February 15, 2012: Adam  sings Better Than I Know Myself at Fresh 102.7 in New York during his radio promo tour.
Video credit: squeeni01

"I don't really care what the note is. I just care how it feels. 
                                                  --Adam Lambert, February 10, 2012 
February 1, 2012: Adam shows us his light and dark side in his Better Than I Know Myself music video.  
Photo credit: Illuxia
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  • Adam tweets:
        --Ready to see a sneak peek of "Better Than I Know Myself"? Head over to @VEVO and take a look:

  • VEVO: Sneak Peek at Adam’s Better Than I Know Myself music video

  • BigFM (Germany)
        --Promo (audio)
        --Radio Interview (audio)

  • ENews: Adam Lambert Interview

  • Adam tweets:
        --@indemandUK lovely chatting with you Alex!!
        --@johnkearns thank you for EVERYTHING!!

  • Adam Rejects Byron…. Again  

  • Trespassing is Sounding Better and Better   Part 1   Part 2 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Almost time for the video premiere!!! For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. #Newtonslawrealness
        --Ladies and Gents: Better Than I Know Myself. The Video. #BTIKM
        --Which side are you today? The Light or the Dark? Or, do you feel you've managed to balance the two?
        --@nilerodgers thanks Nile!! :)
        --Oooh them clever reporters takin my quotes outta context.... I haven't confirmed any guest appearances. I was talking
          about the EMA'S. :)
        --That being said, I'm truly flattered by your jump to such glorious conclusions mr journalist!! :)

  • 96.7FM / 102.5FM Citybeat Belfast (John Kearns Show): Interview (long version) includes BTIKM and Aftermath  (audio)

  • VEVO: Premiere of music video for Better Than I Know Myself

  • Live Showcase in London (private event for UK journalists sponsored by Chart TV) 
        --Better Than I Know Myself 
        --Outlaws of Love
        --Whataya Want From Me

  • Q-Music (NL): This was the Q-Snowcase 2012 (Adam briefly at 0:12 and 0:35)

  • VH1 News: Adam Lambert Opens Up About Queen  

  • Adam tweets:
        --Anyone know what "shirk" means?

  • NewsOne: Idol’s Adam Lambert to Tour with Queen

  • Iltalehti: Interview for Finnish Magazine (e-article) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Have you visited my Fansite? Lots of exclusive offers and a great community! :)
        --[RT of ElifVabay] \o/ RT @PinkGlamMonster: WHOO! BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF IS NOW OVER 1 MILLION VIEWS
          :DDDDDD @adamlambert"

  • Unplugged showcase at Mix Megapol in Stockholm
​        Songs
        --Better Than I Know Myself
        --Whataya Want From Me (at 3:45)
        --Outlaws of Love
​        Misc.
        --Arriving on stage
        --Getting ready 
        --Chatting on stage 

  • Fan videos of Adam in Sweden
        --Hello Jessie
        --Adam Lambert in Sweden
        --Adam Lambert in Sweden
        --Meeting Adam Lambert

  • Flea FM: Liam McEwan’s Adam Lambert Hour  

  • Adam tweets:
        --Loved the Madonna Half time show!! Feeling that Isis look!! Cee-Lo is so good. the middle finger? Cuz she "don't give a 
          shit". Harmless.
        --@yuki3sl that necklace was by @princepuja!
        --How did I catch this fever so fast? Ug. Dizzy. :(

  • News One (Bulgaria): Adam Lambert and Queen

  • Gay Galan (Swedish TV award show): Adam is scheduled to attend but doesn’t go due to illness
       --Quick hi before show (earlier in the day) 

  • Total Access UK: Signal Interview  (audio)   Part 1   Part 2

  • Adam tweets:
        --Feeling a better today. Not 100% but I think the fever is backing off. Yikes what a miserable night.
        --Thank u all for your kind get well wishes. I think they worked. :)
        --[RT of glad] Breaking: Anti-gay #Prop8 was once again ruled unconstitutional! #LGBT 

  • Today Entertainment News - Australia (Richard Wilkins): Adam Lambert (Adam at 1:25)

  • VH1 News: Adam Lambert Isn’t Afraid to Be Himself

  • Romeo in Demand (Scotland): Adam Lambert Interview (recorded 2/2/12 - audio)

  • Russian Love Radio: Adam Lambert Interview (Russian voiceover drowns out Adam - translation in description - audio) 

  • Maximumpop: Adam Lambert Talks Madonna Comeback, New Video, Making Sweet Passionate Love  (e-article teaser for In Demand Interview 2/9)

  • Adam tweets:
        --@TheEllenShow well said Ms. D!! Impressive. You are such an inspiration. :)
        --Yes I'm feeling much better. A 24 hr bug... brutal. I'm thrilled about prop 8 being ruled unconstitutional!! Best
          ever!! #equality
        --Home! Whew! Thanks to all the European fans and radio stations for your time and energy! :)
        --And of course the journalists as well :)
        --The moons all witchy in the Hollywood sky tonight.

