May 17, 2012: Adam sings Never Close Our Eyes on American Idol (Season 11 Results Show)   
Video credit: American Idol

"I think that any sort of diehard fandom is a crazy, surreal mentality.
 That's part of the fun for the Glamberts; they've given themselves
 permission within that community to be kind of insane.” 
                                                    --Adam Lambert, May 12, 2012 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Music Video shoot today!!! Woohoo

  • Adam tweets:
        --That shoot was a long one!! This video is going to be AMAZING! Get ready!!!!
        --My website had a makeover! 
        --Rebels on the run. 'it only gets better if we want it to' 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Gavin DeGraw's "Sweeter" is a jam! So good.

  • Adam tweets:
        --Now listening: DEEP HONEY by GOLDFRAPP. Sooooooo beautiful
        --@JSanchezAI11 is a STAR. @jLedetAI11 sangs fo the blood. They wipe the floor with the other two. Its a SINGING 
          competition. #keepinitreal

  • What Did You Do Today (text)  

  • Adam tweets:
        --@JSanchezAI11 oh lawd.... I said I liked u best. Phillip and Hollie are terrific singers. I just think you kick their butts
        --My opinions aren't always diplomatic.

  • Adam tweets:
        --@rihanna you just KILLED IT on SNL. That was was such a fierce performance. Flawless!

  • Julia Magazine (Iceland) – scans   [1]   [2]   [3]   [4]

  • Flea FM: Liam McEwan’s Adam Lambert Hour  (audio)

  • Adam tweets:
        --Oooh folks are hearing the album?!
        --[RT of @JordanMeehan] @hausofrobert Adam will be snatching SO MANY WIGS with this album. I can't wait.
        --[RT of @huntermarcus] @adamlambert's #Trespassing is the most cohesive & well-thought through pop album of 2012. He 
          should be damn proud.

  • Adam tweets:
        --[RT of @EQMusicBlog] Album Review: "Trespassing" by Adam Lambert 
        --That's what's up! 
        --Twitter party 

  • Nile Rodgers: Trust the Process -- Informal “behind the scenes” videos of Nile working on “Shady” in October 2011 (the first 5 videos don’t have Adam in them but you can hear the recorded song playing with his vocals)  

  • Adam tweets:
        --Catching some of my album reviews and I have to just say I'm soooo happy folks are loving #Trespassing @RollingStone 
          @lyndseyparker I love u
        --Of course I am completely in support of gay marriage. I also have an amazing boyfriend. This doesn't mean I'm getting 
           married. Lol
        --My first album went platinum today? Really? Cool!
        --@chelseahandler Thank you for having me on the show :) (airs tomorrow night Glamily)
        --@melirose89 good morning America on Monday!!
        --@JulianM6 eeeeew yeah she comes across as pretty ig'nant, huh? Haha

  • Adam tweets:
        --@scarlettcherry :) thanks fiercest mama
        --[RT of @JoshRicci] SO in love with @adamlambert 's new album.. Perfect mix of dancey songs & heartfelt ballads. Can't 
          wait to blast it all summer! #Trespassing
        --[RT of @King_Tai] 2.5 octaves in one song? Who does that? Oh right, @AdamLambert does. "Runnin 2" <3 <3
        --@Pusishvr_Ninja what extra lyrics??
        --@Glambert_Glitta girl I see u! :)
        --“@migzmigzmigz: Seeing really skinny people in huge hats & drapery really inspires me to STOP eating. #iamribs2012” 
        --I'm being interviewed by @billboard & they want to ask me your Q's! Tweet your questions & include #BBAdam. Watch: 

  • Chelsea Lately
        --Adam Lambert Interview 

  • Etalk Canada: Adam Lambert segment  (powderpuffnails) 720 LQ

  • Feature Videos from Trespassing Fan Edition DVD (Box Set) 
        --Making of the Album (Trespassing)    
        --Behind the Scenes    
        --Track by Track Highlights    

  • The Advocate: Listen to Adam Lambert’s Song About LGBT Equality (e-article with audio) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --New Rolling Stone interview prob my most personal yet. What a great chat I had w Jonah! Hope it gives you some
          insight to my reality.
        --However, to clarify my quote bout the radio station visits. 'f'd up retail' part ain't meeting fans, it's selling myself to 
          the stations.
        --The best part of those visits is the actual PERFORMING. that's when I get to connect w you guys in my favorite way- thru 
        --Thank u all for "GETTING IT" :)
        --@milestougeaux haha yup.

