March 12, 2012: Adam sings Better Than I Know Myself at the Hamilton Live in Washington, DC.   
Video credit: TALCVids

"...there's a black woman living inside of me somewhere and her name is Miss Thang." 
                                                    --Adam Lambert, March 23, 2012 

  • Electroqueer (EQ) Music Blog: Adam Lambert Interview (taped 2/2/12)

  • Alice 105.9: Whataya Want From Me, Better Than I Know Myself, Fan Questions   

  • Hot 107.1 (Denver, Colorado) 
        --Adam co-hosts with Gina Lee Fuentez (edited for just Adam – includes partial BTIKM) 
       --Song only clip: Better Than I Know Myself (acapella, partial) 
        --Girl Tip #11 with Special Guest Adam Lambert 
        --Girl Tip #13 with Special Guest Adam Lambert  

  • Bedlam (premiere Issue—digital: The Lambert Report 

  • American Airlines Concert (private event to benefit Cystic fibrosis - Vail, Colorado)
        --Whataya Want From Me
        --Better Than I Know Myself
        --Outlaws of Love

  • Yahoo OMG! (UK): Adam Lambert Answers Fan Questions  

  • Adam Official: Q&A Answer 4 - If Adam had to rank the following, which would come out on top: ravioli a la Genovese, pizza margherita or nail polish? 

  • Attitude Magazine (digital): Let Him Entertain You (scans)
        --Part 1 
        --Part 2  

  • VH1 Top 20 Countdown: Better Than I Know Myself debuts at #17 (link is just the video on the countdown) 

  • Saturday Night Online w Maxwell: Who is the Huge Superstar Adam Lambert has on his new album (audio)
        --aired version 
        --full interview 

  • CNN Showbiz (web site): Quote Board 
          "I work hard to project pride and poise when faced with judgement and heartache. That is how I cope."


  • Marie Claire (April 2012): Drama Queen (scans)

  • Adam Bomb Show: Adam Lambert with Adam Bomb! (i93 FM Hits, Hard Rock Café, Dallas,Texas)
        Fan videos:        
        --Adam Talks About Trespassing 
        --Adam Talking About Bad Pictures of Himself 
        --Whataya Want From Me - partial
        --Better Than I Know Myself 

  • 103.7 FM Lite FM Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas: Live in Studio  
        --Interview (About last one-fourth of video is audio only)
        --Whataya Want From Me
        --Better Than I Know Myself 

  • MIX 102.9 FM DFW (Dallas, Texas): Live Performance 
        --Outlaws of Love 
        --Better Than I Know Myself 
        --Whataya Want From Me 

  • Chinese International MV Chart: Adam’s Better Than I Know Myself is at #5 (at 2:30)

  • Kid Kraddick: Promo of Adam’s Appearance (no Adam – they talk about him)

  • Kidd Kraddick In The Morning: Adam Lambert joins us live in-studio (includes live performance of Better Than I Know Myself at 8:20) 
        --Better Than I Know Myself (song only)
        --Interview (audio)   
        --Kidd Kraddick talking about Adam before the show 

  • The Hits Radio (Chris Younie): Adam Lambert Chats to Chris  (audio - prerecorded)

  • Mix 96.5 (Blake Hayes – Muve Music Lounge, Houston): Live Interview and Performance 
        --audio podcast 
        --Adam on radio after performance (audio)  
        --Misc audio clips from above interviews posted by radio station 
          1-Adam Lambert on his new album, American Idol, and singing with Queen
          2-Adam Lambert on his 2004 TUTS performance in Houston
          3-Adam Lambert on his new tattoo and Blake’s temp version
          4-Adam Lambert on his new single and his fans
          5-Adam Lambert on working with Bruno Mars
          6-Adam Lambert on working (and drinking) with Lady Gaga

        Fan Videos
        --Preshow banter and Better Than I Know Myself
        --First Interview 
        --Whataya Want From Me
        --Second Interview and Fever    Part 1  (start of Fever at 4:50)    Part 2  (rest of Fever)
        --Meet and Greet 

  • Yahoo OMG! (UK – Rebecca Twomey) [note: these are repeated with different titles on 3-9-12]
        --Adam Lambert on his UK Debut
        --Adam Lambert on TV Talent Shows 
        --Adam Lambert Praises His Fans

  • (Web TV Germany): Adam die Zweite   
                  “Maybe people will get past my sexual orientation and just connect to my heart and to my head.”

  • ET Canada: Adam Lambert on Album, Turning 30  (illuxxia) 480  

  • AdamOfficial: Q&A Answer 5 – If Adam could collaborate with any designer to create one clothing or accessory who would it be?   

