JUNE 2015


  • ​NRJ Energy Radio (Sweden): Adam Lambert’s Superstar behind the “Ghosttown” (audio)

  • Adam Lambert interview with Kristoffer Triumf, Stockholm at Oscarsteatern (audio) 

  • Sveriges Radio: Adam Lambert är hos oss och pratar om förhudar, stjärntecken och Queen. (audio)

  • RIX FM MorronZoo (Sweden): In Studio Radio Interview (audio)

  • Hit 92.9 (Australia): Heidi, Will and Woody Phone-in Interview (audio) 

  • JOY 94.9 Radio (Melbourne, Australia): Phone interview (prerecorded 5/28)

  • Shazam Top 20: Adam Lambert on Swapping Track with Demi Lovato (audio)

  • WBLI: Interview
        --3 clips in one  (lambertlust) 
        --Damn, Adam Lambert is Good Looking!!  
        --Hollywood Lambert??  
        --What’s On Your iPod, Adam Lambert??

  • RTE 2FM (Ireland): The Nicky Byrne Show With Jenny Greene (Audio)

  • Video Interview: Rtlklub for Fokusz Hungary with Adam Lambert-London, UK 
        --Video clip 1
        --Video clip 2

        --Soundcheck  (Ghosttown) DL 

  • Chatty Man with Alan Carr (England)
        --Adam’s part (prerecorded 6/3)
        --Video Clip: First Time with a Woman
        --Full episode

  • Live Aid concert live on MTV3 (Helsinki, Finland) 

  • Live Aid Interviews
        --MTV Finland: Live Aid Interview  (lambertlust) 
        --On visiting hospital
        --Travel impedes relationships 
        --YLE (Finland) Live Aid Interview
        --Yle Uutiset News Interview with Adam Lambert at Live Aid-Helsinki, Finland
        --LiveAid Suomi (Finland)
        --Loop (Finland) 
           1) Preview
           2) Three Clips joined
        --Warner Music (Finland): Snapchat Backstage at Live Aid 
           1) Adam edit
           2) Full reupload

  • AT40 Subway Fresh Buzz: Single of the Week (clip from prior interview)

  • Rix FM (Stockholm, Sweden): Audio Interview (recorded 6/2)

  • Fresh 102.7 (New York): Adam Announces Special Performance and Contest (Up Close and Personal with Adam Lambert) 

  • Linda News (Amsterdam, Netherlands): Interview with Margot Jamnisek (recorded 6/5)

  • N_JOY (Hamburg, Germany) Interview

  • NRJ Radio (Helsinki, Finland) filmed 6/6 at Liveaid 
        --Video 1
        --Video 2
        --Video 3  

  • Dasding.de Star News (Germany): Audio Interview with Adam Lambert 

  • ​Radio Energy (NRJ), Berlin, Germany
        --Startalk video
        --Streamed on periscope
        --Instagram clips joined

  • Sputnik ARD Mediatheka (Germany): Audio Interview with Adam Lambert

  • YLEX (Finland) Interview (audio)

  • Twitter party (during iHeartradio’s play of the 3 bonus tracks from Adam’s album) 



  • ET Canada (TV)

        --Not a moo

  • BBC Radio 2 (London, England): Adam Lambert Chats Queen with Steve Wright (audio)

  • Adam performs at the benefit for One4TheBoys, a nonprofit raising awareness of mens’ cancer.
        --Red Carpet News: Freddie Mercury and Gay Icons
        --Red Carpet News: New Album and Cancer Awareness
        --In Audience
        --Performance of Ghost Town (clip)

  • ​Billboard: Adam Lambert on Bonding with Sam Smith, His New Sound and His Dark Side
        --Video: How his Life and Career Feels Fated

  • Video Interview: Sueddeutsche Zeitung with Adam Lambert-Germany

  • Details e-article: Adam Lambert Finally Feels Like a Grown-Ass Man 

  • The Evening Standard (London, UK) (e-article): Freddie Mercury is a Demi God 

  • L.A. Times: Adam Lambert on New Album The Original High

  • The National Lottery on BBC One
        --interview and performs Ghost Town
        --Adam’s Juggling Challenge (via twitter) 

  • Spin 103.8 Plan B (Dublin, Ireland): Audio Interview with Adam Lambert

  • ​Sunday Brunch (London, UK)
        --Cooking on Sunday Brunch
        --Sunday Brunch Chat 

  • Red Carpet News TV (filmed 6/12)
        --Freddie Mercury and Gay Icons
        --New Music, Queen and Mens Health
        --New Album and Cancer Awareness

  • Release date for ‘The Original High’ album
​        Track list: Ghost Town, The Original High, Another Lonely Night, Underground, There I Said It, Rumors (feat. Tove Lo),
        Evil in the Night, Lucy (feat. Brian May), Things I Didn’t Say, The Light, Heavy Fire, After Hours (Bonus Track),
        Shame (Bonus Track), These Boys (Bonus Track)

  • ​iHeartRadio live show
        Set List
        --Ghost Town
        --The Original High
        --Another Lonely Night
        --Whataya Want From Me
        --Evil in the Night

  • Fox 11 (Los Angeles): Former American Idol Finalist Adam Lambert Releases New Album

  • Loose Women: Interview 
        --Full Interview
        --Replacing Freddie Mercury
        --The British Media 

  • The Insider TV: Interview

  • AOL Build: Adam Lambert on his New Album The Original High
               With his incredible vocal range, Adam Lambert stepped into the spotlight in 2009 on American Idol and hasn’t left it since. His first two albums were
               Billboard chart-toppers and he was a Grammy Award-nominee for his mega-hit “Whataya Want From Me.” He’s just released a new album, The
               Original High, and the first single, “Ghost Town” is already a summer hit. 