  • Billboard (e-article): Adam Lambert Takes Control With Trespassing 

  • Adam tweets:
        --[RT of @IsaacTheCarp] TRESPASSING. Rolling Stone done gave it 4 stars... Congrats @adamlambert. These songs feel so 
          damn good. 
        --Heard another @scissorsisters track today online... That album is hot.
        --I can't believe it's almost Tuesday!! #Trespassing release day!!
        --I'm looking forward to the rest of the month! Performances on GMA, iHeartRadio, MLB, and Idol on Thursday! Then a 
          handful of RadioShows! :)
        --JUNE and JULY will be spent in London mostly. I'm so excited to be rehearsing w Queen and being out and about here
          and there! I LOVE London

  • Between the Lines News: Adam Lambert Q&A -- On His Surprise Sex Toy, Redundant Media and Horrifying Jail Time (e-article)  
                            "I think that any sort of diehard fandom is a crazy, surreal mentality. That's part of the fun for the Glamberts;
                                    they've given themselves permission within that community to be kind of insane.”

  • Adam tweets:
        --@DarrenCriss always great to see you man! How do we Always run into each other everywhere? have a great Sunday :)
        --Happy Mothers Day!!
        --@LussyJackson hahaha NO. that's funny though.
        --[RT of @sam_sparro] Great photo of me crowd surfing in DC
        --[RT of @HooplaPF] @adamlambert LOOK! #Trespassing #1 overall on Finland iTunes! WOOHOO!...just the beginning... 

  • Flea FM: Liam McEwan’s Adam Lambert Hour  

  • Adam tweets:
        --#GMAadam !!! So excited!!
        --Happy Birthday @leecherry !!!
        --@deanpiper have fun Dean!!!
        --[RT of @shoshannastone] This is amazing #adamGMA
        --If you're in NYC come to 4th and Broadway by 6:30! Performing at MLB Fan Cave! Sound is Gold and the Walls are glass 
          -come on baby u can see
        --Thank u all for coming tonight! Sorry had to jet--- I need some serious sleep. Long, wonderful day. :)

  • ABC: Good Morning America
        --Co-hosts Pop News segment 
        --Shady (only a snippet aired)
        --Kickin’ In (only a snippet aired)
        --Interview (Adam Lambert Dishes on New Album) 
        --Never Close Our Eyes  (full song aired)  
        --Trespassing (only a snippet aired)  Full Song (posted later)
        Fan Videos
        --Behind the Scenes (by EMandKAY2010)
        --Soundcheck (by EMandKAY2010)

        Individual Video Links
        --Lambert Plays at MLB Fan Cave (Never Close Our Eyes at 1:31)  
        --Adam Lambert Performs His Album’s Title Track (Trespassing) 
        --Lambert Tells the Story of Trespassing
        --Adam Talks About His Collaborators
        Fan Videos
        --Trespassing   [virg1877]   [cutiepi300]   [EMandKAY2010]
        --Kickin In   [cutiepi300]   [virg1877]   [EMandKAY2010]
        --Shady   [cutiepi300]   [virg1877]   [EMandKAY2010]  
        --Broken English   [virg1877]   [cutiepi300]   [EMandKAY2010]
        --Cuckoo   [virg1877]   [cutiepi300]   [EMandKAY2010]
        --Whataya Want From Me   [cutiepi300]   [virg1877]   [EMandKAY2010]
        --Never Close Our Eyes   [virg1877]   [cutiepi300]   [EMandKAY2010]

  • Idolator: Adam Lambert Takes Idolator’s This Is Your Career Quiz

  • VH1 Tumblr: Adam Lambert Plays “Two Truths and a Lie”  
        --Answer posted 5/17-12  

  • Adam tweets:
        --Wow!! #Trespassing is sitting nice and high on the itunes chart! What a great sight to wake-up to! Thank you all for 
          checking it out!!
        --#1 on Itunes?! Yes!!!! #Trespassing
        --@KrisAllen @ClaudeKelly @EdenEspinosa @LoveMrSpencer @TaylorG90 @ninagarcia @AnoopDoggDesai thanks for the 
        --Wow!!! Still #1 on iTunes?! AmaaaaZing.