  • Oha! 4 News Live (Japan): News feature about Adam

  • NRJ Sweden (Knappen & Hakim’s Wake Up Call): Adam Lambert Interview (audio)

  • Energy Radio (Germany): Adam Lambert Interview (audio)   Clip 1   Clip 2  

  • Adam tweets:
        --[RT of illuxxia] Better Than I Know Myself - Radio NRJ Finland Top Ten #1 for full seven weeks :D @adamlambert
        --Konnichiwa, Japan! I'll see you at Summer Sonic on August 18 & 19!

  • In:Demand with Alex James (UK): Radio interview  

  • Mix Megapol: Up Close With Adam Lambert (recorded 2/5/10)  (at end Adam says in Swedish: Mix Megapol - more music – better mixture)

  • MSN Music: Adam Lambert “I’m Ready to Work!” -- Full interview  

  • Press interviews backstage at the Grammy awards (Staples Center in Los Angeles)
        --104.3 MyFM: Adam Lambert and Ty Bentli at the Grammys! (posted with no sound)   
        --Mix 104.1 (Boston): Radio Interview
        --Tic 96.5 FM: Adam Lambert Talks Hair Care, Queen and More with Damon and Gina!  
        --WPLJ 95.5 (Race Taylor): radio interview
        --Q107.5: Backstage at the 54th annual Grammy Awards (ustream)  
        --Hot Hits 95.7 (Sarah Pepper): Adam Lambert on his New CD, New Relationship and Life (audio)
        --i93 (Adam Bomb): Adam Lambert Interview (audio)
        --KISS FM 92.5 Toronto (Taylor Kaye): Backstage at the 54th Grammys with Adam Lambert
        --Take 40 (Australia): Chupa Chups at the Grammys (Adam at 0:40, 2:20)
        --Trendwire (Kim Groomes): Backstage at the Grammys   
        --Reality Rocks (Lindsey Parker): Adam Lambert Talks Past Grammy Fashion faux Pas, Bruno Mars Collabo, Queen Rumors  

  • Adam tweets:
        --RIP Whitney

  • Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party Livestream: Adam Lambert Interview  
        --World Monitor: Leaving party
        --World Monitor: Adam Lambert Ignores his Fans
        --GettyImages: Red Carpet 1
        --GettyImages: Red Carpet 2 
        --ET: Stars Remember Whitney Houston (Adam at 2:13) 
        --Access Hollywood: Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party – Stars React to the Death of Whitney Houston (Adam at 0:06) Celebrities React to Houston’s Death (Adam at 0:58)  
        --NRJ Radio (Germany): Adam Lambert Take Over (Adam plays his favorite songs -– recorded 1/30/12)  

  • MOJOTV (France): Brief mention/photo of Adam at 2:00 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Red Carpet gazing from my laptop... nice threads peers! :)
        --@ScottyLaLa im in NYC bout to do a week of promo here... :)
        --also, can i just say that Jessie J and Alicia Keys were amazing last night...
        --both ladies sang very moving tributes to Whitney. Inspirational

  • Cover of Finnish magazine (scan)  

  • Adam tweets:
        --Just finally saw the SMASH pilot! Hooked. @meganhilty so happy for you!!!
        --@meganhilty ok! Yeah!!! ;)

  • VEVO News: Valentine’s Day With The Boys (Adam at 0:34—recorded 1/23/12)   

  • Byron Cooke Interview Clips (recorded 1/11/12)
        --Kickin In 
        --Broken English  

  • Garden of Dreams: Noelle Dadon sings “At Last” for Adam Lambert (Garden of Dreams is a non-profit charity that works “to make dreams come true for kids facing obstacles.”)  

