APRIL 2015



               Joseph Sinclair photographed Adam Lambert for the latest issue of Attitude magazine and of course had Stewie on set with him. Stewie can't resist
               getting in on the action.

  • Billboard: Real-Time Rewind Episode 43 (Adam at 2.02) 

  • ​Johnny Weir skates in rehearsal to “Whataya Want From Me” (snippet on his Instagram, no link) 

  • Day 2 Seasons Festival 2015 (Vancouver, BC): Recorded remix version of ‘Ghost Town’ is played (Adam not there) 


  • ​Adam posts video snippet #2 on Facebook “15 days until Ghost Town”



  • Instagram video of Adam calling Tom Cowen a “wanker” in fun




  • ​Maxwell on Z100: Sneak peek of interview (Adam on phone)


  • ​Adam on cover of Notion magazine

  • ​Adam posts video snippet #3 on Facebook “4 days until Ghost Town”

  • Hollywire TV: Adam Lambert’s New Single ‘Ghost Town!’ (first listen)  (HollywireTV) 

  • The three “Ghost Town” snippets in one video 

  • Ellentube “from the vault”: Adam Lambert Dances with the Audience (behind the scenes clip from Adam’s November 2014 appearance on Ellen Show)


  • Adam reveals the cover for his new album, ‘The Original High’ 

  • "​The Original High" album track list is revealed: 1. Ghost Town, 2. The Original High, 3. Another Lonely Night (Writers: Ali Payami, Brandon Lowry, Max Martin, Adam Lambert), 4. Underground (Writers: Ali Payami, Joe Janiak), 5. There I Said It, 
        ​6. Rumors (feat. Tove Lo), 7. Evil In the Night (Writers: Ali Payami, Oscar Thomas Holter, Brandon Lowry, Savan Harish,
        Kotecha, Shellback), 8. Lucy (feat. Brian May), Things I Didn’t Say, 10. The Light, 11. Heavy Fire
​        Deluxe Edition: 12. After Hours, 13. Shame, 14. These Boys

  • Adam releases the first single from his new album “The Original High” called “Ghost Town” -- official lyric video 

             Adam Lambert Talks about his new single Ghost Town

               Love love love Adam Lambert! He called us last week to discuss his single "Ghost Town" and working on his new album The Original High with
               Max Martin and touring in 2015. Take a listen.... *side note: album will be out on 6/16/2015.

               J-Si’s old high school classmate called the show this morning to talk about his new single “Ghost Town”.

  • Alice 97.3 radio interview (phone): Listen—Adam Lambert on his New Music (and his coolest first world problem ever)
               Adam Lambert fans have been waiting for new music from their man … The wait is over, and it was worth it. The new track “Ghost Town” is so
               freaking HOT I couldn’t wait to talk to Adam about that track, the meaning of the name of his new record (“The Original High”) and of course we
               had to touch on his ultimate Best-First-World-Problem of all time.

               Adam Lambert joined Dana and Jayson on the day his latest single GHOSTTOWN was released on iTunes to talk about his latest career move! Does
               Adam believe he paved the way for other gay artists? PLUS: What's the one thing he wants his fans to know?

               Oh hello perfect hair! Adam Lambert looked fantastic when he stopped by to chat with Valentine on Wednesday about his new album, "The Original
               High." Lambert released his first single off the album called, "Ghost Town." But he said all the other songs on the album are a secret right now. But
               with a little convincing... Valentine got Lambert to sing us a little line from one of the other songs, not yet released! We have chills! Find out what
               else Lambert has been up to, what new purchase he is excited he made and if he wants a dog or a cat in the future!? WATCH the full interview here!
               Then keep an eye out for Lambert's new album set to drop June 16! [Adam sings a snippet from ‘The Original High’ song at 3:48]

  • On Air with Ryan Seacrest: Interview
        --Audio (longer than video clips)  
        --Talks Dating, Nicki Minaj and Harry Styles
        --Explains ‘Ghost Town’ Lyrics
        --On Working with Tove Lo
        --Talks Theme of New Album

  • Mix 106.5 FM: Maria Dennis Talks to Adam Lambert (audio)  

  • Kost 103.5 (Mark Wallengren): Listen: Adam Lambert in the House (audio)  
               Adam Lambert talked to me about his new album, "The Original High" featuring the song that will take you for a twist, it's FANTASTIC!! Check out
               the interview here! And then watch the lyric video for "GHOST TOWN"

  • ​​Mixlr 987 FM (Singapore): Adam Lambert Interview with The Bro Code (audio)

  • John Jay and Rich Podcast: Adam Lambert Joins The Show (audio)   

  • ​Adam wins Music Icon award at British LGBT event (UK)
        --Adam is not there in person but accepts the award via satellite (video posted 5/7)
        --Winner’s page (photo)
               33-year-old Adam Lambert is an American singer, songwriter, and stage actor. Adam rose to fame when he became the runner-up on the eighth
               season of American Idol. The Times identified Lambert as the first pop artist to be openly gay and launch a career on a major label in the U.S. His
               first album, released in 2009, has sold over two million copies worldwide. He received including a Grammy Award nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal
               Performance in 2011. He has been a strong advocate for gay rights and has been presented with various awards from gay rights charities. He is
               outspoken on LGBT rights, saying "I still long for the LGBT community's diversity to be more broadly represented in the entertainment industry. I think
               larger strides have been made in film and TV but we still are just at the beginning with mainstream music. I consider myself a post-gay man working
               in a pre-gay industry."
        --Livestream (sound slightly garbled)



  • ​Entertainment Tonight: Sneak Peek at ‘Ghost Town’ video

  • Eska TV: ‘The Original High’ promo
               Translation (via @IvaaLambert): They're showing Never Close Our Eyes music video. They're saying that he's very well known from performing with
               Queen; and now he's getting ready to release a brand new album, The Original High. Release date is still not known, but his fans can have a first
               taste of upcoming single, Ghost Town, which is promoting upcoming album. They also quoted Adam, that The Original High is a brand new era for
               him and it feels fresh.

  • Entertainment Tonight (TV): Interview and ‘Ghost Town’ Premiere

  • Entertainment Tonight (online): Interview clips about ‘The Original High’ album 
        --Adam Lambert on Being Single: Will I Ever Fall in Love Again? 
        --Adam Lambert on Career Highs and Paving the Way for Gay Artists “So Much Has Changed”
        --Adam Lambert Reveals How Queen Influenced ‘The Original High’
        --Exclusive: Adam Lambert Reveals “Coachella Gone Goth” Hype Williams-directed “Ghost Town”

  • ET Online: Premier of ‘Ghost Town’ video (clips of music video)
        --Promo Clip 1 
        --Promo Clip 2 
        --Promo Clip 3 

  • MTV News (e-article): Adam Lamberts Turns His ‘Ghost Town’ Music Video Into a Fashion Film  

  • Shazam: Exclusive
        --Adam Lambert Reveals the Story of ‘Ghost Town’ (also posted as ‘Ghost Town is about Life’s Disappointments’)
               The US superstar reveals the story of his brand new single - and how he blended dark lyrical inspiration with ‘90s house beats.
        --Sneak peek (posted on Instagram)


  • Ellen Show: Performs ‘Ghost Town’ (first live performance of this song)

  • People Magazine: Adam and his mother are in the May 11th issue (Bruce Jenner on cover)  [1]  [2]

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"I consider myself a post-gay man working in a pre-gay industry." 
                                                    --Adam Lambert, April 24, 2015