January 29, 2012: Adam performs Better Than I Know Myself live at the Q-music Snowcase in Austria
Video credit: qmusic

"There are times when I find the inner strength to be who I am and there are other times when it’s confusing and it’s sad and it’s tough. 
--Adam Lambert, January 11, 2012 
January 17, 2012: Adam's new band backstage at Ellen (Tommy, Isaac, Ashley, Kevin)  
Photo credit: kevmokeys

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
        --@lilybop2010 age of Aquarius!
  • Adam tweets:
        --@siamusic I feel you!! ;)

  • ETalk: Great Music to Look Out For In 2012 (Adam briefly at 1:40)

  • Adam tweets:
        --@Q102Philly thanks for the spin y'all!! :)

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --This juice cleanse feels so good! Cafe Gratitude: I'm grateful, I'm energized, I'm glowing. :) #januarydetox
        --@deanpiper thanks Dean!! The detox ain't as hard as u might think. :)
        --[RT of @ClaudeKelly] s/o to all the #Glamberts worldwide who are working like crazy to support @adamlambert and
          make BTIKM a hit. love ya.
        --@alisanporter YOU'RE so hot.

  • Rolling Stone: Playlist -- Adam is #2 favorite song 


  • Sky UK (Promo): Adam Lambert Concert Coming Soon to Chart Show TV

  • Press Party: Adam Lambert Talks to Press Party (e-article with interview)  

  • ​Adam tweets:
​        --The BTIKM video has been filmed! We wrapped just before 4am! An intense 20 HOUR day!! Thanks to the amazing crew! 
          Can't wait to share.
        --@Ray_Kay thanks for everything!! Can't wait to see it!!



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​        --[RT of @SonyMusicGlobal] Want to know more ab @adamlambert & his upcoming release, Trespassing? Check out this
          interview w/ Pressparty!

  • Adam Lambert & Lauren Conrad leave Katsuya sushi restaurant (Adam at 0:53) 

             “There are times when I find the inner strength to be who I am and there are other times when it’s confusing and it’s sad and it’s tough.”

  • Virgin Radio 96, Montreal (Cousin Vinny): Adam Lambert Calls Virgin Radio  

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        --Morning!! Doing photoshoot for Japanese press today!
        --Has everyone requested #BTIKM on your favorite radio station this morning? Let's storm 'em!! ;) thanks!!
        --Win my @Versace jacket I wore to @usweekly Hot Hollywood! Bid @charitybuzz give @ACLU_SoCal  

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        --[RT of @19News] In case you missed it last night, @DurbinRock rocked #LoveMeBad on #CONAN. Check it via 
        --@DurbinRock dug the Conan performance! You and the band sound great!
        --And in case you missed it, here's @UhHuhHerMusic on Kimmel:

        --Just catching up on performances on YouTube... What else did I miss?
        --[RT of @danstruter] “She puts the shot glass down, she asks for another round, girl dont u hit the ground, is it
          kickin in” . #KickinIn - @adamlambert


  • Kurt Browning skates to Adam’s "Feeling Good" (Season 8 Performance) at the Stars on Ice program

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --Madonna's new album is called "M.D.N.A." hahah Genius!!!!
        --Oye. So many replies that don't get the title. Hello.... Ever been to a rave? Or know what those are??
        --I'm gonna be singing Better Than I Know Myself on Leno tomorrow night!! Set ur dvr's and tivos!!

  • Fox FM 101.9 (Australia): Adam’s Message for Byron Cooke 

  • ZM Online Audio Interview with Polly (NZ)   Part 1   Part 2 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Better Than I Know Myself video is coming soon...
        --Glamberts I see you!! #TonightShow
        --@RickeyMinor great seeing u Rickey!!
        --@jayleno thanks for a great day Jay! Good to see you as always!
        --I love my band!! Chapter 2 begins!!! @TommyJoeRatliff @ashleydzerigian @IsaacTheCarp and introducing @Kevmokeys!!
        --I'm so excited for this new chapter to begin! Thank you to all of you out there for your love and support.
          Enjoy Tresp…
        --East coasters: turn on LENO! Watch my first live performance of Better Than I Know Myself!! #openingnight

  • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Adam sings Better Than I Know Myself
        --Backstage Interview (Adam at 3:10)  

  • Adam tweets:
        --“@StaceyQuinton: @adamlambert You are a HOT MESS” why thank you. Nobody's perfect! ;)
        --@shannonls82 happy birthday!!
        --[RT of @nilerodgers] Not only does Adam sing his A$$ off, he's genuinely a nice person, sincerely thoughtful and kind.
          I'm happy to know him
        --[RT of @HansHaveron] Gearing up to take pre-sale orders for my "Skeleton Key" pendant to be released on March 20th!! 