  • 106.1 (Billy the Kidd): My Interview With Adam Lambert 

  • Q100 – The Bert Show (Atlanta): In Studio – Adam Lambert 
        --Adam Lambert Talks Fashion and His Man   
        --Adam Lambert on the New American Idol
        --Whataya Want From Me 
        --Better Than I Know Myself 
        Fan Recordings (audio)
        --Full Interview and both songs
        --Interview only
        --Whataya Want From Me only
        --Better Than I Know Myself only 

        --Meticulous Sound Music Group: Meticulous Sound Bites #3: Adam Lambert Performs If I Had You (posted 3/15/12)
        Fan Videos
        --If I Had You   [ladyrinehart]  
        --For Your Entertainment   [ladyrinehart]  
        --Fever   [ladyrinehart]   
        --Cuckoo   [ladyrinehart]   [MishaRW]   [MrMattwalk2005] (partial)  
        --Chokehold   [ladyrinehart]   [MishaRW]  
        --Whataya Want From Me   [drfunkenberry] (partial)
        --Trespassing   [ladyrinehart]   [MishaRW]

  • Star 94 (Atlanta) 
        --Part 1 (Better Than I Know Myself)  
        --Part 2 (Whataya Want From Me)  

  • E Online: Do-Gooder Gallery (pictures) Adam Lambert at Ryan Seacrest Foundation's The Voice at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

  • Adam tweets:
        --Coming soon!!!

  • 107.5 The River (Nashville): Interview and Performance 
        --Q&A   Part 1   Part 2 
        --Better Than I Know Myself   [Official]   [1992isthebest]   [Michellcathey
        --Whataya Want From Me   [Official]   [Michellcathey]   

  • B98.5 FM (Atlanta): Adam Lambert talks about performing with Queen and find out why he kissed Jessica! [includes partial acapella WWFM at 3:25]  (audio) 

  • Yahoo OMG! (UK – Rebecca Twomey)
        --Adam Lambert Exclusive: Cheryl Cole’s X Factor Sacking Was Humiliating
          [Repeat of 3/6 clip called “Adam Lambert On TV Talent Shows”]  
        --Adam Lambert Exclusive: Being a Gay Icon is Challenging
          [repeat of 3/6 clip called “Adam Lambert Praises His Fans]”
        --Adam Lambert Exclusive: The Internet is an Easy Place to Hate
          [repeat of 3/6 clip called “Adam Lambert on His UK Debut”]

  • Adam tweets:
        --@alisanporter good luck on your very special day. I'm there in spirit!! Luv u!!
        --“@thenameisMASHA: I'm Glad You Came.” damn girl saaaang!
          I think I ... came. ;)

  • Short Clip of Adam Lambert at DJ console at Cobalt dance bar where he let the DJ plug in his I Pod and play a song from his upcoming album (Naked Love

  • Adam tweets:
        --Martin Luther King

  • Class FM Radio: Adam Lambert magyarul beszél -- Adam introduces Whataya Want From Me in Hungarian (audio) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Remixes!!! Go to http://www. for the Robert Marvin & Shearer dubstep masterpiece. Turn it
          up LOUD
        --Check out the Dave Aude remix of BTIKM here!
        --And check Alex Ghenea's remix on!
        -- wham 
        --dance to this! 

  • Better Than I Know Myself – Remixes (digital only)  BUY IT HERE  
        --Dave Aude Remix 
        --Robert Marvin Remix 
        --Alex Ghenea Remix  
        Other remixes not included in above album
        --DJ Rob (Rob Oliveira) Remix 
        --Brad Walsh Remix (leaked 3/9/12)  

  • Hot 99.5 (Washington DC): Adam Lambert Interview and Performance
        --Fan Q&A   [crybaby4u]
        --Better Than I Know Myself   [Official]   [crybaby4u] (missing a bit of beginning)  
        --Whataya Want From Me   [Official]   [HannaB20]   
        --Answers Fans Questions on Facebook (text)  

  • Mix 107.3: Interview and Performance (Gibson Guitar Showroom, Washington DC)
        --Adam arriving and leaving   [LisaZLisa
        --Better Than I Know Myself  [pardusmi]   [LisaZLisa]   [MsPanda425]
        --Whataya Want From Me   [JOEJONAS2696]   [LisaZLisa] (missing beginning)  [MsPanda425] (missing beginning)