  • iHeartRadio Theater presented by P.C. Richard & Son 
        Set list: Trespassing, Kickin’ In, Shady, Whataya Want From Me, Chokehold, Broken English, Naked Love, Cuckoo, Never 
        Close Our Eyes
        --Adamwiki link  
        --Adam in Lobby before show  
        --The Insider: iHeartRadio Concert Video -- Never Close Our Eyes  
        Livestream Recordings 
        --Most songs (missing Trespassing)
        --Most songs (partial Trespassing as first 3 mins of this video are dead air)
        --Broken English  
        --Band Intro  
        Audience (Fan) Videos
        --Trespassing  [muzicfix]   [squeeni01] (includes Kickin' In) 
        --Kickin’ In  [muzicfix]  
        --Shady  [muzicfix]  
        --Whataya Want From Me
        --Chokehold  [muzicfix]   [squeeni01
        --Broken English 
        --Naked Love  [squeeni01]
        --Cuckoo  [muzicfix]  
        --Never Close Our Eyes  [muzicfix]   [squeeni01

  • Fox5: News Feature on Adam 

  • Mix 96.5 (Houston): Adam Lambert on His New Album and Bruno Mars’ Hair (audio)  [Note: this is a repeat from a previous interview]

  • Zappar: phone app video (worked at HMV stores for those with smart phones)  

  • Village Voice: Q&A – Adam Lambert on Trespassing (e-article)  

  • Adam tweets:
        --@EdenEspinosa thank u!
        --@sutanamrull yay!!! Thanks Tranma!!

  • MTV: Adam Lambert says no ‘trespassing’ on anyone’s rights, worry about yourself 

  • LA Weekly

  • Hollywood Reporter (e-article): Adam Lambert on Music Biz Mistakes, Triumphs and One 'Ballsy' Request for Exec Producer Credit (Q&A)  

  • Adam tweets:
        --RIP Donna Summer. glorious disco Goddess.
        --Wow! My fans are the best! Let's take Trespassing #1 everywhere! 
        --West coast: turn on Idol!! #NeverCloseOurEyes up in a couple minutes!
        --Thanks to My amazing band @brianlondon @TommyJoeRatliff @isaacthecarp @ashleydzerigian @KeishaRenee
          @RainOnMe83 Creative Dir by @IamCarmit

  • Season 11 Idol Results Show
        --Never Close Our Eyes  
        --Steven Tyler says “perfect” after Adam’s performance 
        --Yahoo! Music Reality Rocks (Lyndsey Parker): After Idol Interview 
        --Access Hollywood (Laura Saltman): Adam Lambert After Idol  
        --Fox All Access (Jeff Axelrod): Backstage at Idol 
        --LA Music Examiner: Adam interview  
        --The Hollywood Reporter (Didi Benami): Adam Lambert on What a No. 1 Album Would Mean to Him!   
        --Pacific Rim Video (Chris Trondsen): Interview after Performance
        --Extra TV: Celebrities About Donna Summer (edited for Adam only) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Let's get #Trespassing to #1 on @iTunes! Once we get there, I’ll give you a sneak peak of the NCOE video!

        --You ready Chicago!? #Fantabuloso
        --@GabrielSaporta Good seeing you man!

  • Fantabuloso concert, Allstate Arena (103.5 Kiss FM Chicago)
        --Promo: KTU FANTABULOSO Glamberts Special Report  
        --Special K’s Behind the Scenes Cam
        --Special K’s video recap (glimpses of Adam at 1:04 and 2:22)
        Audience (Fan) Videos
        --Trespassing  [indybeck71]   [Fools Gold] (includes Kickin' In)
        --Kickin’ In  [indybeck71]
        --Shady  [indybeck71]   [Fools Gold]
        --Cuckoo  [Fools Gold]   [indybeck71 (v1)]   [indybeck71 (v2)]
        --Whataya Want From Me  [Fools Gold] 
        --Never Close Our Eyes  [indybeck71]   [Fools Gold

  • Pop on the Pop (e-article): Adam Lambert Talks to Pop on the Pop, Says Writing Trespassing Felt Scary  

  • Adam tweets:
        --Keep Pushin Glamily!! Let's get it back to #1 on iTunes! #Trespassing
        --Boston Kiss 108 Concert!! Pumped!!
        --@ChiBVB Never Close Our Eyes
        --Ok Glamily! I know ya'll been helping to chart #Trespassing! Thank you sooo much! You wanna see a sneak peak at the 
        --#NeverCloseOurEyes Now, let’s top the charts @iTunes
          + @amazon 
        --@karminmusic @nashoverstreet @jojoistheway @andygrammer @adamlambert had fun guys! Love u xx
        --@HotChelleRae great meeting you guys today!