        --Be sure to tune into the @TheEllenShow tomorrow! I'm singing Better Than I Know Myself and Ellen and I sit down and

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --“@deanpiper: FIRST LISTEN: Adam Lambert's wonderful Trespassing...... #adamlambert
” THANKS DEAN!!! Glad u dug it!
        --@MaxwellsHouse :) great catching up!!
        --Here is a preview of the upcoming video "Better Than I Know Myself"
        --[RT of @Electroqueer] Album Review: EQ's Thoughts on Adam Lambert's New Album "Trespassing"

  • Ellen Degeneres: Adam sings Better Than I Know Myself (taped 1/18)
        --Performance and Interview 

  • Q102 Philly radio (Maxwell’s House): Adam Lambert Exclusive Chat (full interview)

  • Adam tweets:
        --RIP Etta
        --a lil music education moment: FALSETTO. It's not full, belted out chest voice. It's small, light pretty head voice.
          Widely misunderstood. :)
        --...not to b rude - but it's so often used to describe my voice but I hardly ever use my falsetto. Jus' sayin'
        --One of my fav examples of a wicked falsetto is "Kiss" by Prince. A full tenor chest voice is "Open Arms" by Journey.
          get the distinction?
        --@go4itanywy that's called Vibratto. ;)
        --“@lestermendez: @adamlambert BUT, when you do sing falsetto, its pure and utter win!” hahah thanks Lester!!
        --@nrhgardner naw I don't do much of a mix. (prob would be 'safer' for my voice, but..)
        --Haha this is fun. All you singers know exactly what I'm talking about.
        --@PersianGlamDr on the last album i used falsetto in Broken Open, A Loaded Smile and the "eyes baby eyes" part of
          Music Again.
        --@CazGlambert_ only when it's high and really light. If its powerful and loud it's called a "belt" "full" or "chest voice".
        --@AhhhAdam yes. Good example. The "nervous" line. But the big "look right thru me aaaaand..." was a belt.
        --BTIKM is def not falsetto. It's fuckin high! Def tricky. :) but it feels so great to wail that out. Cathartic.
        --The difference isn't so much about the note being hit, it's HOW it's being hit. Bass/alto/tenor/soprano are vocal ranges.
        --Ok. Nuff of all that. I'm such a nerd.
        --But if u wanna hear more great falsetto check out Jeff Buckley, Matthew Bellamy of Muse and Radiohead. :)
        --@JoStBeans haha yes. The BeeGees sang most of their tunes in Falsetto.
        --@adamsminion ok! A bridge is the middle section of a song that is diff from the rest. the bridge in BTIKM starts w "I get 
          kinda dark"...
        --@adamsminion a hook is the catchy part that gets stuck in your head. Usually they're in a chorus, and sometimes they're 
        --@adamsminion the hook in WWFM is the line "whattaya want from me". The guitar plays it at the beginning and it's in a 
        --Another GREAT falsetto singer is Justin Timberlake. He uses it all the time. And he's real good at it.
        --@AidanMcEwan middle 8 and bridge are the same thing. Two different names. :)
        --Another example of falsetto is the incredibly sexy jam "Hypnotize U" by N.E.R.D. Pharrell werks that vocal out!
        --It Will Rain by Bruno Mars is in chest voice. The only part that's falsetto is the OOOOh's. He has got one hell of a voice!
          Big fan.
        --@nieceyE another interchangeable term. Means the same thing.
        --@allakovalkova yeah Mika!! Another good example of falsetto.
        --@reevecarney thanks Reeve!
        --My morning!
        --@BonnieMcKeee Happy Bday BON Bon
        --Woah the Stupid Hoe video by Nicki Minaj is a trip!! (Skingraft werk it out!!)

          American Idol alumni Adam Lambert called into “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Thursday to talk about how he ended up in a Finnish jail late last year with
          boyfriend Sauli Koskinen, and more importantly gave Ryan details on his upcoming album Trespassing. 

  • 99.7 Now radio (San Francisco): Adam Lambert interview   Part 1   Part 2
        --One video clip with "normal" view (duplicates one of the above videos)  Each video is 3 minutes 
        --Full interview (audio only)
        --Arriving at the station
        --Short clip of Adam's back (while he's talking on radio)

  • Alice @ 97.3 radio (San Francisco): Adam Lambert interview (audio)

  • Adam tweets:
        --@NICKIMINAJ u got balls girl! That's some campy, cray cray shit!! Love it.

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --@ashleydzerigian happy birthday!!!!
        --New issue of Rolling Stone features an excellent in-depth article on David Bowie! Great read!

  • Adam tweets:
        --MY ALBUM COVER!!!
        --In addition to serving as Executive Producer of TRESPASSING, I'm also Creative Director. @leecherry is my Art Director
          and Photographer

  • Access Hollywood (Dish of Salt): interview clips:
        --Trespassing on Adam Lambert  
        --Is Adam Lambert Ready to Turn 30?  
        --Adam Lambert Toning Down His Rocker Look?  

