June 30, 2012: Adam fronts Queen at Elton John's charity event    

"Being who you are is easier than faking it" 
                                                    --Adam Lambert, June 11, 2012 
        “I wanted the songs to be a representation of who I am.”

        “Trespassing is really an invitation to trespass into my world.”  

  • 92.5 The Beat (Montreal) 
        --All Access Weekend
        --Adam Lambert Reads “50 Shades of Grey
        --Full Audio Interview   

  • Galaxie Magazine: [Cover[  Inside:  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]

  • 92.5 The Beat Montreal ADAM LAMBERT Interview by Joanne Vrakas on ALL ACCESS WEEKEND
        --Full Interview (audio) 
        --Video clip 

  • MTV (10 on Top): Adam Lambert Talks Categories (regarding MTV Music Awards) 

  • CKOI 96.9 FM (Marie-Josee Gauvin): Adam Lambert Interview (sings small bit of WWFM a cappella at 6:55)

        [Editor's note: You will need to go to this web page and search for "adam lambert" –- videos not working for me.
          If anyone has a better link, please let me know!]
        --Q1: What’s your favorite spring vacation destination? 
        --Q2: Who was your favorite artist to work with on your second album? 

  • MTV News (Aliya Jasmine): Adam’s Favorite Things  
        --1 Girl 5 Gays: Adam Lambert Shows Some Love (clip from above interview)  

  • MSN Canada (Matt Schichter): Adam Lambert Interview

  • Fuse TV: Adam Lambert’s Queen Homework  

  • Japan TV: Adam Lambert Café (news feature about an Adam Lambert impersonator -– includes some music video clips and photos of real Adam) 

        --Adam Lambert Talks About Partying to the Point of Insanity
        --Way Back When with Adam Lambert: His First Kiss 

  • 4Music: Adam Lambert Takes Over 
​        --Interview   [Part 1]   [Part 2]
        --Twitter party highlights (e-article)
        --Complete twitter party  

  • Koululainen (Finnish magazine) 
        --Scans [1]  [2]   

  • Rays of Sunshine Charity Concert
        Venue: London’s Royal Albert Hall
        Temporary Back-up Band: @SoLoLDN bass, @AntEtheridge keyboard, @CarlosGarciaV guitar
        --Never Close Our Eyes

  • Qarts: Adam Lambert is an Outlaw of Love in Studio Q 

  • NumberOneFM (Turkish radio): Adam Lambert Number One 


  • Sunrise Live (Australia) 
​        --TV Version

  • EBPO 2012 (Kiev) Promo 

  • G-A-Y Club (Heaven), London
​        --Trespassing
        --Kickin' In
        --Naked Love
        --Never Close Our Eyes
  • ​MuchMusic: Adam Lambert’s Message to the Coke Covers Finalists

  • Tabloid!: Mercury Rising (Adam on cover) 

  • Music Choice: The F Word
​        --Preview
        --Show "Being who you are is easier than faking it." 

  • Slice: Adam Lambert Chats About New Album, Trespassing 

  • ​TVK Yokohama: Adam Lambert Interview
​        --Preview
        --Extended Director’s Cut (posted 3/4/15) 

  • MTV UK News: Rays of Sunshine concert (Adam at 0:22 and 0:37) 


  • TV2: Adam Lambert -- Can’t Wait to Work With Queen (AP extended version) 

  • ET Canada via Global TV with footage from Associated Press Video Interview 

  • BTV: Video News Top 10 

  • 103.5 KTU (Paul the Web Guy): 3 Ways to Live Your Life Like Adam Lambert 

  • DSTV (South Africa): Adam Lambert Interview By Jason Von Berg (audio) 


  • Press Party Meets Adam Lambert
        --Edited Interview (audio)
        --Article (text)
        --Full Interview posted 6/17/12 (audio) 

  • BBC News: Adam Lambert – Ready to Rock the UK (e-article) 


  • 4Music: Adam Talks to Us about Queen, American Idol, being a role model and his school days 

  • Adam Lambert’s ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ is featured in this commercial spot that airs on German TV channel Pro7

  • MTV: Ten on Top (NCOE is at #4)

  • ET Weekend: Adam’s 'Never Close Our Eyes' video (over ending credits) 

  • Este Es El Show (Argentinian TV): Adam’s Better Than I Know Myself used as background music (at 0:40)