  • American Idol commercial showing Adam's name   

  • Adam tweets:
        --[RT of GaleChester] Screencap by @danstruter: OMG @ADAMLAMBERT's BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF VIDEO #1 ON
          ITUNES USA. SO PROUD !!!!...
        --I love Canada! :)

  • Z100 (New York) Elvis Duran Show: Adam Lambert Stops By (Interview and Performance) 
        --Interview only 
        --Performance (Whataya Want From Me and Better Than I Know Myself) 
        --Meet and Greet (fan video)  

  • PriscillaonBroadway: Adam Lamberts Visits Priscilla! (Broadway Show called Priscilla Queen of the Desert)

  • Adam tweets:
        --The Better Than I Know Myself Music Video is on iTunes now!
        --Tune into @FuseTV at 8pm EST tonight to see me host the Fuse & @Maximmag Sexy Beats Countdown with
        --@phillipeblond the fashions were SICKNING Tonight!
        --@wolfgoat shirt and jacket by the divine Gareth Pugh, leather pants by Skingraft. ;)

  • The Fuse TV -- Adam hosts Episode 3 of Fuse TV's Top 100 Sexy Beats (also Episode 6 on 2/20/12 and Episode 9 on 2/23/12)

  • Q Magazine (e-article): Q&A Adam Lambert – How to Get From American Idol to Working With Pharrell, Nile Rodgers & Queen  

  • NewNowNext (all clips taped 1/23/12) 
        --First Set (Rapid Fire, Album Info)
        --Second Set (Music Revolution, Gay, BTIKM)
        --Third Set (posted 2/19/12) 
             1-Adam Lambert Talks Dream Date, Idols
             2-Rapid Fire Answers 

  • Fresh 102.7 (New York): Adam Lambert Performs In Studio
        --Fan Q&A (partial)  
        --Whataya Want From Me (fan video)  
        --Better Than I Know Myself   
        --Better Than I Know Myself (fan video)

  • Big Show at 95.5 WPLJ FM: Adam Lambert Live in Studio
        --Full Interview (WWFM at start, at 3:50 interview becomes audio only, Better Than I Know Myself at 5:55, ending chat
          at 9:45)  
        --Better Than I Know Myself (song only)
        --Whataya Want From Me (song only) 

  • WPLJ Scott & Todd Mornings: full radio interview (audio)

  • New York Fashion Week (Adam and Sauli at The Blonds) New York Fashion Week (look in audience on the right)     
        --FashionIndie: Adam in audience
        --New York Mag (e-article)
        --Adam Arriving
        --Fierth TV: The Blonds Fashion Show – Live Fast, Dye Blond (Adam at 0:40) posted 2-19-12 
        --Manufactured1987TV: The Blonds Runway Walk (posted 2/26/12)
        --CNDVideo: The Blonds Fall 2012 NYFW Runway  

  • HR3 Radio (Germany): Pop Talk (recorded 1/29/12)
        --Interview (audio)   
        --Better Than I Know Myself  

  • 93.3 Radio (San Diego) Interview with Adam at Grammy Radio Event

  • Adam tweets:
        --Good morning! Be sure to watch @VH1 at 10am. I'll be on #VH1Buzz!
        --[RT of QMagazine] Q&a @adamlambert - How does an @americanidol contestant end-up working with @pharrell 
          @nilerodgers & @QueenWillRock
        --Rumor control: no duets have been recorded except for Sam Sparro's feature on "Shady". Bruno has WRITTEN a song for 
          the album. :) #factcheck
        --@chrismaychris oh believe me I have. :)
        --I'm doing a chat with Saturday Night Online send in questions & l'll answer them 2/25 
          @saturdayonline @askanythingchat
        --Yes, the album release date has been pushed back. Working on some new songs, making the album even better!
          Thank you all for understanding.
        --Delta: quit over-booking your flights. Bumping people off a plane cuz you're trying to get out of debt is disgusting. 
        --(I'm not stuck... But someone close to me got screwed over today)

  • VH1 Big Morning Buzz (Carrie Keagan)
        --Adam Lambert Talks Queen Rumors, His New Album & Makes A Big Announcement  
        --Adam Lambert Makes a Big Announcement [repeat of a part of above video] 

  • Mix 106.1 (Philadelphia): Adam Lambert with Nicole and Logan 

  • Q102: Interview and Performance in the iheart theater
        --Adam Lambert Interview   Part 1   Part 2 
​        --Better Than I Know Myself 
        --Whataya Want From Me  
        --Fan Video:   Part 1 (with BTIKM)   Part 2

  • B104: Live Performance and Interview in Allenton, PA
        --Better Than I Know Myself  
        --Whataya Want From Me  
        --Adam Lambert Q & A  
​        --Fan Videos:   Better Than I Know Myself   Whataya Want From Me

  • 94.5 WPST Live Lounge: Performance and Interview
        --Better Than I Know Myself
        --Whataya Want From Me 
        Fan Videos:

  • Adam tweets:
        --I'll be on @MTV tomorrow (Sat 2/18) at 11:30amET. I’m co-hosting @10ontop with @lenaydunn!