  • KISS 108 Summer Concert (Comcast Center, Mansfield/Boston, MA) 
        Set List: Trespassing, Kickin' In, Shady, Whataya Want From Me, Naked Love, Never Close Our Eyes, Cuckoo, Band Intro 
        [Note: Lots of sound issues at concert]
        Livestream Recordings
        --All Songs   
        Audience (Fan) Videos
        --Trespassing  [TALCvids]  
        --Kickin’ In  [TALCvids]   [NightBirdsObsession]  
        --Shady  [NightBirdsObsession
        --Whataya Want From Me  [TALCvids]   [NightBirdsObsession 
        --Naked Love  [TALCvids]   [NightBirdsObsession  
        --Never Close Our Eyes  [TALCvids]   [NightBirdsObsession
        --Cuckoo  [TALCvids]   [NightBirdsObsession 

  • Adam tweets:
        --@LoveMrSpencer thats right!
        --We're playing in the parking lot today.
        --That was KTU-Phoric! So much fun. Thank you Jersey!!
        --@karminmusic you two are adorable. Great to meet you both!

  • 103.5 KTU New York, KTUphoria, PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ (Pregame on the Plaza)
        Set List: Trespassing,  Kickin' In, Whataya Want From Me, Naked Love, Never Close Our Eyes, Cuckoo
        --Backstage on the Couch (Adam at 0:18)   
        Audience (Fan) Videos
        --All Songs   Part 1 (Jesslala111)   Part 2 (Jesslala111) 
        --Most Songs (missing Trespassing)  
        --Trespassing  [Jesha84]   [TALCvids]   [NightbirdsObsession]
        --Kickin' In  [TALCvids]   [Jesha84
        --Whataya Want From Me  [Jesha84]   [TALCvids
        --Naked Love  [Jesha84]   [TALCvids]   [NightbirdsObsession 
        --Never Close Our Eyes  [Jesha84]   [TALCvids]   [NightbirdsObsession]   [EMandKay2010]
        --Adam invites a fan on stage  [NightbirdsObsession]
        --Cuckoo  [Jesha84]    [TALCvids] 
        --Meet and Greet 
        --Leaving Stage After Performing

  • Flea FM: Liam McEwan’s Adam Lambert Hour (3-hour special)   Hour 1   Hour 2   Hour 3  

  • Adam tweets:
        --@Jakeshears was just talking about you! Hope you're well!

  • ***SIRIUS (Larry Flick): Interview on Morning Jolt (audio) 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Just purchased three albums: @KrisAllen @HaleyReinhart & Gossip's A Joyful Noise.
        --@Jakeshears thank you!
        --@Jakeshears can't wait for THE MAGIC HOUR!
        --[RT of @karminmusic] Nick! Stop trying to #Tresspass my photo with @AdamLambert ;)
        --@GossipMusic 'Move in the Right Direction' just got me together on that treadmill. :)
        --Excited to see the official Billboard 200 when it comes out tomorrow! ;)
        --@KrisAllen just listened to the album. It's so beautiful and warm. I can totally hear your heart in these songs. Great
          writing! :)
        --@Q102Philly thanks for having me tonight!
        --@Pharrell thanks man! Couldn't have done this without you.

  • AOL Music: Adam Lambert Sessions – Glambert’s Dark Side, Plans for Fatherhood and Trespassing
        --Article (with links to videos)   
        --Never Close Our Eyes   
        --Naked Love    
        --Broken English  
        --Behind the Sessions    

  • Q102 Philly Springle Ball (Wells Fargo Center) Philadelphia 
        --Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Interview  
        --Backstage Interview (Maxwell) at Springle Ball  
        Audience (Fan) Videos
        --Whataya Want From Me  [NightBirdsObsession]   [TALCvids]   [Jesha84]   
        --Naked Love  [NightBirdsObsession]   [TALCvids]   [Jesha84]   
        --Never Close Our Eyes  [NightBirdsObsession]   [TALCvids]   [Jesha84]   
        --Cuckoo  [TALCvids]   [Jesha84]   
        --Kickin’ In  [TALCvids] [Jesha84]  