  • 94.7 Fresh FM (Washington DC): Adam Lambert Performs Live 2012 
        --Adam Lambert at the Hamilton Live (official edited video with BTIKM at 1:03) 
        --Fan Q&A (official)
        --Better Than I Know Myself   [TALCvids] (includes Q&A)   [Karen]   [dorihb]    
        --Whataya Want From Me   [Official]   [TALCvids]  
        --Signing painting

  • Big 100.3: Adam Lambert Talks Freddie Mercury (audio)

  • Adam tweets:
        --Get those remixes here:

  • TIC FM 96.5 Russian Lady (Acoustic Café) Adam Lambert Talks Trespassing (and Pomegranates) 
        --Fan Q&A and Better Than I Know Myself   [Official]   [virg1877]   [butchandbubba] (Q&A only)
        --More Fan Q&A and Whataya Want From Me  [Official]   [virg1877] (Q&A only)   [virg1877] (WWFM only)

  • KC 101.3 Radio
        In Studio with John Mayer​
          --Better Than I Know Myself 
          --Unedited Interview and Better Than I Know Myself (audio)
        Live Performance with Fans
          --Adam Lambert Answers Questions  
          --Better Than I Know Myself and Whataya Want From Me 

  • KISS 95.7 (Hartford, CT) live at the Dunkin Donuts Music Lounge 
        --Live ustream (Q&A, Whataya Want From Me at 10:22, Better Than I Know Myself at 4:05)  
        --Whataya Want From Me (fan video) 

                  “I don’t think of myself as something so grand. I work hard at keeping my feet on the ground. I try…..” 

  • Adam tweets:
        --@thetings Your new album is so good!

  • Mix 104.1 presents Adam Lambert live in the Mix Lounge (Gregg Daniels and Fast Freddy at the Lansdowne Pub) 
​        --Official: Interview, Better Than I Know Myself (at 5:34), Fever (at 15:44)  
​        --Better Than I Know Myself (only)   [Official]   [DebbieForman]   [nightbirdsobsession]
        --Fever   [DebbieForman]   [butchandbubba]   [grimhorrible

  • K108 (Boston): Recorded Live (Kiss Concert 2012 Live Announcement Party)
       --Ustream Part 1: Interview (at 5:55) Better Than I Know Myself (at 10:15), start of Trespassing (at end) 
       --Ustream Part 2: Trespassing, more interview  
       Both videos are also here 

  • 104.5 WXLO Music Loft at Pinzbowl (Worcester, Ma) 
​        --Whataya Want From Me   [Official]   [clife95]   
​        --Better Than I Know Myself   [clife95]   [squeeni01]
        --Milford Daily News: Adam Lambert in Milford 

  • American Idol (Season 11): Tommy Hilfiger Mentions Adam 

  • KISS 108 (e-Article/Interview) by Debra Macki: Adam Lambert's "Better Than I Know Myself" Style!  

  • MTV ACT: What if Demi Lovato, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, were President for a Day?  

  • (German Radio station): Starquiz - Why Adam Lambert Wants to be a Solo Artist (audio)  

  • Adam Lambert Interview Japan INROCK March 2012 (Scans)   p32-33   p34-35  

  • Dorian Magazine No. 16 2012 (Sweden): The Recreation of Adam (scans)
        Adam on the cover   Inside:  1   2   3   4   5   6   7 

  • Adam tweets:
        -- YES!!!!! Dejan and Janelle! Produced by Taylor Green :) 
        --@RyeRye That 21 jumpstreet track w @theRealEsthero is BANANAS! werk.

  • B96 (Chicago): Radio Interview & Performance (Better Than I Know Myself) 

  • Lite FM 93.9 Coca Cola Lounge-Chicago
        --Coke Lounge 1(Whataya Want From Me, Interview) 
        --Coke Lounge 2 (Interview, Better Than I Know Myself at 4:25)
        --Coke Lounge 3 (Fan Q&A, Trespassing at 6:25)
        --Livestream (Soundcheck, Whataya Want From Me, Better Than I Know Myself, Trespassing)
        --Tiny Chat (answering fan's questions)
        Fan Videos
        --Better Than I Know Myself   [momohananyann]   [hafwwelambertfan28]   [Wild4AML]
        --Trespassing   [momohananyann] [hafwwelambertfan28] [Wild4AML]
        --Whataya Want From Me   [momohananyann]
​        --Fan Q&A 
        --Meet and Greet

  • 101.9 The Mix FM (Chicago)
        --Cara Asks Your Twitter Questions to Adam Lambert  (Adam sings a few lines of Chokehold)
        --Cara’s Extended Interview with Adam Lambert (posted 3/23/12)  


