

  • Adam tweets:
        --Just a quick thank you to all who are helping get BTIKM noticed! I wouldn't have been able to make this album if you 
          weren't so passionate.
        --You all got my back and I feel that love!!! Thank you!!
        --Wow. Cool to see some highlights over the past couple years! flattered.“@Sleepwalkerbug: sexy :3 
        --@EdenEspinosa really? Aww you were pretty hot yourself. :)
        --@EdenEspinosa sure thing buddette!
        --@NidaIrshad_96 thanks Nida!! ;)
        --@gerhanaputri like a girl version of buddy. Buddy + ette
        --@jonnycota when can I see?!?!

  • Adam tweets:
        --Enjoying the last sunset of the year w my love @saulikoskinen1 ! 2012 is gonna be nuts!!

  • YouTube: Better Than I Know Myself ads begin to run (randomly for the youtube videos with ads) 

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December 19, 2011: Adam's new single is released on i-tunes  
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