        --Trespassing  [NightBirdsObsession]   [TALCvids]   [Jesha84]  

  • Rolling Stone: Adam Lambert Knows Who Should Win American Idol  

  • Chicago Tribune - Soundcheck (Eric Danton): Adam Lambert’s Trespassing (shows old Idol clips)  

  • Press Party: Adam Lambert tops chart and makes history in the USA with 'Trespassing'

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --WOW! #Trespassing made its debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 this week! Thank you to the Glamily for helping me make
        --[RT of @Matt_Silva6] the beat of this song is very oldscool like 60's #Obsessed @adamlambert ♫ Kickin' In
          /L98jEY #Spotify
        --Had the BEST meal w the best friends in NYC at Marble Lane at the Dream Hotel!
        --At PHD at the Dream hotel downtown NYC !!! Poppin off

  • Cambio: Adam Lambert Admits a Break Was Necessary 

  • Adam tweets:
        --@HaleyReinhart I love this album! Your voice is so sexy!
        --Check out the exclusive performance we did on Sessions for @aolmusic - interview and show here: 

  • Starpulse: Adam Lambert: First openly gay artist to get US number one   

  • Bravo TV: Watch What Happens Live (Episode 87)
        --Full episode (recorded from livestream)  (GW)
        After Show Clips
        --Simon Cowell’s Standing Ovation   
        --Musical Influences   
        --Not Aiken for Clay 
        --American Idol Not Gay – OK?
        --Nipple Nibbling
        --Loving on Lil’ Wayne (no Adam) 

  • Fuse: Adam Lambert on Jay-Z’s Gay Marriage Endorsement  

  • Adam tweets:
        --The "she" in Kickin In is about a guy friend of mine. Ya know? That one Banjee fishy queen you all call a she. Mary please.
        --I know Banjee and Fishy are sorta opposites but my fav queens are that glorious half and half. they can just flip
          depending on the song
        --But it's totally also about that crazy fruit fly who's always stealing yo thunder by last call. Lol
        --@melissa8313 pop that lock is about being fierce. Basking in the glow of light you have the power to put out in the 
          universe. That's the key
        --Haha I feel like some of you OG Glamberts may need to take these lyrics over to Urban dictionary. You wanted to 
        --@LilGlamGay ORIGINAL GANSTA!
        --@GlambertStyle ok. Ready?
        --Trespassing: not following any of these lame ass rules. Look out bitches. ;)
        --Cuckoo: yeah that's right. I'm nuts. But damn it's fun, you coming along for the ride?
        --Shady: feeling loose now, gonna get my swerve on. Feeling nasty.
        --Never Close Our Eyes: let's all stay in the moment and stay open to all possibilities. We have the power to create our 
        --Naked Love: come on folks! Relax!! Chill! It ain't that deep- take a chance and express how u want. Strip away all the
          BS and get real.
        --Broken English: I'm trying to read u.. It's confusing but soooo mysteriously sexy. Maybe words aren't the key. 
          Communication through touch.
        --Underneath: I'm doing my best. Underneath my best game face it's still not always easy. I have my demons and they
          are powerful.
        --Chokehold: your playing games w me and it's putting me though it! But I'm addicted to the heartache and drama.
          I can't get enough.
        --Outlaws of Love:road to equality ain't easy. Sometimes we get sad. All the hate because of the love we wanna share.
          But we are gonna be ok.
        --Runnin: when I don't follow my heart, i get dark. vicious cycle that only I can pull myself out of. We all have the power
          to affect change.
        --Take back: how can we reset how we fell apart? How do we get back to where we started? This was the first song
          written for trespassing.
        --Great to see so many familiar faces!!! Excited for the show.