  • UK Yahoo (The Juice): Adam Lambert on Queen, partying with Katy Perry & love for Jessie J (e-article) 


  • O Music Awards: Fan Army Manifestos – Adam Lambert’s Glamberts (Adam photos only in the background)

  • MTV News
        --Adam Lambert Opens Up About Trespassing 
        --MTV Examines Gay #1’s 

  • Graham Norton Show: Adam sings Never Close Our Eyes (taped 6/21/12)
        --Promo (on Belgian TV)  
        --Complete show (Adam at 0:50, 1:55 and 34:00)
        --Never Close Our Eyes (with interview)
        --Livestream version 

  • ​Gay Community News (digital magazine): Adam on cover
        --How Adam Lambert Made Gay History  
        --Adam Lambert Extra (outtakes from mag text interview) 

  • Kool Kiwis: For Our Entertainment (text interview) 

  • Bonus song from UK version of Trespassing album – sneak peek preview (“Map” was co-written by Adam, Oliver Goldstein, Joshua Abraham, Bonnie McKee, and Anne Preven) 

  • Chart Show TV (Stefanie Faleo, England): Adam Lambert Interview (recorded 6/8/12)   [Part 1]   [Part 2]

  • Alice 97.3′s Summerthing concert
        Venue: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA (Adam is headliner)
        Other acts: Scars On 45, Graffiti6, Boys Like Girls, Vicci Martinez 
​        --Backstage Crash With Adam Lambert (Marcus D)
        --Interview at Summerthing (Sarah and Vinnie) 
​        Set List:
​        --Trespassing
        --Kickin’ In
        --Whataya Want From Me
        --Naked Love
        --If I Had You
        --Broken English
        --Never Close Our Eyes
        --Hot Stuff
        --Cuckoo (second song in video)

  • T4 Listen Video Interview (London – recorded 6/21/12) 

  • Astral Radio: Adam Lambert The Interview
        --Virgin Radio 96 - Live In Toronto (taped 5/29/12) 
​        --Live in Montreal​ (Canada only)   

  • Billboard: Adam Lambert Talks Gay Pride and Role Models 


  • BBC1 Breakfast Show 
​        --Interview
        --Signing and Chatting with Fans  
        --Signing for Fans 


  • QX Gay London (cover): First Came Adam (digital mag: ad for Trespassing on page 11, article on page 12)

  • Friday Download (UK – taped 6/16/12) (full Adam part including Never Close Our Eyes) 

  • Clevver Music MTV: O Awards Mention for 'Must Follow Artist on Twitter' (at 0:55 – photos only) 

  • Euro 2012 in Kiev (with Queen and Elton John) – anti-aids foundation charity event 
        Venue: Independence Square (capacity 150,000) 
​        --Adamwiki
        --Full Concert
        Set List (times indicate where song is located in above video -- some songs also have individual links)
​        --Flash (intro -- no Adam)
        --Seven Seas of Rhye (1:30)
        --Keep Yourself Alive (3:25)
        --We Will Rock You (Fast) (6:18)
        --Fat Bottomed Girls (10:20)
        --Don't Stop Me Now (16:10)
        --Under Pressure (duet with Roger Taylor) (21:02)
        --I Want It All (24:55)
        --Who Wants to Live Forever (31:25)
        Adam leaves stage and does not sing the following songs:
        --It's a Kind of Magic
        --Days of our Lives
​        --Love of My Life
​        Adam comes back on stage and sings the following songs:
        --Dragon Attack (56:35)
        --Drum Battle/Guitar solo (no Adam)
        --I Want to Break Free (1:09:25)
​        --Another One Bites the Dust (1:13:45) 
        --Radio Ga Ga (1:18:44)
        --Somebody to Love (1:24:40)
​        --Crazy Little Thing Called Love (1:30:57)
​        --The Show Must Go On (1:35:26)
​        --Bohemian Rhapsody (1:40:10)
​        --Encore: Tie Your Mother Down (1:48:08)
        --Encore: We Will Rock You (duet with Victor Romanchenko) (1:54:30) 
​        --Encore: We Are The Champions (1:5​6:30) 

  • MTV Lab Episode 13 (Japan): Adam Lambert Interview 

  • ​AFP: Elton John, Queen raise HIV awareness at Euro 2012 (Adam at 0:40) 

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June 30, 2012: Adam fronts Queen at Elton John's charity event   
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