        --TV Version  (Glamfan2011) 480

  • Adam Lambert’s Better Than I Know Myself About Duality  

  • Adam tweets:
        --Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement! Can't wait for you all to hear it!!

  • Yahoo Reality Rocks (Lindsey Parker) 
        --Part 1  Adam Lambert Talks Party Buses, Hot Messes, Turning 30, Finding Love & Finding His Voice
           [e-article]  [video]
        --Part 2 Adam Lambert Discusses His Shady Side, “Straight-Jackets,” Nastiness, and Naked Love (posted 1/25)
           [e-article] [video]

  • ClevverMusic (Bridget Daly): Adam Lambert Trespassing Album Cover

  • Most Successful Idol Contestants 

  • Adam tweets:
        --You guys ready for the Better Than I Know Myself video premiere? January 30th on VEVO. #bdayrealness

  • The Insider (Jarrett Wieselman): Adam Lambert Fears the Sophomore Slump!  

  • PROhoboctn (Russia): News Feature About Adam (Translation in comment section below video)

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --Just signed off on the final edit of the BTIKM video. I'm soooo proud of this piece! Can't wait for you to see it!!!
        --Listening to "We Can Make the World Stop" by @theglitchmob. So sick!!! Go get a copy. Perfect for a workout.

  • VEVO: Behind the Scenes – Better Than I Know Myself Video 

  • Adam tweets 
        ​--Behind-the-scenes of the BTIKM is up now: , leading up to NEW premiere date of Feb 3 on
          @VEVO. #ItsWorthTheWait
        --Better Than I Know Myself video is coming... 2/3 on VEVO!

  • VH1: Interview (7 clips in one video) 
        --Clip 1: Is Adam Lambert Team Peeta or Team Gale?  
        --Clip 2: Adam Lambert Opens Up About His Out-There Style  
        --Clip 3: Adam Lambert Talks About Writing Better Than I Know Myself  
        --Clip 4: Adam Lambert Talks About Writing An Anthem For "Outsiders"  
        --Clip 5: Adam Lambert Explains The Meaning Behind His New Music Video
        --Clip 6: Adam Lambert Tells Us Who Played That Killer Guitar On His New Song  
        --Clip 7: Adam Lambert Talks About Growing From 'American Idol'  

  • Adam Lambert Discusses His Style Shift from “Lisa Frank Unicorn” to “Classic With an Edge”  (same video as Clip 2 above)

  • Adam tweets:
        ​--Today is my birthday, and for my 30th I’d like you all to help me change the world:
        --“@TheIlluminati: Why don't you make tomorrow the best day of your life?”
        --[RT of @negativeneil] Or, here's a direct link to my photo store. Cut out the middle man.
        --Lets use birthdays to raise $1 million this year for @charitywater 100% directly funds water 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADAM! (born in 1982 at 10:44 pm in Indianapolis, Indiana)

  • Adam tweets:
        --@riffcherry happy Birthday godson!!
        --@Oprah Happy Birthday!!
        --Last year we raised over $300,000 for @charitywater. This year let’s make a bigger impact:

        --“@milestougeaux:” lol bran-nu
        --"Well I was walkin for some time, when I came across this sign- sayin 'who are u and where are u from? We don't like
           when visitors come'"...
        --..."No Trespassing that's what it said, at least that's what I could read. No Trespassing? Yeah, my ass! Wait till ya get a
          load of me!"
        --"I don't need no sympathy. I won't cry and whine. Life's my light and liberty, and I'll shine when I wanna shine"
        --"Make their faces crack- there's no turnin back. Let's GO!"
        --BTIKM video coming soon. ;)

  • BLISS UK (music channel) airs Adam Lambert birthday special. It opens with a birthday card with photo wishing Adam happy birthday and then they ran his four music videos (Whataya Want From Me, For Your Entertainment, If I Had You, Time For Miracles)

  • BestWeekEver (Michelle Collins) The Ultimate 30th Birthday Adam Lambert GIF Wall  

  • Q-Snowcase 2012: 
        --Full Uncut Interview   Part 1   Part 2
        --Performance: Full unedited livestream (all songs)
        Set List
          --Better Than I Know Myself
          --Outlaws of Love
          --Whataya Want From Me

  • Billboard in Baltimore, MD wishing Adam a happy birthday (photo)

  • Radio 7 (Germany): Adam Lambert Interview (audio) 

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --A big thank you to all of the who signed this awesome birthday card for me! 

  • Take 40 Australia (Hot Hits): Adam Lambert Interview 

  • Bravo Web TV (Germany): Adam Lambert Interview (About His Album)

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