  • 98.5 KRZ Summer Smash, Wilkes-Barre, PA
        Set list: Trespassing, Kickin’ In, Shady, Whataya Want From Me, Chokehold, Broken English, Naked Love,
                    Never Close Our Eyes, Cuckoo       
        Official Videos
        --Adam Lambert Live at FM Kirby Center  
        Audience (Fan) Videos
        --Trespassing  [Jesha84]   [indybeck71]   [TALCVids] (includes Kickin' In)
        --Kickin’ In  [Jesha84]   [indybeck71]
        --Shady  [TALCVids]   [Jesha84]
        --Whataya Want From Me  [TALCVids]   [Jesha84]   [TrishHNY]   
        --Chokehold  [TALCVids]   [Jesha84] 
        --Broken English  [TALCVids]   [Jesha84] 
        --Naked Love  [TALCVids]   [Jesha84
        --Never Close Our Eyes  [TALCVids]   [Jesha84]   [Indybeck71
        --Cuckoo  [Jesha84]   [TALCVids]  
        --Tommy cam (clips of Tommy through whole show) 
        --Short clip of Adam talking 
        --Adam signing after the show
        ​Fan Page Links

  • Scott and Todd's Morning show on 95.5 WPLJ Summer Blastoff in Point Pleasant, NJ 
        Set List: Trespassing, Whataya Want From Me, Shady, Never Close Our Eyes
        Official Videos
        --Summer Blast Off – Adam Lambert 
        --Adam Lambert Songs 
        --The Summer Blastoff Experience
        Audience (Fan) Videos
        --Trespassing  [Jesha84]   [Roundheadvideos]   [snocone06]  
        --Never Close Our Eyes  [Jesha84]   [snocone06]
        --Shady  [Jesha84]   [snocone06
        --Whataya Want From Me  [Jesha84]   [snocone06]

  • VEVO: Behind the Scenes at Never Close Our Eyes music video 

  • E! News: ADAM LAMBERT's Trespassing  

  • ISHlist 12: 7 Redheads Who Rock Their Locks (Adam at 6:30)  

  • Adam tweets:
        --'Never Close Our Eyes' coming very soon! Here's a BTS sneak peak!

  • 96.5TIC Spring Fling Concert, Six Flags New England (Metro PCS stage in Catering Grove, Agawam, MA)
        Set list: Trespassing, Kickin’ In, Shady, Whataya Want From Me, Chokehold, Broken English, Naked Love, If I Had You,
        Never Close Our Eyes, Cuckoo
        Official Videos
        --Fancast: A Look at All-Star Spring Flint From the Fans’ POV (posted 6/11/12)  
        Audience (Fan) Videos
        --Trespassing and Kickin’ In  [TalcVids]   [NathanMaillet]
        --Kickin’ In  [AdamPhan4ever]   
        --Shady  [TalcVids]  [NathanMaillet]
        --Whataya Want From Me?  [TalcVids]   [toritorixx1]   [NathanMaillet]   [AdamPhan4ever
        --Chokehold  [TalcVids]   [toritorixx1]   [NathanMaillet]
        --Broken English  [TalcVids]  [NathanMaillet]
        --Naked Love  [TalcVids]   [NathanMaillet]
        --If I Had You  [TalcVids]   [toritorixx1]   [NathanMaillet] 
        --Never Close Our Eyes  [TalcVids]   [NathanMaillet]  
        --Cuckoo  [TalcVids]   [NathanMaillet] 
        --Tommy imitating Adam
        Fan Page Links

  • Sirius Radio (Larry Flick): Interview and Fishbowl Concert (audio) -- This radio show is a mix of live interview clips, recorded songs from the Trespassing album, and acoustic versions of some songs recorded live in the studio (Fishbowl)      Set list: Cuckoo (album), Whataya Want From Me (Fishbowl), Trespassing (Fishbowl), Shady (album), Outlaws of Love (Fishbowl), Broken English (album), Better Than I Know Myself (Fishbowl), Fever (Fishbowl), Purple Haze (Fishbowl), Never Close Our Eyes (unofficial composite of both Adam and Bruno Mars singing)

  • Adam tweets:
        --You guys were an amaaaaaaaazing crowd. :) thanks for bearing with us re- tech issues. Such great energy. :)