  • Huffington Post Live
        --Adam Lambert on American Idol’s End:  "I Think it’s About Time"
        --Full Interview

  • ​In Session (live in London)
        --Ghost Town
        --Behind The Scenes of Ghost Town London video (includes Kermit impression)
        --Adam’s impression of Kermit the Frog

               Adam Lambert lets us know what his fans call his baby maker, how he feels about American Idol ending, turning down a Broadway show, and what
               gets him going in the morning - coffee, tea, or energy drinks.

  • Shazam Exclusive
        --Sometimes Being Who You Are Isn’t the Easiest
        --Ghost Town is about Life’s Disappointments

  • Good Morning America
        --Ghost Town
        --Evil in the Night
        --The Original High
        GMA Tweets
        --Adam Driving Convertible
        --Entering Stage
        Set List
        --Full televised performance (Ghost Town, The Original High, Whataya Want From Me)       
        --Ghost Town
        --Happy Birthday (to Lara)
        --Evil in the Night (not televised)
        --The Original High
        --Whataya Want From Me
        --Behind The Scenes 

  • Kelly and Michael Show
        --Ghost Town


  • Hollywood Outbreak: Recording New Album was a High Point for Adam Lambert (Audio)

  • Remix Top 3: Audio Interview (this is a repeat of May KTU Radio interview) 

  • ​Much Music Video Awards (Adam is a presenter)
        Red Carpet
        --On Red Carpet
        --99.9 Virgin Radio (Toronto): Red Carpet with Adam Lambert at the MMVAs
        --Inquisitor: Talks Fashion Peeve and Being Chill
               Adam Lambert was interviewed on MMVA‘s 2015 Red Carpet. In casual conversation, Adam talked about some of his beauty and fashion secrets. As
               well as peeves. MTV‘s Fora caught up with the pop icon right outside the Much Music Video Awards. In a steady flow of conversation, Adam Lambert
               didn’t miss a beat. Fora’s interviewer, Mila Victoria, introduced herself, and the dialogue was smooth-sailing. After Mila says that it’s as if he’s a
               human version of “Photoshop,” she asks Adam about his beauty product usage — as in, which one is his must-have. Lambert quotes as follows. “I
               don’t know. I think my hair’s really big and crazy…but not in a way that it’s like, ‘Whooaa’. So, I use pomade to kind of tone it down…[as well as
               give it] a little shine.”
        --MTV FORA: On The Red Carpet
        --CDF Does the MMVAs for Complex Canada (posted 6/23) 
        --Introducing Echosmith
        --Introducing Nick Jonas 
        --etalk at the MMVA
        --4Yall Entertainment: Party Games 

  • Stars in Studio (NRJ Germany): Adam Lambert Takes Over (audio) 

  • ​ET Canada (Adam is Guest Co-Host)
        --Takes Original Quiz
        --Talking about The Original High
        --Answering Fan Questions
        --Clip 1
        --Clip 2

               GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter Adam Lambert talks about reuniting with hit-makers Max Martin and Shellback, exploring new sounds and
               styles, and his journey to Stockholm to record his new album, The Original High.


  • 104.5 CHUM FM
        --Interview with Roger, Darren and Marilyn (audio)
        --Video of above interview
        --Adam Lambert on the Red Carpet with Richie Favalaro

  • Fusion: Come Here and Say That: First Kiss and First Concert
               Adam Lambert went from auditioning on American Idol to performing around the world with the actual band members of Queen, and he's not
               stopping there. The American Idol alum just released his third studio album "The Original High." Fusion's Jenni Ruiza got a chance to chat with
               the singer.

        Video clips
        --Talks New Album, The Original High
        --Plays ‘Maurie-oke’ Queen Edition

               Adam Lambert is in studio with Erin & Mike to talk about his new album, The Original High!

  • OUT Magazine photo shoot (see 8/7/15 for magazine scans)
        --e-article Interview

  • ​Z104.3 with Adam Lambert (Baltimore, MD)

  • NewNowNext Logo TV Trailblazer Honors: Adam Lambert Discusses His New “Folk Pop” Sound, Using Music As Medicine

  • Fresh 94.7 FM (Washington, D.C.): Lottery Plus M and G with Adam Lambert

  • Star Magazine: Adam Lambert Arrives at Penn Station (New York, NY)

  • The Grammys: Watch @adamlambert Share the Creative Journey Behind his New Album, 'The Original High' 

  • Adam Lambert Live: Album Release Party at the Marquee (New York, NY)
        --Performs Ghost Town 

  • The Morning Show (Canada): Sitting Down with Pop Star Adam Lambert

  • Radio.com Interview with Adam Lambert 
        --On Not Doing an ‘80s Covers Album
        --On Fronting Queen

  • MTV: Adam Lambert on the Red Carpet -- Tyler Ford Hits Logo’s Trailblazer Honors Red Carpet

  • Logo TV: Red Carpet with Adam Lambert at the Trailblazer Honors

  • ​103.9 Proud FM with Adam Lambert (audio)

  • ​LOGO Trailblazer Honors (filmed 6/25)
        --Red Carpet 
        --Ghost Town
        --Evil in the Night




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JULY 2015

"I’m dating my album right now. It’s going well. We have an open relationship." 
                                                    --Adam Lambert, June 12, 2015