  • 923Now radio: Adam Lambert In Studio with Sarah Lee (recorded 2-14-12) 

  • WBOM 92.7: Adam Lambert Joints Justin Louis on the air -- Live Interview and Whataya Want From Me (audio) 

  • B98.5: Adam Lambert Live (Better Than I Know Myself at 1:04, Q&A at 4:55, and Whataya Want from Me at 10:01)  

  • VH1: Adam Lambert on Nicki Minaj 

        --Interview (posted 2/21/12) 
        --Better Than I Know Myself (posted 2/21/12) 
        --Whataya Want From Me  (posted 2/21/12)

  • (Norway): Out Gay Idol Adam Lambert Speaks Out About Fight With Boyfriend 

  • Adam tweets:
        --“@smeggingnuts: @adamlambert have you though about revisiting the goatee?” hahaha. Have YOU? I dunno.
        --yeah i aint growin one... lol don't you fret glamberts... :)

  • MTV 10 on Top: Adam Lambert co-hosts
        --Full Show 
        --Bonus Clip: Funk Stuff  

  • Fuse TV: Adam Lambert Speaks – What Makes His Boyfriend So Sexy? (Top 20 Countdown Bonus Clip)  

  • P3 Star Radio (Sweden): Kitty Jutbring Interviews Adam (audio)  

  • Fuse TV: Behind the Scenes Top 100 Sexy Beats 

  • Fuse TV: Adam hosts Episode 6 of Top 100 Sexy Beats (see 2/15/12 for Episode 3 and 22/3/12 for Episode 9) 

  • 45 Minuuttia (Finland): Short Trailer of Adam Lambert interview

  • Bravo Magazine (Czech Republic) article (scan)

  • Adam tweets:
        --@AllisonIraheta MORNING!! :)
        --Setting the record straight in about an hour and a half. :)
        --As many suspected, I can finally confirm: I have been invited by Queen to sing one very special concert! Sonisphere at 
          Knebworth July 7th!
        --Sorry to be coy about the details the past few weeks, but I made a promise to keep it under wraps as best I could.
          Gonna be a surreal night!
        --[RT of @nilerodgers] Me playing "Shady" with Adam Lambert
        --@nilerodgers can't wait for you to hear it mixed. Almost done! :)
        --[RT of @TheIlluminati] Dreams don’t work unless you do.

  • Idolator: Adam Lambert Discusses ‘Trespassing’, Queen & More 

  • Poplick (Denmark): Adam Lambert promotes Poplick 

  • Highveld Stereo 94.7 FM (South Africa): The Breakfast Xpress (audio - recorded 2/2/12 while Adam was in London) 
        [Note: (same interview as 94.5 radio but aired separately – see below]

  • 94.5 Kfm (South Africa): Ryan O’Connor Interview (audio - recorded 2/2/12 while Adam was in London)
        [Note: same interview as 94.7 FM radio but aired separately - see above] 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Strange Clouds by BOB is NUTS! Shit!
        --B.O.B. ... :)
        --Haters: y'all just adding fuel to my fire! U make me work harder. Thank you for the motivation.
        --@BrunoMars Hook. :)
        --[RT of SuperStar1021] @adamlambert why do you only like men? I would dump my boyfriend for you, I really would
        --[RT of MarinaLeah] @adamlambert 2 of your mini #Glamberts they even sing the words along with you :) 

  • Fuse TV Top 20 Countdown: Adam co-hosts (includes Better Than I Know Myself video)

  • 45 Minuuttia (Finland): Preview of Adam Lambert interview

  • WOWOW TV (Japan): The Prime Show (Adam at beginning, 2:00 and 4:55)

  • AdamLambertJP (Japan): Adam shout out to Japan on the release of his new single  

  • Adam tweets:
        --@LenayDunn lots of "mouth-acting" happening. Lol

  • Freshly Squeezed TV (UK): Adam Lambert Interview (Adam talks about the metaphors in his BTIKM music video)  