  • Promo for German movie, "Türkisch für Anfänger" (title song is Better Than I Know Myself)

  • 99.7 the point -- Late Patrick’s Day with Adam Lambert (Kansas City)
        Fan videos
        --Better Than I Know Myself   [lauramentz1978] (with Q&A)   [itstayylor]
        --Q&A, Cuckoo and Whataya Want From Me  [lauramentz1978
        --Cuckoo (only)   [momohananyann]   [itstayylor]   [desidiva76]   [TalanJosef]
​        --Q&A and Whataya Want From Me   [itstayylor]

  • Mix 93.3 (Kansas) 
        --Better Than I Know Myself  
​        --Trespassing

  • Mojo TV: Adam Bio – Life and Career  

  • Clevver News: Celebs Who Love The Hunger Games (Adam mention at 1:30)   

  • Press Party: Adam Lambert "The music industry is a tough market for a gay man" (e-article)  

  • Adam tweets:
        --[RT of magsmagenta] Which song should be @adamlambert's next single based on Hit Predictor clips?
          /i9r1ld via @insomniac19 
        --Hopefully you all have actually heard all the snippits. :) then: 
        --Here: Trespassing clips by mindchnger via #soundcloud

  • AdamOfficial: Q&A Answer 6 - What’s the last thing Adam does before he goes to bed?  

  • AdamOfficial: Snippets of Cuckoo, Trespassing, Naked Love, Never Close Our Eyes (audio) 
       --All 4 clips in one (audio)  
        --With lyrics on screen 
        --Individual clips with lyrics in description
          Naked Love  
          Never Close Our Eyes  

  • Adam Lambert in Finnish Newspaper 

  • My 99.5 & 97.1 KZHT: Interview and Performance (Salt Lake City, Utah)
        --Official  (Better Than I Know Myself at 0:44 and Cuckoo at 11:29) 
        --Ustream Soundcheck (Better Than I Know Myself at 6:25 and Cuckoo at 10:50)
        --Ustream Interview and performance 
        --Adam has a way with pussy cats (clip from Q&A)  
        --Ustream Cuckoo  
        --Cuckoo (fan video) 
        --Better Than I Know Myself (partial)

  • Mix 107.9 FM (Utah): Interview & Performance - Megaplex Theater
        Fan videos by luvadam9:
        --Better Than I Know Myself
        --Whataya Want From Me 
        Fan videos by hohtmblbug  
        --Part 1 (First 11 minutes) 
        --Part 2 (Q&A, Whataya Want From Me at 5:50, Q&A, partial Cuckoo
        --Part 3 (End of Cuckoo and more Q&A)

  • Adam tweets:
        --I gave up my 29th & 30th bdays for @charitywater providing over 19k people w/ clean water! You can too:
          /zScVsa #WorldWaterDay

  • 101.9 The Mix (Cara Carriveau): Slice of Chicago - Week of March 19th (Adam at 0:50 – partial Better Than I Know Myself)  

  • MTV Act: Adam Lambert Gives Up His Birthday for Water 

  • Adam tweets:
        --TRESPASSING Release date!!!! MAY 15th!!!!
        --[RT of JustJared] Adam Lambert's 'Trespassing' Snippet - Listen Now!: Check out this snippet of new music from…   
        --[RT of RAYDFF] the snippet of @adamlambert's Trespassing sounds amazing, very Off the Wall era Michael Jackson: 
        --@JaredEng happy birthday!!

  • Employee only Interview & Performance-Seattle 
                  "...there's a black woman living inside of me somewhere and her name is Miss Thang.
        --Whataya Want From Me 
        --Better Than I Know Myself 
        --Q&A Part 1   Part 2 (includes Trespassing)   Part 3  

  • 106.1 Kiss FM Interview & Performance-Seattle
        --In-studio Interview  
        --Fan Q&A  
        --Better Than I Know Myself  
        --Official KISS 106.1 Seattle Podcast In-Studio Interview (audio) 
          Part 1 Adam Lambert in Studio (Adam starts at 3:05) 
          Part 2 Adam Lambert in Studio (Adam at 2:35) [this is where above video starts - includes BTIKM]  
        --Livestream (ending of interview -- shows Adam texting about May 15th release date) 

  • Fault Magazine: Adam Lambert for FAULT -- Behind the Scenes Exclusive 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Who saw the Hunger Games? What did you think?
        --I liked it. Good actors. Nice design. Books were far more vivid and extreme. Felt much more 'family friendly' than the 
          novel. But good.