  • Freshtival, Gaylord Resort, National Harbor, Maryland (aka Washington DC)
        Set list: Trespassing, Kickin’ In, (talk) Shady, Whataya Want From Me, Chokehold, (talk) Broken English, (talk) Naked Love,
        If I Had You, (talk) Never Close Our Eyes, (talk) Cuckoo
        Soundcheck (Fan Videos)
        --virg1877  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5
        Concert (Fan Videos)  
        --Trespassing and Kickin’ In  [HannaB20]   [TALCvids]
        --Kickin’ In  [cookiefan09
        --Shady  [HannaB20]   [cookiefan09]   [TALCvids]   
        --Whataya Want From Me  [HannaB20]   [TALCvids]   
        --Chokehold  [HannaB20]   [cookiefan09]   [TALCvids]     
        --Broken English  [HannaB20]   [TALCvids] 
        --Naked Love  [HannaB20]   [cookiefan09]   [TALCvids
        --If I Had You (sound issues may have prevented any videos)
        --Never Close Our Eyes  [HannaB20]   [TALCvids]   [cookiefan09] (partial) 
        --Cuckoo (with band intro)  [HannaB20]   [cookiefan09]   [TALCvids]   
        Fan Page Links

  • ZM Radio (New Zealand): Polly Interviews Adam Lambert   

  • Flea FM: Liam McEwan’s Adam Lambert Hour  

  • Adam tweets:
        --@brianfriedman happy birthday! :)
        --@sam_sparro Return to Paradise is EVERYTHING!!!! Just held me in the groove during my whole flight. So so great!
        --@sam_sparro yes! I'm obsessed.
        --Yay Toronto
        --@lambertfever111 haha NO! I just got them and they're so comfy. Pat Feilds in NYC! Fun store.

  • Contact Music: HMV Queen Street autograph session   [Part 1]   [Part 2 

  • Co-host for New Music Live
        --Interview  [Part 1]   [Part 2]   [Part 3]   [Part 4]   
        --Putting Tape On  (posted May 31)   
        --"We Love Trespassing"   
        --Removing the Tape 
        --Honored to Sing w Queen  
        --Adam Lambert Talks Demi & Britney on X Factor (posted 6/1)    

  • The Edge FM (New Zealand): Adam Lambert Interview with Brad & Marty (audio - unedited)  

  • Fan video: Adam Lambert told me “I love u” 

  • Adam tweets:
        --Never Close Our Eyes: 
        --UK! Im coming to London next week! Trespassing is now avail for you to pre-order:
        --New Scissor Sisters' Magic Hour is super trippy and future90'shouse. Feelin these beats and harmonies.
        --"the Secret Life of Letters" is magic @Jakeshears!!

  • VEVO: Never Close Our Eyes music video 

  • 98.1 CHFI (Toronto): Erin & Mike Chat with Adam Lambert 

  • Radio Q: Jian talks with Adam Lambert  [video]  [audio

  • Chum FM: Adam Lambert Interview (audio)  

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --@AliyaJasmine great chatting w you gorgeous!
        --Goodnight Montreal!

  • Omusicawards: Glamberts – Adam Lambert has a Message for You 

  • Hollywood PQ: Musique Plus (Montreal)
        --Full interview  
        --Fans Sing Never Close Our Eyes (during break)  
        --Interview (starts at 27:14)
        --Adam sings impromptu Queen
        Audience (Fan) Videos
        --Fans sing Never Close Our Eyes  
        --Fans sing If I Had You at Musique Plus 
        --Preparing for Queen (singing game)
        --For Your Entertainment sung by fans 

  • ET Canada: Adam Lambert Talks Billboard Top 200  

  • Rock in Wroclaw Festival: Promo

  • CBSlocal: Adam Lambert Discusses His Music: “It Feels Good” (e-article)  

  • ​Adam tweets:
        --Avoir Montreal! Love hearing everyone speaking French... so sexy. I want to stay longer next time!
        --@WeAreOliver (who helped to create the Sonic Magic of Trespassing) launched a cool app
        --[RT of @jasminerach] Have not listened to a single song that wasn't by @adamlambert in the past 2 weeks
        --[RT of @GirlPhenom] @adamlambert Sup homes, your album is the shit #notnews
        --Hahaha "au revoir" hahah I'm such an asshole. Lol
        --[RT of @williamlaroche] @adamlambert You were so sexy in Montreal! :O French Canadians love you! :)

  • Virgin Radio 96: Montreal Highlights in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with Freeway Frank and Natasha Gargiulo – full interview (recorded from livestream) 

  • Xtra: Adam Lambert Near Miss  (xtraonline) 720

  • NRJ-Tele (Montreal): Julie St-Pierre interviews Adam Lambert 

  • Cover of Out on the Town digital magazine - Volume 3, Issue 5 (story on page 13)

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May 20, 2012: Adam performs "Cuckoo" at the KTUphoria concert in New York  
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