  • VH1: Adam Lambert Head to Toe  

  • Fuse: Adam Lambert on Pharrell, BTIKM Video

  • Fox5: News Report About Adam Performing with Queen 

  • TeleFormula (Mexico): News Report about Adam singing with Queen (translation in description)

  • Adam on cover of BLIKK magazine (Norway) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --@JustinHawkins back atcha!!!! Gonna be a hell of a week! :)

  • The Fuse TV: Adam hosts Episode 9 of Top 100 Sexy Beats (he also hosts Episode 3 on 2/15/12 and Episode 6 on 2/19/12)

  • Adam Lambert a Fan of Bruno Mars 

  • Showbiz 411: Is American Idol’s Adam Lambert the new Freddy Mercury?  

  • AdamLambertJP (Japan): Promo to win Adam’s autograph (Japan only)  

  • Adam on cover of Poplick magazine (scan)
        --Inside: Page 3   Page 10   Page 11   Page 12

  • Clarin (Argentinian newspaper): Small blurb about Adam and Queen (photo)  

  • Adam tweets:
        --“@Jakeshears: Nothing like a studio visit from Nile Rodgers to wake the room up”
          can I come play?! ;)
        --@Jakeshears in LA... You??
        --Had best time hosting FUSE 100 sexy beats countdown but whoops my long shirt n' boots made my legs look SO stumpy. 
        --And I wonder why everyone always says "OH you're tall". On camera I keep looking vertically lame. Making myself look
          all boxy n shit. Hahaha

  • AdamOfficial: Would Adam Rather Trespass into Buckingham Palace or the White House?
        [Note: this is the first in a series of clips where fans are asked to guess Adam’s answers before the video is posted in a feature called Do You Know
          Adam Better Than You Know Yourself?]  

  • 2Day FM Fox 101.9 (Australia): Kyle & Jackie O Show - Adam Lambert Interview (pre-recorded)  

  • Adam tweets:
        --Usher: Climax is majah
        --"Disparate Youth" by Santigold- yes please! So sexy.

  • FM Yokohama Radio Hits Radio (Japan): Adam introducing Better Than I Know Myself on the radio (audio)

  • Flea FM: Liam McEwan’s Adam Lambert Hour  (audio) 

  • Adam at Elton John Oscar viewing party
        --Access Hollywood: Adam Lambert Honored to Sing w Queen  
        --The Insider: Octavia Spencer Doesn’t Need a Boob Lift (Adam at 2:10)   Edited version (just Adam)
        --Hollywood Ready
        --WireServices: Adam and Sauli on Red Carpet
        --OTRC: Elton John Red Carpet
        --Dirt TV: The Oscar Wrap Up (Adam photo briefly at 0:30)  
        --Good Morning America: Elton John Event Raises $5 Million – aired 2/27 (Adam briefly at 0:15 and 1:07) 

  • Dutch Nikita Commercial: Better Than I Know Myself plays in the background

  • BravoMag: Short blurb about Adam and Queen  

  • Adam on the cover of E-Ring magazine March issue (Malay magazine)  

  • Adam tweets:
        --@MiaFarrow thank you !! Wow such a treat to tweet w you! ;) you are a beautiful spirit!
        --Had so much fun last night. Thanks for everything Elton!
        --@deanpiper great seeing you last night sir!! :)
        --@MissKellyO you make me smile!! So good to laugh it up w you last night :)
        --@ActuallyNPH Yellow Jackets?? :)
        --@katyperry soooo lovely catching up last night!!! U looked drop dead gorgeous. Blue w Envy!! ;)

  • AdamOfficial: Would Adam Rather Give Up Hair Gel or Eye Liner?  

  • AdamOfficial: If Adam were the star in a movie, what song would be playing when his character is introduced?  

  • Remix preview: Better Than I Know Myself Remix by Alex Ghenea (snippet, audio)

  • Fuse: Adam Lambert Wishes Justin Bieber Happy Birthday  (fuse) 1080

  • Billboard Top 40 (tvk, Japan): ADAM LAMBERT introduces Better Than I Know Myself

  • VH1: Adam Lambert GIF  

  • Popcorn (Polish magazine): Adam Lambert article  

  • Frida Magazine (Sweden): Adam Lambert article  

  • Ilta-Sanomat: Article about Adam and Sauli at Elton John party 

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