  • Live 95.5 Bing Lounge Showcase-Portland 
        --Soundcheck (partial Never Close Our Eyes - audio only)   
        --Never Close Our Eyes
        --Whataya Want From Me
        --Better Than I Know Myself 
        --Full Ustream (30 minutes)  
        --Part of Me (partial Katy Perry cover - audio)  

  • Flea FM: Liam McEwan’s Adam Lambert Hour (audio)

  • Adam tweets:
        --I'm so glad you all like "Never Close Our Eyes"! just to get the rumors straight: Bruno Mars WROTE it but its not a duet.
          Just me singin ;)
        --Get it! Back to the 90s: Boom boom. @RyeRye” 
        --Ugh my fav!! 20yrs since the fabulousness that is @EnVogueMusic #FunkyDivas
          divas-backtracking courtesy of @xolondon & @idolator” 

  • Z100 (Brett Andrews), Portland, Oregon
        --In-studio Interview  
        --Performance (Better Than I Know Myself at 0:35 and Cuckoo at 10:25)  
        --Fan video (Q&A, Better Than I Know Myself at 0:31, Cuckoo at 10:21)  

  • 105.1 The Buzz Portland
        Fan videos:
        --Cuckoo   [erinhaliburton]   [lassira88]  
        --Whataya Want From Me   [lassira88]  

  •  NOW 100.5, Cafeteria 15L, Sacramento, CA 
        --Official: Now Playing with Adam Lambert (snippets only of both songs)
​        --Audience (Fan) video (includes Better Than I Know Myself at start and Whataya Want From Me at 6:55)

  • Meet & Greet and performance at MetroPCS Lounge

  • Adam Official: Q&A Answer 7 – If Adam could choose 3 people from the past to have coffee with, who would he choose?     

  • Adam tweets:
        --@saulikoskinen1 happy birthday my love!!!
        --@jazzymixsf my pleasure!!! ;)

  • 99.7 NOW San Francisco, CA
        --Interview (audio)
        --Clip from above interview: Adam Lambert Totally Wants to Marry Me (Jackie Hollywood) 

  • Star 101.3 Star Studio at Tommy T's Comedy Showroom, San Francisco, CA
        Fan videos
        --Full performance and interview (33 minutes)  
        --Better Than I Know Myself   [TheTeamNoPants]    [KaavyaWriting]
        --Never Close Our Eyes   [TheTeamNoPants]   [KaavyaWriting]   [zzmtb]  
        --Cuckoo   [TheTeamNoPants]   [KaavyaWriting]   [zzmtb 

  • Alice Radio 97.3, Infusion Lounge, San Francisco, CA (interview with DJs Sarah & Vinnie) 
        Fan videos
        --Chatting with Fans 
        --Adam Talks Fame 
        --Trespassing   [suebluern]   [1957didilynn]   [Misssantaclarashell] (partial)  
        --More Interview 
        --Cuckoo   [suebluern]    [1957didilynn]   [Misssantaclarashell 
        --Better Than I Know Myself   [suebluern]   [Misssantaclarashell]   [kmarosano1]  
        --Even More Interview   
        --Interview Clips   1   2   3   4 

  • Adam tweets:
        --While I'm sad that the Sonisphere festival has been cancelled, I'm hopeful that Queen and I will share a stage again 
          someday in the future.

  • Mix 106.5 San Jose, CA
        --Whataya Want From Me  
        Fan videos (suebluerun)
        --Better Than I Know Myself  
        --Interview again  
        --Whataya Want From Me  
        --More Talking  
        --More Q&A  
        Fan videos (Edwardvsjake)
        --Q&A Part 1   Part 2   Part 3
        --Better Than I Know Myself 

  • Miss Mix (Finnish Youth Magazine) – scan and translation 

  • Hot 103.5
        --Morning Mess (JayMarZZ): Breakfast with Adam Lambert
        --Ray Styles Show (Audio Interview – recorded 3/27)

  • Star 94.1 FM (San Diego): Interview and Performance
        --Better Than I Know Myself  
        --Whataya Want From Me (second song) 
        --Full Livestream  

  • Sophie 103.7 San Diego, CA

  • Adam tweets:
        --@BoyGeorge hi!! :) going great! I'm finished w my Album!! I love it so much. How are you?!? :)
        --@BoyGeorge likewise!! :)
        --Home Sweet Home. :)
        --Catchin up on idol. All of them are great this year. Jessica Sanchez is a STAR. Get the girl a microphone that can handle 
          her big notes.

  • FinTV: Televised Interview  

  • Adam appears on cover of FAULT magazine (Spring 2012 Issue)

  • Article in Swedish Solo magazine  

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